Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB…I will deal with all the three pairs of IB ….please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….
Precap : Shivaay picks call of Tej and gets to know that Oberoi’s business is sinking………he compels Rudra, Sumo, Gauri and Om to leave for Mumbai….Shivaay breaks down realising their situation…Anika persuades………


OmRu GaMya reached Oberoi Mansion……..
Tej saw them ………
Tej ‘’Welcome, So finally you both ended your vacation…great to see you back…’’
Om was about to speak something but Gauri held his hand and stopped…….
Rudra ‘’we came back as soon as we knew the news…..Don’t worry papa…we will take out some solution…I think we should head to office now’’
Om ‘’I think Rudra is saying correct..we will find nothing arguing here…so it’s better we head back to office’’
All three left for office…………

————————Oberoi Industries Head Office Mumbai
TejOmRu entered office and all the board of directors (BD ) were waiting for them…..
There was serious discussion going on and after lots of discussion …one of the board of directors spoke
BD : ’’ Mr .Shivaay would have dealed with this situation properly …but he is nowhere to be seen from past one year….Mr.tej if you can then bring him back..i am sure he will have a mid way to resolve the issue……….’’
Tej stood in a rage ‘’What do you mean I cannot handle…remember one thing…it’s me who thought Shivaay to deal and run business and now you are trying to say he is better than me
BD ‘’ I did not mean that…I was just saying that…. even before, once when such a situation occurred he managed it smoothly I thought he could do something this time too ‘’
Tej held BD ‘s collar and said ‘’don’t you dare say it again…Shivaay is no more a part of our family or this business …he is not related to us in any way…so never take his name again’’
BD angrily spoke ‘’ go hell with your business Mr.Tej Oberoi, I tried to help you, but you have insulted me, and now I have decided to quit…..i will see to it that you wouldn’t come out of this crisis anytime soon….remember I am the biggest shareholder of your industries and now I will make an announcement that I am quitting ..this is enough for your downfall…..’’ he left in anger
Rest all followed him……..Tej sat in diusgust
Om ‘’Mr.Oberoi what have you done…….you are just increasing the problems nothing more than that………now please let me handle this’’
Om ran towards the board of directors and Rudra followed…. but in vain..they didn’t turn……Om Ru were panicked….
Rudra ‘’om I think that person said right, Shivaay bhayya would have some idea to deal with..shall we discuss it with him?’’
Om let me think………
They went inside…….and in no time the board of directors made the announcement in media that they have quit…….Oberoi industries was in the verge of shutting down…..

————————–S.A.M.S Restaurant
Shivaay was in his cabin and switched on the business news channel……..he was shocked to learn the latest development that Board of Directors had quit.
Shivaay stood up in shock……….at the same time he got a call from MR.Gogoi…..
Shivaay ‘’Hello did you remember me?’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’ Mr. Shivaay I need to talk to you…if you have time let me know ..i will come right away’’
Shivaay ‘’ok …if you can please come in half an hour…I have no appointments then’’
Mr.Gogoi agreed……..

