Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB…I will deal with all the three pairs of IB ….please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

Recap : Anika and Mahi reminisce the scenes that happened after Shivaay, Anika and Sahil went to meet Mahi in Good Luck chawl……….in the present Shivaay called someone…. and Om and Rudra came out of their thoughts of past listening to the scream of Tej…..Tej declared that Oberois business is in the verge of bankruptcy….. Om directly said that he will not take care of Tej, in case they are ruined and indirectly said the same to Gauri…..Gauri takes decision of leaving Om and OM….Om got a call from someone and spoke later divulged the details to Rudra, who in turn informed Gauri….………

—————–In the present, Shillong, Meghalaya

Shivika had their dinner along with Mahi and Sahil and they all returned to their rooms………..
Anika ‘’you know right I cannot hide anything from you?’’
Shivaay ‘’yeah I know…I remember when you told me a shocking truth one day after we came here I got angry’’
Anika ‘’yeah and I had to apologise for a whole day and then you became normal’’
Shivaay ‘’and you used the last trick to make me forgive you……….you said if I don’t forgive you then you will pinch my lips and you really did by taking my lips and pinched it with your lips…I had to melt dear …I can forgive you for any stupid deeds for those candy shots…….’’
Anika blushed……..
After sometime Anika changed her dress to nightwear and sat on bed reading a comic book……Shivaay was staring at her…………Anika while reading was laughing in the middle….Shivaay stared at her lovingly…….Anika sensed Shivaay’s stare and kept the book aside…….she went to Shivaay
Anika ‘’Shivaay why are you checking me out?’’
Shivaay ‘’what nonsense…why will I check you…are you Angelina Jolie or Emma Watson that I will check out..’’
Anika ‘’who are they ? I can’t even pronounce their names’’
Shivaay ‘’forget it…they are Hollywood actresses……I am sure you will not know’’
Anika ‘’ohh…so for you they are beautiful…I got it…why will I look beautiful to you…that English movie actresses wear that little, small clothes and you will widen your eyes and see them …right?’’
Shivaay ‘’yeah’’
Anika ‘’what?’’
Shivaay ‘’I mean no..not at all…someone is jealous’’
Anika ‘’jealous my chameli’’
Shivaay ‘’ok fine I will not check them out if ‘’
Anika ‘’if …continue..if what?’’
Shivaay ‘’shall I say ‘’
Anika ‘’now should I give you salary to speak ‘’
Shivaay ‘’ok ..ok…I will not check them out if you wear that small little clothes for me’’
Anika blushed heavily and hit Shivaay with pillow and said ‘’chi Shivaay …you are becoming shameless day by day…you are speaking all 2 rs words….’’ She turned her head sideways……….
Shivaay came near her and sat by her side on the bed and rubbed her ears…….Anika closed her eyes tight still with her sideways…..
Anika ‘’Shivaay…what are you doing? Someone will see’’
Shivaay ‘’no one will see..i have locked the door from inside…and I am your husband so I can ‘’
Anika ‘’Shivaay …please…..not now’’
Shivaay left her and laid on the bed……….Anika looked at him and Shivaay closed his eyes till she turned completely towards him acting as if he was sleeping…..
Anika ‘’Shivaay are you sleeping?’’
Shivaay ‘’yes Anika….you said not now …so’’
Anika ‘’so …you will sleep…don’t you understand if a girl says no …it means Yes…….’’
Shivaay’s eyes widened and Anika bit her lips in shy thinking of what she just said……
Shivaay ‘’ I didn’t know this…Ohh God how many nights I have wasted ……..i think I need to compensate them all in one night…’’
Anika ‘’stop it Shivaay…I am feeling very shy’’ saying that she ran away……..
After sometime she came back in a very revealing nightware and Shivaay looked at her mesmerizingly….he went towards her and lifted her in her arms…..she held his collar……..
Shivaay ‘’Thank you Anika…I never expected you would do something like this for me…but trust me I Love you as you are’’
Anika ‘’I will never step back to fulfil any wish of your’s Shivaay..whether I am comfortable or not…but if you want I will do and moreover I don’t want you to stare at that cheapdi 2rs Hollywood girls’’ she said the last sentence with a pinch of anger
Shivaay smiled at her last sentence and then looked at her lovingly ‘’I am so lucky to have you in my life Anika…. I was just kidding about those actresses….why will I check them out when I have a super awesome hot beautiful wife….. you are the best my dear darling wife and I love you… ’’
Anika ‘’I love you too Shivaay and you are also the best husband and now you can put me down……’’
Shivaay laid her on the bed as if someone places a delicate glass showpiece….he laid beside her and looked into her eyes…she held him by placing her hands around his neck…..they had an eyelock……He placed kisses on her face and took on her lips…Anika too reciprocated……soon they bid a grand farewell to the clothes and went on for feasting each other……After they enjoyed and relaxed , Shivaay and Anika cuddled under the blanket and

