Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB…I will deal with all the three pairs of IB ….please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

Precap: Shivaay took the award , Mr.Gogoi offered Shivaay a partnership deal…Shivaay rejected and came back to their house…He went to his room without speaking to anyone and was remembering the incidents that made him leave Oberoi mansion…..Om and Rudra had a heart to heart talk …while Om questions Rudra about Soumya…Rudra questions Om about gauri….they both in their respective rooms starts remembering the incidents that occurred in the last one year…………..

Present situation : In Rudra’s room , Oberoi Mansion, Mumbai, Maharastra

Rudra was reminiscing all his moments with Soumya that led up to the break Up


Rumya’s relation was already in turmoil before Shivika left the mansion but what after they left Rudra was feeling lonely……..someday’s later
Soumya ‘’Rudra till when will you sit like this thinking about bhayya and Bhabhi?’’
Rudra ‘’Sumo what should I do? I am not at all feeling good ? how can they leave us?’’
Soumya ‘’you know what all happened and after such thing it’s normal for anyone to leave the house’’
Rudra ‘’I can’t believe you are saying this’’
Soumya ‘’I am being very practical Rudra…and I am not saying anything wrong’’
Rudra ‘’tell me onething are you happy because they both left or are you trying to make me happy because they both left’’
Soumya ‘’Rudra …I am neither happy nor trying to make you happy…I am just trying to’’
Rudra ‘’sumo stop it…I never knew you will turn out to be like this’’
Soumya ‘’shut up rudra…let me complete first’’
Rudra ‘’Why should I?’’
Soumya ‘’you have gone mad Rudra…I am trying to make you realise that you have some responsibilities and you are taking my view all together to some other tangent’’
Rudra ‘’so you feel I am mad along with being stupid’’
Sumo ‘’yes’’
Rudra ‘’very good to know that you have such thinking about me’’ saying this he left from his room
Sumo was confused with Rudra’s behaviour
Sumo followed him and caught his hand and dragged him back to his room
Sumo ‘’what’s your problem Rudra? Did you forget that you are son of this family? Do you know this house needs their both sons to stand united at this point of time? Do you remember that now it’s time for you to become responsible ? don’t you have to extend your support to Pinky aunty, Shakthi uncle , dadi, Tej uncle and jhanvi aunty ?’’
Rudra stared at Sumo
Sumo ‘’speak out Rudra…I was just trying to make you realise this and you started misunderstanding me’’
Rudra ‘’no I have no responsibility to do any such thing…with Shivaay bhayya I ended my every responsibility…without him I don’t care what will happen to do this house’’
Sumo ‘’Rudra I can understand your pain …but if someday Shivaay bhayya comes back and sees this house what will you answer? ‘’
Rudra ‘’nothing…I will not answer him…I will not see his face …right now I am angry on them who sent my bhayya out and I am equally angry on Shivaay bhayya…he broke this house and went away…he broke our brother’s trust….i will never forgive him’’
Rudra cried while speaking ……..
Tej who was passing by listened to all this and left from there……..
Sumo ‘’you cannot be angry on Shivaay bhayya.. please calm down…and my only suggestion is to balance yourself…think about my words Rudra’’
Rudra sat back thinking sumo’s words………after sometime he realised Sumo was correct
He went to Shakthi and said that he would try to help him …….
Shakthi ‘’okay Rudra but inform your father before you join me…if he is okay then I am fine …I have nothing against you and Om…you are also the same to me as Shivaay’’