Exactly after half an hour he arrived and went to his cabin……..
Shivaay and he shaked hands and Shivaay offered chair to sit……
Shivaay ‘’yes Mr.Gogoi …how can I help you?’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’ I am sure you must have seen about situation of Oberoi industries in Delhi and Mumbai….’’
Shivaay frowned and spoke ‘’yes I just saw…but why are you talking about that with me?’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’it was the same company with which I tried to enter the partnership before I offered you the partnership’’
Shivaay ‘’what?’’ he composed and said ‘’but why did you back off?’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’I didn’t back off…. but Mr.Tej Oberoi demanded so much of share that I couldn’t offer…so I backed off……..then he tried to use my idea of doing business and pulled large amount from market and fell into an additional crisis’’
Shivaay ‘’but why are you saying all this to me’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’Mr.Shivaay I thought if Mr.tej oberoi is implementing my idea then there is no future for me to implement the same idea against him…so I thought to back off…but now he is not in a position to do so …so the market is open for me now…….i came here again to offer you the same deal I spoke to you on the day you received your award….’’
Shivaay was in thoughts
Shivaay ‘’Fine Mr.Gogoi I will give my expertise and input too but I have a condition..’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’yes Mr.Shivaay please let me know’’
Shivaay ‘’I want you to make the deal with Oberois ‘’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’what?’’
Shivaay ‘’Yes Mr.Gogoi you heard it right the deal you will make with Oberois but I will help you in expanding your business from my side….’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’I didn’t understand’’
Shivaay ‘’Mr.Gogoi …it’s simple the deal must be made with Oberois..i mean the amount , profit, deal, the papers and everything will be in the name of Oberois but service would be provided by me through Oberois…..if you agree to this I am ready to join you’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’but why do you want to do this’’
Shivaay ‘’I cannot answer this question now Mr.Gogoi’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’ok…I am ok with the condition you laid’’
Shivaay ‘’a small request mr.Gogoi ..please don’t disclose to Oberois that I am behind this deal with should be between you and me’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’I agree to keep this confidential …I don’t know why but I want to trust you seeing the ethics of doing your business and the way you spoke…’’
Shivaay ‘’thank you Mr.Gogoi for the confidence and trust you have on me’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’my pleasure …I think I should leave now’’
Shivaay ‘’Mr.Gogoi…today or tomorrow you will get a call from Mr.Omkara Singh Oberoi and/or Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi about reinitiating the deal and I hope you will initiate the deal …since they are in crisis, I request you to make an initial investment and if you have any objection I will pay you the initial investment on their behalf’’
Mr.Gogoi ‘’that’s okay mr.Shivaay I need your expertise right now , amount is not a problem for me…I will do what you have asked me …don’t worry…but after listening to you I am feeling like you have a deep connection with them…’’
Shivaay smiled…Mr.Gogoi left happily and Shivaay also was happy…he thanked God to help his family in an indirect way…….