Shivaay ‘’Anika I have a surprise for you….’’
Anika ‘’what ?’’
Shivaay ‘’a day more and you will meet’’
Anika ‘’who will I meet Shivaay? Please tell me ?’’
Shivaay ‘’Good night Anika’’
Anika whispered ‘’Bhagad billa kahika…surprise singh Oberoi……..’’
They both slept…………..

———————————-Present Situation Outside Oberoi Mansion
Om called Khanna to meet him in Oberoi mansion at the earliest…khanna reached oberoi mansion …Om went to Khanna after asking Rudra to manage situation in Oberoi mansion …….
Om ‘’Khanna are you sure information is correct’’
Khanna ‘’yes sir, I always kept my eye and when it happened I informed you’’
Om ‘’after Rudra if I can trust anyone then it’s you Khanna…I trust you…….so I think we must go there and enquire’’
Khanna ‘’sure sir…I will accompany you’’
Om ‘’come let’s go’’
Om and Khanna both sat in the car and while driver was driving Khanna remembered the past…….
OmRu held Shivaay’s hand to stop but Shivaay didn’t look at them and forcibly removed their hands from his and left……OmRu were into tears and stood still while tears made their eyes blurred…..
Khanna came to Shivaay…….
Khanna ‘’Sir I will also come along with you…please take me with you….’’
Shivaay ‘’ Khanna…this house needs a very good security officer as you…now I am not your boss anymore…thank you for your loyalty towards me but I am in a position that I cannot afford a bodyguard for me’’ he smiled
Khanna wiped his tears and said ‘’sir , I will do all the work of yours and you need not pay me…I will just be at your side, will do whatever you say , but take me with you sir’’
Shivaay hugged Khanna for the first time and said ‘’thank you for saying so…but as I said this house needs you…make sure that this family doesn’t fall into any trouble in my absence…take particularly care of Om, rudra , Prinku and Dadi and take care of yourselves too’’
Saying that all the three left…while leaving everything behind
Om came to Khanna after Shivika and Sahil left on Anika’s champa……….
Om ‘’Khanna , follow them and let me know where they are going…from today from this moment you will have to keep an eye on them…I can only rely on you now’’
Khanna ‘’Om sir…I will do whatever you say…because just now Shivaay sir has asked me to take special care of you both, Priyanka mam and Dadi ji’’
Om ‘’thank you Khanna…please follow them and inform me’’
Khanna took one of his assistant and silently followed Shivaay, Anika and Sahil…he understood they went to meet Mahi……he wanted to wait till they came out…….when Anika came out after sometime and left on her Champa……
Khanna asked the assistant to follow Anika while he waited there……….
After sometime Anika came back and so did the assistant of Khanna…….
Khanna ‘’where did Madam ji go?’’
Assistant ‘’Sir, to the nearby garage’’
Khanna ‘’why?’’
Assistant ‘’sir she sold her scooty and took money …she warned the garage owner not to sell her scooty to anyone for any price and also said one day she will come back to take it back…’’
Khanna ‘’what did the garage owner say?’’
Assistant ‘’seems like the garage owner knows Anika madam very well, he promised her not to sell her scooty to anyone and also promised that he will take good care of it till she comes back to take care of it’’
Khanna ‘’anything else’’
Assistant ‘’nothing more sir’’
Khanna ‘’fine then let’s wait here for Shivaay sir to come out’’
Shivaay, Mahi, Sahil and Anika came out and decided to go to Railway Station………Khanna followed them……they went to near by metro station and Mahi stood in the queue while Shivika and Sahil waited to by tickets……..
Shivaay was for the first time looking at the metro station and he was inquisitively looking here and there when his eyes fell on Khanna and his assistant…he excused Anika and Sahil and came to Khanna…
Khanna was shocked
Shivaay ‘’khanna…I mean you both what are you doing here?’’
Khanna ‘’ Sir woh…woh..actually’’
Shivaay ‘’so you both are keeping an eye on me to let my brothers know where I am going right?’’
Khanna bent his head……
Shivaay ‘’Khanna I know my brothers …they will not leave me so easily…now listen to what I say…..go back…..go back and inform them that I will not be coming back to Oberoi Mansion ever….ask them to stay happy and ask them not to waste their time on me…….khanna you too don’t waste your time…you are chief security officer of Oberoi’s so you have to do your duty …go back Khanna…go back……’’
