The Path and Heart…. Part 2

So we just looked and smiled. After a year of silence he broke the ice first he wished me in the bus. I had no limits for my happiness. I was so happy that he knows my name. Then we started talking slowly and yes we really bonded well. We used to share food play games and talk all sorts of random shit. I think that was the best phase of my life where I enjoyed someone’s friendship so thoroughly .Slowly time passed by and we were still the same close mad friends. We had to shift our house die to certain reasons.

I don’t know till date that finding a ho is e near by to his house was good or bad. We found a house near to his house as it was near for my tuition also. I was happy that I could see his face as I step out of my house. 9th class we happened to be in the same section. As per our tradition we start going to school or in that matter so any good work on a good auspicious day.So as it goes I was late for my class by 2 days. I entered the classroom and I saw him in that class, my happiness didn’t have any boundaries. Maybe he felt the same or though.He was sitting in 4th bench he saw me and shifted his place just in front of me by the next period. Slowly as time passed by I gave my relationship with him a name MY FIRST LOVE….????.

I loved him so much just after my parents. Ofcourse I was accidental express my feelings but I maintained the same friendship with him so that nothing in between us would change even if he doesn’t reciprocate with my feelings. Our first quarterly exams started we wrote them well and flew away for our holidays.

Precap :Change and rift between us after the holidays but why..!?

Thank u guys for r supporting me do read and comment and tell u r opinions always ready to accept and correct them.. Thank u and love

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