Anika was in deep thoughts…….
Dadi came to her ‘’Anika puttar why are you so worried? Is everything fine? OmRu and GaMya reached safe right?’’
Anika ‘’yes dadi ..don’t worry..everyone and everything is fine’’
Anika POV ‘’sorry Dadi nothing is fine in Mumbai now…after a long time you are happy and now I cannot give you this terrible news of business loss ..please forgive me Dadi‘’
Dadi smiled and said ‘’you seem to look tensed …but remember if any problem comes then unity and family can only resolve it ‘’
Anika was thinking about Dadi’s words while Dadi left………
Anika then thought to speak to someone and dialled a number
Anika ‘’namasthe Uncle …Mein Anika bol rahi hoon’’
Shakthi Oberoi ‘’ Anika ..beta tum…kaisi ho? Shivaay…Shivaay kaisa hain? Kaha ho tum sab? Itne dino baad hamari yaad aayi tumhe …’’ he cried
Anika ‘’uncle ham sab theek hain…isse pehle mein aapse kuch aur baat karoon , aaj mein aapse pehli baar kuch maangne keliye call kiya’’
SHakthi ‘’yes Anika just ask and I will put everything at stake to complete your wish…I promise I will fulfil your wish’’
Anika ‘’Uncle …as you know tej uncle is in crisis …I want you to help him’’
Shakthi ‘’what? What are you saying? Are you in your senses beta? Bhai sahib has made my son away from me…he insulted me and my son …he never valued me….and after all his deeds you want me to help him…this is not possible beta..iam sorry…I am really sorry’’
Anika ‘’uncle please hear me once …I know you are angry with him…your anger is also justified…but if tej uncle wouldn’t have sent Shivaay out… even then after knowing truth Shivaay would himself have left OM….the difference was Shivaay’s exit was done through Tej uncle…..secondly Shivaay respects tej uncle immensely and he doesn’t hold any grudge against him..the moment he heard about the condition he broke down…so when your son has no issues why do want to keep the anger uncle? whatever may be the reason but when it comes to family we should always stay united and support our family…this is what Dadi has thought her sons and her grandsons…when Dadi’s grandsons are following why can’t you uncle? He is your brother Uncle …and now it’s your turn to help him ….you will not get back your son even if tej uncle gets destroyed instead you will loose your brother too……Had shivaay called you and spoke all these wouldn’t you agree uncle? ‘’
Shakthi was in thoughts …her words made sense to him…shakthi realised that Anika was saying right….
Anika ‘’uncle ..uncle’’
Shakthi ‘’yes Anika beta…I will fulfil your wish…thank you for making me realise…I will help tej bhai sahib even if I would need to give away everything that belongs to me’’
Anika ‘’thank you so much Uncle… request please don’t let Tej uncle know that I or Shivaay has asked you to do this because..’’
Shakthi ‘’because Tej bhai sahib will never accept my help then…I know this beta’’
Anika ‘’thank you so much uncle….thank you’’ she disconnected the call………
She turned to go for work when she saw Shivaay looking at her…….she was scared and was gulping saliva …….
Shivaay came to her putting up a serious face…Anika was scared to peaks now……..she took steps back while he moved towards her….it happened till Anika reached wall
Shivaay ‘’why did you do this Anika’’
Anika ‘’I am sorry Shivaay…I thought this would help them…I am really sorry…I should have spoken to you before taking this step’’
Shivaay ‘’then why didn’t you ask me or speak to me?’’
Anika ‘’i..i..’’
Shivaay smiled and Anika looked at him surprised
Anika ‘’Shivaay…she hit him cheerfully at his chest’’
Shivaay hugged her and while hugging said ‘’thank you so much Anika…you did good….atleast by this both the brothers would get united and help each other’’
Anika ‘’that means you were not angry with me?’’
Shivaay ‘’no…why would I if you are doing right and unting a family’’
Anika ‘’thank you so much Shivaay….thank you for supporting me’’
Shivaay ‘’uhhooo…thank you for doing so much for our family’’
Anika ‘’That is my family too’’
They both smiled………Anika turned to go when Shivaay called her
Shivaay ‘’Anika I have something to share with you’’
Anika looked at him
Shivaay ‘’Anika I met Mr.Gogoi today..he came to our office’’
Anika ‘’is he the same who offered you a deal on the awards ceremony’’
Shivaay ‘’yes…..and I accepted his deal’’
Anika ‘’what?’’
Shivaay explained what all happened………..
Anika jumped happily and hugged him saying ‘’when it comes to the family you are the best’’
Shivaay ‘’no we are the best’’
Shivaay phone rang………Anika asked him to talk while she will complete her work and be back……..
Shivaay ‘’Hello Om’’
Om ‘’Shivaay …’’
Shivaay ‘’what happened Om ? why are you so disturbed?’’
Rudra ‘’Bhayya….everything is slipping from our hands……I hope you saw the news about board of drectors quitting ‘’
Shivaay ‘’yes I did see…..but don’t worry …still you can fight …’’
Om’’ shivaay…shivaay….listen …now nothing can be done’’
Shivaay ‘’om you can’t give up so easily…remember you said today morning that you will put your sweat and blood to save everything…and at one roadblock you are giving up…this is not my Om…’’
Rudra ‘’we terribly need your help…..come here bhayya…please…….’’
Shivaay ‘’Relax Rudra…where are you now?’’
Om ’’we are in conference room’’
Shivaay ‘’Rudra start the video conference and ensure that no one enters the cabin, especially bade papa …I am coming online ‘’
Rudra ‘’ok bhayya’’
Shivaay ‘’Om , Rudra are you aware of the main problems that the company is going through now’’
Rudra ‘’yes bhayya..’’
Shivaay ‘’write it on the board…remember write only those which are of utmost important and which needs to be solved first’’
Rudra noted all the points out
Om ‘’these are the burning issues Shivaay…I studied them Shivaay and each one is interlinked wth other and everyone related to these problems are also united , so no one is agreeing to us’’
Shivaay ‘’Today I will just tell few things Om and Rudra..the same which Bade papa told me on my first day when I stepped into office….remember these things are said out of immense experience by bade papa ……and these are the key to any business and if you can understand then you will succeed
1. You have to sometimes oblige and bend in-front of situations but remember you are still strong and smart.. so you have to keep grip over the situation while bending before it.
2. For any company Staff/workers are priority to look after, so convincing them and simultaneously keeping them in control is necessary.
3. If few back off then it’s not end of everything…every night ends with a ray of light…so look for new ones who can stand by….
4. Study the market trends and invest smartly……
The last one which I learnt after leaving OM is
‘’5. Words are powerful , so use them properly to make situation to our side….THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE POINT….most of the success we obtain is through the way we speak.’’
While Shivaay was saying these points Rudra noted them on the board …………
If you can understand these 5 points then within three months you can put your company on track….
Om started to think and so did Rudy……..
Shivaay ‘’Om , I read that some Mr.Gogoi has come to bade papa to make a restaurant deal with him…however things did not materialise……confirm with bade papa about this…and if what I heard is right……the first thing you do is using the fifth point I said and manage the situation ‘’
Rudra looked at fifth point so did Om………..Om smiled and so did Shivaay…….Shivaay wished OmRu luck and signed out………