Khanna ‘’sir , what will I answer Om sir if he asks about your whereabouts….’’
Shivaay ‘’khanna say that you are not aware where I went………this is the truth…do you have any idea of where I am going now…no right…so say that to them……..they will understand you…now go back’’
Khanna nodded his head and left from there sadly…Shivaay ensured they both left and went back to Anika
Khanna returned to OM , OmRu came to him
Om ‘’khanna any information’’
Khanna replied what all happened and OmRu felt sad………..
Om ‘’we need not feel sad, we will find them one day’’
Rudra ‘’but how?’’
Om ‘’remember Anika Bhabhi said that she will one day come back and take her scooty ‘’champa ‘’ back …now that’s the only way to reach them…’’
Rudra ‘’I did not understand anything O’’
Om ‘’duffer…the day the scooty is being taken/sent/delivered…we will be sure someone from Anika Bhabhi or Shivaay or Mahi might have come here and from the garage we can find this out…..but we don’t know when will that time come…’’
Om turned towards Khanna and said
Om ‘’Khanna as long as you are here…everyday you have to go to the garage and check whether the scooty is there or not…when you find it missing then inform me …also pay the garage owner the amount, ask him not to sell the scooty to anyone till ….Anika or Shivaay and / or someone from our family who gives complete details comes themselves or calls him regarding it…..say him that we will pay the rent every month for keeping and maintaining the scooty in his garage……and whenever the garage owner gets a call or meets Shivaay or Anika or anyone related to picking or buying the scooty, ask him to inform us… ..’’
Khanna nodded in agreement…from then on …..from the past one year Khanna regularly passed by the garage to check whether scooty was there or not…he did all those what Om has asked for…….
———————————-Flashback ends
Khanna sometime before got a call from garage owner about the delivery of the scooty by one of his men in the garage……….Khanna personally went to check the scooty but it was missing……..
He met Garage owner and
Khanna ‘’how can you send the scooty without verifying?’’
Garage owner ‘’sir, I was not here when this happened’’
Khanna ‘’then who was here’’
Garage owner called the boy…
Khanna ‘’why did you send the scooty’’
Boy ‘’sir, I got a call from some lady, who asked me to deliver the scooty…my boss has already informed everyone working here not to deliver/send/sell the scooty to anyone except Shivaay sir and his wife Anika or his family’’
Khanna ‘’then how did you confirm about the lady’’
Boy ‘’ I asked all the details like who is she , who is the owner , her spouse, when did they sell the scooty in garage, the number plate details, color, and rest scooty details…her answers matched and I was satisfied… I put into the truck for delivery’’
Khanna ‘’where did you send the scooty…I mean to which address’’
Boy ‘’sir I noted the address in register and my boss has just now sent the register to his house now’’
Khanna turned towards Garage owner and asked him to get that register soon and he will come back with his boss in sometime…….
He then called Om…… that time the argument between Tej and Om about business being getting ruined was going on…………
Om excused himself to pick the call
Om ‘’yes Khanna…what’s the news? Why did you call me?’’
Khanna ‘’Sir the scooty is missing’’
Om ‘’what? Are you sure?
Khanna ‘’yes sir I am hundred percent sure
Om ‘’ Where? Where did they send the scooty?’’
Khanna ‘’sir it is yet to be known…it will take time ’’
Om’’When will you be doing this? ‘I mean when will you be doing this checking’’
Khanna ‘’as soon I get the details I will check the address and do necessary arrangements to track the address details’’
Om ‘’ Fine let me know all the details’’
Khanna ‘’sure sir’’
Om and Khanna finally reached the garage…by that time the garage owner brought the register …
Om snatched the register and found the details, which read as …..
Flat no: 603, Rainbow apartments, versova, Mumbai, Maharastra
Om was shocked to core reading the address…he remembered that he gave the same address to Rudra….it was Soumya’s address…he immediately called Rudra and explained everything……
The only answer he could listen from Other end was ‘’WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT?’’

