The Path and Heart…. Part 1

Well for any girl Love would be an amazing feeling where she experiences a new angle of life and shares her life, her emotions and her everything with her partner.But this feeling happens only once.There may be many instances where u feel like yes this is the right guy but sry u r wrong as we wear our heart on our sleeves.So was the case with me.I have had many crushes and foolishly I have given them the name Love?.

My so called first crush…I was in 7th class.He was not that cute by everytime I see or talk to him I was very happy.My reason to come to school everyday without missing was only because of him my eyes wanted to see him always.He used to sit right behind me and I used to do all his work and chatter a lot with him.He always treated me as a friend it was my thing of that more of feelings on him.He never had any of that sort on me I was just a friend of his.As time passed by there was a change.He was not the guy I liked he was a changed person with ego in his nerves.I do all his work that doesnt mean I m his slave or something.He started ordering me to do hos work which irritated me to the peaks.I started to hate him and he was a closed chapter of my life now and never did I look back him.But I never thought that after this he would play such a badass character in my life.After moving on from him I met Nishant Krishn.This guy was a serious casanova gosh always flirting wih girls.But he never crossed his limits and always respected girl and protected them.He was cute with that porcupine hair amd really cute dimples on his cheek.We used to travel by our school bus .When we were in our 8thclass.His house was just 10 min away by walk from my home.So his bus stop comes first and then mine.We never spoke but just look at each other and maybe once or twice exchanged smiles.He was my crush after a long time.A year passed by and I guess my crush feelings on him had taken a turn.I realised that I love him for sure and serioulsy Its LOVE.I always wanted to be with him talk to him hug him cuddle with him but where is the chance we never spike properly also.

I guess god loved me a lot he gave me a chance to show him my love.It was his close friends Anirudh birthday and fortunately by god grace my rakhi brother.Ani was quite rich ao obviously the
chocolates he distributed also were of the same range.I was his sister right so he gave me a few extra chocolates than others.In the evening while returning home in the bus I think Nishant was hungry.By that time I was giving chocolates to my friends .So one of my friend was sitting behind for which I had to turn back to give her one.So this guy Nishant sitting right besude my friend
behind happened to see me I saw hime too.He made this puppy face as an indirect expression of asking me the chocolate.We never spoke to each other so he could not ask me directly but they say right if u like someone u understand their silence too.I just smiled and gave him the chocolate.He smiled back and I take that as a thank u.

Precap: Nishant Breaks the ice and speaks to Keerthi.

Hello Guys I love writing love stories and especially in this genre the romance.So please support me and do comment and tell me where to improvise my stories..Will be waiting for u guys ..Thank u so much and please please do support me .

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