———————In Tej’s Cabin
Om ‘’Mr.Oberoi …did you initiate any deal with Mr.Gogoi ?
Tej was stunned
Om ‘’please answer me as I have many works to do’’
Tej ‘’yes…but that did not work’’
Om ‘’it would have worked had you not …..forget it…….now let me make onething clear…..i and Rudra would be taking some decisions and please…please for God sake don’t try to interfere…we are sinking so let us both try to save pour sinking ship…if needed we will come to you to ask for help…and onemore thing don’t take any decisions without discussing with us’’
Tej ‘’what the hell are you trying to say? You mean I don’t know anything?’’
Rudra ‘’Papa please …we never meant that…we are asking you to let us give a try…anyways we are sinking if our attempt succeeds we will be saved if not our situation will not worsen than this’’
Tej ‘’Fine then..but you need to keep me updated’’
Om ‘’deal then’’
Tej shook hands with Om…..Tej felt a sense of proud too……….
Mahi came to Shivaay who was indulged in some files……….
Mahi ‘’Shivaay…do you have 5 minuted for me’’
Shivaay ‘’why 5 Minutes Mahi …take your time..anything serious?’’
Mahi ‘’yes Shivaay…’’
Shivaay looked at him
Mahi ‘’Shivaay , remember we were trying to start a new venture in newly formed states for tax subsidy…..’’
Shivaay ‘’yes, I remember you brought this proposal last month…I liked it very much…’’
Mahi ‘’exactly Shivaay…I was thinking that if this new venture is started by Om or Rudra that is by Oberoi industries then some of their problems will reduce…’’
Shivaay gave a glance at Mahi
Mahi ‘’I thought Oberois were already dealing with this business in northern part …it’s just they need to start up in southern part of India now…..i spoke to the concerned minister and he said he has the space and resource available…also since they are newly formed states we get a tax subsidy……for two years at least no Tax…..we just need to give 20 % of profit to the government and from then on 20% profit plus 40% tax…but’’
Shivaay ‘’but what Mahi?’’
Mahi ‘’they need to start with an initial investment rest all are assured’’
Shivaay was listening carefully and when Mahi finished he stood up and gave a smile…..
Mahi ‘’why are you smiling Shivaay?’’
Shivaay ‘’because the initial investment can be arranged by them’’
Mahi ‘’but how?
Shivaay explained what he did and what Anika did……….Mahi smiled……..
Shivaay too smiled and Shivaay hugged him
Shivaay ‘’thank you Mahi…this is just brilliant ..if this happens then the workers problem and tax problem will also go down for the Oberoi’s…it will be third way of saving them’’
Shivaay ‘’mahi but this was your dream right? Are you sure you want to do this?’’
Mahi ‘’Shivaay my dream is not bigger than my family happiness and comforts….’’
Shivaay hugged him again and said ‘’Thank you Mahi you have truly proved you and I are no different when it comes to family’’
Mahi ‘’but how will we let them know’’
Shivaay ‘’talk to rudra or Om…and let them know…but ensure that you are giving only a suggestion and you never wanted to step into this…convince them so…otherwise they may feel like taking away your dream….and ensure that bade papa doesn’t know that you spoke to them’’
Mahi ‘’fine…I understand and I will do as you said right away’’
Shivaay ‘’take necessary care to keep this as secret …I mean take care of the minister too’’
Mahi smiled while Shivaay left……..