Precap : The other side of the story……..

So this was the Ninth part …please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad are welcome…I will try to respond as soon as possible…….

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    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Setu

  1. Awwwwwwesome. Om is SSO(Smart Singh Oberoi). Shivaay should not have done this to the family especially Omru just because of Tej. Is someone’s hatred more important for him than Omru and family????? If Shivaay did not want to stay in Oberoi Mansion due to his self respect, he should have at least maintained a contact with Omru.

    Anyways this is just my opinion. But its your story and I know you WILL definitely justify this.

    1. VHM

      hey Nitika …..thank you for sharing your opinion and yes it’s absolutely correct Shivaay shouldn’t have given the pain to OmRu….

      he did it because firstly, Tej accused Shivaay that his kids doesn’t listen to him instead nod yes for everything Shivaay says…….he had no other choice at that moment….secondly while leaving OM Shivaay challenged Tej that he will not use Oberoi’s or Oberoi surname to become rich ..had OmRu been with him or he had been in contact with OmRu then Tej could have again made allegations that Shivaay had achieved because Oberois were with him…….so he had to leave them……

      Hope i HAVE justified your concern…….thanka a lot again dear

  2. amazing update plz post next part as soon as possible…..

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Aishwarya…uploaded next part..hope it will in sometime appear in portal

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  4. Awesome waiting for the next episode

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    Its awesome dear!!

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    Felt really bad for Omru…
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  10. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome one , I feel bad for Omru because they don’t deserve it and khanna how loyal is he . They are really working very hard to get the details . I feel Shivaye called Someone that is soumya to take the scooty after all he knows his brothers very much ,just guessing . I am eagerly waiting for this , update ASAP !

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      thank you so much Dreamsoul…….Shivaay called whom you will definitely know in next shot…..till them my lips and fingers are sealed……uploaded next shot….waiting for it to get published

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    WHATTTTTTTT!!!soumya asked for delivery of scooty..???!!
    Exciting and interesting dii…gooo on….wanna read more and more.
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      VHM di
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      YA I say only good but because of anger not because I don’t like it
      How can I don’t like it ……. I love it …….
      Nd this episode is record breaking too
      This has everything which required
      Every emotions present here – happiness sadness cuteness detectiveness sweetness worriedness nd many more ness ??
      Nd de cause of my angerness is legitimate
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      loads of kisses to you too Harshita…i am so happy that you read all parts…love you too little sis…hope you would enjoy reading upcoming shots too…

  22. Aastha_Reddy

    Love for Champa and their love and life revolving around the single non living running vehicle. confidence that one day they will be together and effort of Rudra and Omkara to make their Ram,Shivaay Singh Oberoi back in Oberoi Mansion.
    They loss time for their romance ,Shivaay’s time loss..above all Khanna’s hard work for tracking down his ex-Boss may be the one and only Shivaay,Kanji ankhen wala boss ..
    The chapter is all about tracking and bringing d
    back a brother back home..Oberoi mansion is like Ayodhya with out Ram..Happiness and peace is also missing with him..
    Very Good Haarika…

    1. VHM

      Thank you so much Aastha…a compliment from a wonderful author is always an added feather in the cap…wanted to give a more logical way of finding Shivaay and Anika , so use of Champa had to be done …A NON -LIVING HELPER had also played it’s role in this FF ….of all in real IB Khanna ji is the only person who is calm and hardworking, so he deserved his portion of presence…..donno how much impact this FF makes but i am enjoying writing this…..

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      hey Gayathri…yes dear you were late and i was so scared as to what has happened to you…..ha ha ha Shivaay is smart no doubt …in the next episodes you will know how smart Om will be…oops i am giving a clue…i will definitely consider your idea Gayathri and i think i read your mind this time…well next part is already up and you will know why i said that

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    1. Nita D

      Ek toh di, pahale yeh aap aao mat karo….
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      But now he is using that opportunity……cause how can saumya have all the details…

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