Rudra then went to Tej and informed his decision of helping Shakthi…
Tej was furious …….
Tej ‘’have you gone mad Rudra…you will help Shakthi….had you been intelligent you would have planned big..’’
Rudra ‘’what Big?’’
Tej ‘’you will not understand now…now just join me in my office’’
Rudra ‘’but Papa I wanted to help Chachu’’
Tej ‘’didn’t you listen …I am your father so you would do what I prefer you to do….from tomorrow you will be coming with me to my office and learn the techniques and necessary thing of running a business’’
Rudra was disheartened as his idea was to just help Shakthi to come out of his pain …. But now he had no other option so he sadly agreed to Tej’s order….
Six months passed by, Sumo helped Rudra in all possible ways to become confident and take his own decisions… and one day while he was going to Dadi’s room to spend time with her he saw Tej speaking to Sumo…he hid behind the door and listened to their conversation…….
Tej ‘’thank you Soumya…you have done a great job …I will always remember this help of you’’
Sumo ‘’it’s my pleasure uncle that I am able to help you’’
Tej ‘’once Rudra takes up Shivaay’s duties then everything will be under my control’’
Sumo ‘’sure uncle…I will speak to him….after all you are his father and you will always be correct…’’
Tej ‘’I promise that I will make Rudra accept you as his wife if you can make my wish possible of Rudra taking over Shivaay’s business’’
Sumo ‘’thank you uncle …I would be happy because I really ……’’ she stopped
Rudra left in anger from there reminiscing the conversation between them and understanding Sumo’s intentions……..
Sumo came to Rudra
Rudra ‘’why did you come here Sumo?’’
Sumo ‘’Rudra …I have something to speak to you’’
Rudra ‘’yes ‘’
Sumo ‘’I know you wouldn’t like to listen what I will be saying but still for the good of this family I would still want to tell you’’
Rudra angrily ‘’come to the point Soumya’’
Sumo ‘’why don’t you look after Shivaay bhayya’s business?’’
Rudra ‘’there you go soumya ..i was waiting to hear this from you…I knew your intentions…your motives ..I heard your conversation with my papa…you both planned this right…when the first plan was successful you implemented the second plan of convincing me…I never knew that you are also behind money as my father is…what did you think that I will fall in your trap…this business is of Shivaay bhayya’s and it will always be …I will never take it over from him…I am angry on him for leaving me but I don’t hate him …I have no intentions of taking his place….i can never commit this sin……you in the mask of making me realise my responsibilities planned with my father to make your place in this house permanent….’’
Sumo ‘’stop it Rudra…your accusations are baseless…I don’t know what you heard…but whatever you are thinking is definitely wrong…I have no such intentions…the fact that Tej uncle called me before sometime is true …he spoke to me is also true …but what you are thinking is not true’’
Rudra ‘’shut up Sumo…enough of your lies….i don’t want to hear a word from you anymore…you don’t know me…what do you think… if he will make a promise to you, to make me accept you as my wife, after what all you have done, then he and you both are at wrong…so stop day-dreaming….’’
Sumo ‘’listen to me Rudra…calm down..let me complete ‘’
Rudra ‘’no…not a word more..…I have heard enough and read your intentions too…after all this we cannot stay together anymore…I cannot bear you…….either you will stay here or I will stay here…decision is yours’’
Sumo collapsed on the floor with tears and Rudra left the room in anger……..
Sumo packed her bags and left Soumya very then ………….