——————————————–Oberoi Industries
Mahi called Om but he was busy in another call…so he called Rudra…….
Mahi and Rudra spoke about the new venture and Rudra noted all the points……Rudra thanked Mahi and Mahi smiled…….
Om spoke to Mr.Gogoi and as planned by Shivaay and Gogoi they initiated the deal……..
Both Om and Rudra went to Tej while Shakthi also stepped in……
Tej ‘’All three of you here?’’
Om ‘’I have something important to discuss with you’’
Tej ‘’yes Om’’
Om explained about reinitiating the deal and how it would help to reduce the loan pressure that they took up from the market , he also spoke about the initial investment proposal by Mr.Gogoi…..
Tej was startled to hear that from Om……..he hugged Om and Om too reciprocated……..but the happiest was Shakhti and Rudra as after a long long time they saw father – son hug……….
Om and tej then composed themselves and stood
Tej ‘’Rudra what are you upto’’
Rudra spoke about what Mahi has said and it impressed Tej a lot………
Tej ‘’I didn’t know that my sons are this capable…….i am feeling as if everything will be alright…..’’
Rudra ‘’Papa whatever I have said will work only if we can gather the initial investment amount, rest all are assured……but now the question is how to arrange that big amount’’
Shakthi ‘’I will arrange it……..’’
Tej Om Ru looked at Shakti in shock
Tej ‘’what?’’
Shakthi ‘’yes bhai sahib…I will arrange that amount…….i know all these days we have been doing business separately but when you are in deep consequences how can I sit back and see….’’
Tej had tears in his eyes …usually he wasn’t emotional but today listening to his younger brothers words he felt very emotional…….
He was trying to compose himself but it was getting difficult for him ….om for the first time saw Tej Oberoi so vulnerable…….he without realising spoke
Om ‘’papa you can hug him’’
Now it was turn of Tej-Shakthi and Rudra to get shocked
Rudra ‘’what did you say O ?’’
Om ‘’I said papa can hug his brother’’
Tej ‘’Papa…you called me papa?’’
Om realised then…he too was shocked as how could he say Papa………he stammered and said
Om ‘’ I mean Mr.Oberoi you can hug your younger brother…it’s nothing wrong’’
Tej did that..he hugged his younger brother and said
Tej ‘’thank you Shakthi…I thought after whatever has happened..’’
Shakthi ‘’bhai sahib…let’s not discuss about that,…first we need to come out of this crisis’’
Shakthi turned towards Rudra and said
Shakthi ‘Rudra ..if you , Om and bhai saheb has no objection..i will work you in setting up the new venture you were talking about’’
Om ‘’I don’t have any issue chote papa…instead we both have to thank you for saying so ….along with helping us’’
Rudra ‘’yes chote papa …O is right…it will be pleasure and I will be much confident’’
Tej ‘’thank you so much Shakthi…thanks a lot for everything’’
Shakthi ‘’no need to thank bhai sahib…we are brothers and we can help each other at time of need ‘’
Shakthi and Rudra left the cabin to proceed with the deal……..
Om turned towards Tej ‘’Pa..’’ he took a pause and continued
Om ‘’Mr.Oberoi …if you can talk to Mr.Gogoi once and continue with the deal then I will handle the workers issue…that’s more important for me now’’
Tej ‘’but how can I ?’’
Om ‘’I know what you have done and I have apologised on behalf of you…so you just need to be yourself and composed..he is a good man..but…’’
Tej ‘’but’’
Om ‘’remember one thing please don’t mess with your rude way of speaking with him……this is important for us…so please be composed…remember one thing Mr.Oberoi ……
Words are powerful , so use them properly to make situation to our side….THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AND VALUABLE POINT….most of the success we obtain is through the way we speak. ‘’
Tej nodded ….Om left the room…….
After a heavy day of work and learning …….everyone started to headed back to house…….Tej also started and while coming out of the office he passed by the conference hall…something attracted him and his eyebrows frowned……..


Precap : The new beginning

So this was the seventeenth part …please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad are welcome…I will try to respond as soon as possible…….

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