——————–FLASHBACK ENDS————————-

Rudra came out of his thought’s
Rudra POV ‘’I am sorry Om bhayya …after knowing Saumya’s intentions my heart broke to pieces…I would never wish her to be in my life…I will never want to meet her…I am done with the relationship’’

———————In Omkara’s room, Oberoi Manion , Mumbai

Om remembered Rudra’s words of learning Gauri’s other side of story …but his heart never accepted…..

Om was caught in the cage …Jhanvi was at gunpoint……..Tej was getting married to Swethlana and Kali Thakur was making all this happen
Rudra and Chulbul came to rescue All of them….
Chulbul went to Kali Thakur and said ‘’I Know where is Gauri’’
Kali Thakur ‘’tell me where is she’’
Chulbul ‘’I will if you stop this marriage now’’
Kali Thakur ‘’why should I trust you’’
Chulbul ‘’because I will make you meet gauri in few minutes if you do so’’
Kali Thakur stopped the marriage…Om relaxed…Kali Thakur held Chulbul’s hand and ‘’I stopped it but if I get to know you played a dirty trick then I will kill everyone here’’
Chulbul ‘’come with me , I will keep my promise’’
Chulbul signalled Rudra to help Omkara, and left with Kali Thakur
Rudra fought with goons and somehow helped Omkara to come out of the cage…….
Swethlana flee away from Tej, OmRu saved Jhanvi and Tej and sent them away….swethlana followed Kali Thakur and Chulbul…Om thought to help his friend Chulbul who risked his life for him…so he too followed in search of them……..
Swethlana fired the tyres of kali thakur’s car and Chulbul and Kali Thakur rolled to the edge of the cliff and were hanging……kalithakur was holding a tree and Chulbul was holding a hand of Kali Thakur….
Omkara pulled swethlana from the car and asked
Om ‘’what the hell did you do? There is chulbul too in that car’’
Swethlana ‘’why don’t you understand chulbul’s work for me is done’’
Om ‘’what did you say chulbul was working for you?’’
Swethlana ‘’it was me who brought her to this house…to spy on you…she was doing everything on my saying…now I don’t need her anymore so it doesn’t matter she stays or dies’’
Omkara was shocked
Om ‘’I will never trust you’’
Swethlana ‘’you have to as I have the proof’’
Swethlana presented the video proof from her mobile and Omkara was shocked again…his trust broke the very moment…but he gained some courage and said ‘’even if he is at fault I cannot leave both of them dying …I will save them’’
Swethlana ‘’do whatever you want…I don’t care…my aim is to get you…so I will meet you at Oberoi mansion…bye’’
Swethlana left and Omkara saw her leaving and Kali Thakur and Chulbul hanging…he moved towards Kalithakur and chulbul and pulled both of them up……….
Kali Thakur smiled and held Chulbul’s hand and started to leave
Om ‘’leave my friend Kali Thakur…what will you do with a guy?’’
Kali Thakur ‘’a guy? Who ? this chulbul ?’’ he laughed
Om ‘’I think you have gone mad in not differentiating a guy and a gal’’
Kali Thakur ‘’I thought you were intelligent..but you are stupid’’
Om ‘’what do you mean?’’
Kali Thakur ‘’this is not he…this is she in disguise of he’’
Om ‘’what?’’
Kali Thakur took off the wig of chulbul and Om was aghast seeing gauri……
Om ‘’you’’
Gauri ‘’’s me..Gauri sharma’’
Om ‘’all these days you were with me in disguise’’
Gauri ‘’yes, but I was helpless and couldn’t say truth’’
Om ‘’shut up…when did you ever say truth…all your life is full of lies…you have cheated a woman and now me…cheating has been the motto of your life’’
Kali Thakur ‘’if you are done…I will leave with my bird’’
Gauri ‘’om ji please save me…you are misunderstanding me…I will explain you everything …but please save me..i beg you’’
Om ‘’never…now I don’t care if you live or die’’
Jhanvi and Rudra reaches there then and Jhanvi shouts at omkara
Jhanvi ‘’om you have to save Gauri…’’
Om ‘’but mom…but you don’t know who she is’’
Jhanvi ‘’I know who she is and I know the truth that you both are married…’’
Om ‘’mom …you knew’’
Jhanvi ‘’om , we can talk about this later, but first save her from that dangerous man’’
Om ‘’ I will because you have asked me mom…but don’t expect I will forgive her for what she did’’
OmRu fought with Kali Thakur until Police came and arrested him for all his doings……..
Gauri went to Om and
Gauri ‘’om ji thank you…I donot know how to thank you…’’ she folds her hands infront of him…Om turned his head away……
Gauri ‘’om ji I can explain you anything but please don’t be so angry with me’’
Om ‘’don’t try to manipulate me anymore….you are expert in playing with emotions…first you did it with that lady in bareilly and now all these months you did it with me…I have helped you only because my mom asked me to do so…’’
Jhanvi ‘’gauri come back home’’
All four leave towards mansion……
In Oberoi mansion everyone gets to know the truth about Gauri and Om’s marriage…
Tej ‘’I can’t believe what you did’’
Swethlana ‘’you have to divorce this gal Om and if you don’t you know what will I do’’
Om ‘’don’t you dare to blackmail me swethlana…I know what needs to be better let me take decision’’
Swethlana ‘’fine …I am giving you 15 days’ time…if you don’t resolve the issue I will do what I will want to do’’
Everyone leaves towards their rooms…………
——————————–FLASHBACK PAUSED—————————

Om comes out of his thoughts with a scream in the Oberoi mansion

PRECAP : Shivaay’s past

So this was the Fifth part …please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad are welcome…I will try to respond as soon as possible…….

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