Hello this is VHM back with an FF on IB…I will deal with all the three pairs of IB ….please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes….

Recap : Sumo reveals about her contact with Shivaay through mails…..Sumo and Rudra’s misunderstandings get cleared…….Om asks about Anika’s champa……..Sumo let’s them know about it……..


Sumo ‘’Om bhayya yesterday night I received a mail from Shivaay bhayya and he asked me to call the garage person and ask him to send the scooty to my apartments…he gave me all the details……when the garage person agrees to deliver ,he asked me to take the delivery and park it in my parking place and return to my house…if not delivered then he asked me to reply him back’’
Rudra ‘’But Sumo…Anika bhabhi’s scooty is not in your parking place anymore…we checked while coming…’’
Sumo ‘’duffer I know that…I waited there without returning home..when I saw a person coming and taking out the scooty and loading it into a van……..’’
Om ‘’did you ask him anything? ‘’

Sumo ‘’no bhayya I tried to ask him but he was speaking to someone over the phone in a language I don’t know ……and he drove away fast’’
Rudra ‘’How will we find now..the only option left is also gone’’
Om ‘’we cannot loose hope and we cannot loose this opportunity to find them, we have to bring them back or atleast meet them, it’s enough… from one year we had been away I can’t bear anymore..’’
Rudra ‘’bhayya what if we track the IP address of the mails sent?’’
Om ‘’Rudra you are forgetting the fact that you are dealing with Shivaay THE SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI…he will never leave any chance that you will track him through IP address…and moreover it will take much time too…because by now the driver might have informed about Saumya questioning him to Shivaay if at all the driver spoke to Shivaay…so this idea wouldn’t work’’
Rumya ‘’yes bhayya…you are right…but what will we do now?’’
Om thought for sometime and said ….
Om ‘’Saumya I know that you couldn’t understand in which language and what that driver was speaking about, but try to remember if you heard any words that you understood’’
Sumo started thinking and finally said ‘’bhayya I am not sure but I heard some ‘’SAMS Restaurant’’ while he was speaking and the Driver yes, he looked like he was from north eastern states of India’’..
Om ‘’that’s it Saumya…thank you…’’
Rudra ‘’but how will we find?’’
Om ‘’sumo get your laptop’’

Rudra ‘’but why Bhayya?’’
Om ‘’Duffer…we will google for SAMS Restaurant in north eastern states of India first’’
Rudra ‘’but with that name there can be many’’
Om ‘’off course , but if we find no clue we will go to each and every SAMS restaurant to find them…I cannot leave my hope though my thinking might sound stupid…….if the north eastern states search fails …I will ask all our dealers and partners and friends to search for SAMS restaurant in entire India…BUT I PROMISE I WILL FIND SHIVAAY’’

Sumo brought the laptop and they googled as per their plan and their faces turned happy because the first google search gave him the details from a local news paper of Meghalaya..which read as
‘’ THE S.A.M.S Restaurant-Our restaurant is located at the Police Bazar area in Shillong Meghalaya..the owner and CEO Mr.Shivaay has been awarded the prestigious BEST ENTERPRENEUR OF THE YEAR AWARD for all the seven Sister states of North-Eastern India on Sunday…Mr.Shivaay spoke about the hardships he faced when he an year ago entered Shillong, Meghalaya without even a penny and how he achieved Success with the help of his wife, brother and brother-in-law…however he did not forget to thank all his family members who laid foundation to achieve this……..he conversed that he dearly misses his Brothers Om and Rudra , his sister Priyanka and his dadi on this occassion……..His Wife Mrs. Anika , his brother Mahi and his younger Brother-In-law Sahil also graced the awards Ceremony to cheer up for Mr.Shivaay…Mr.Mahi is the financial head for chain of Restaurants and looks after the franchise section too…Mrs.Anika is one of the best Event manager in the north eastern states handling the events of bigwigs….Mr.Shivaay requested the CM of Meghalaya to take the award also from the hands of manager of a private bank who initially helped him in setting up the food business….when our reporters tried to know more about his sister, brothers and Dadi..he denied to say anything else about them as it was about his personal life…….scroll down for pictures from the award ceremony………’’
Om scrolled the page and saw all four of them in the pics , so did Rudra and Sumo……
They all jumped in happiness………
Om hugged Sumo and thanked her that it was all because of her that they could find their long lost family…their elder brother……
Sumo hugged back……….
Om called Khanna then
Om ‘’Khanna book tickets for the first flight to Shillong for me , Rudra and Soumya …also ensure that this information should not be known to anyone in Oberoi is confidential’’
Khanna ‘’Sir, can I ask you something if you permit’’
Om ‘’Khanna of course , you had done the best duty and you have right to ask, go ahead’’
Khanna ‘’thank you so much sir, but I was anxious to know did you find any information about Shivaay sir?’’
Om ‘’khanna trust me you will meet Shivaay in few days’’
Khanna ‘’I hope sir, thank you’’

Om ended the call….
Rudra turned towards Soumya and ‘’Sumo, pack your bags we will leave for Oberoi Mansion..tomorrow we have to take first flight to Shillong’’
Sumo ‘’no Rudra..i am not coming along with you’’
OmRu were shocked ‘’but why?’’
Sumo ‘’Rudra once Shivaay bhayya and Anika didi enter Oberoi Mansion I too will join them..till then let me stay here’’
Om pressed Rudra’s shoulder and Rudra smiled sadly…….
Sumo ‘’Bhayya why did you ask to book tickets to Shillong via flight…you could reach there through your chopper’’
Om ‘’saumya…I am sure Shivaay is trying to gift Anika Bhabhi her scooty and as far as I know Shivaay he would have kept it as surprise for her, so the driver would have by now loaded the scooty in Cargo flight to Shillong….as per the Aviation authority rules any vehicle will take atleast half day to be checked before it is delivered to the required address….my plan is to wait in Shillong airport and once the vehicle clearance is received we will deliver it to Shivaay short we will be the delivery boys for Anika bhabhi’s vehicle…..a surprise to Shivaay bhayya too along with Anika Bhabhi Sahil and Mahi bhayya’’
Rudra ‘’wow O have become intelligent staying with me‘’

Om had tears of happiness in his eyes and so was sumo’s condition….Rudra looked at them confusingly……….
Rudra ‘’what din’t like the joke’’
Om hugged him tight and said ‘’now my baby brother is back to normal…didn’t you understand you called me O not Om bhayya…how I missed this way of calling me’’
Rudra hugged back Om again……
They left to Oberoi mansion waiting for the day to end and new day to start………Meanwhile Om contacted the Airport officials and spoke to them about Anika’s scooty details from Mumbai…his guess was right …the next morning it was scheduled to be delivered to Shillong…..Om requested them to hand over the scooty to him at Shillong airport only after they are satisfied with clearance…..the authorities obliged……..

Rudra went to Gauri’s room and held her hand bringing her out as Om was on call ………he updated Gauri about what all happened and Gauri cried out of happiness….while Rudra was about to go ….Gauri stopped him……
Rudra ‘’yes bhabhi’’
Gauri ‘’I wanted to..woh..woh…’’
Rudra held his Bhabhi by her shoulders and said ‘’bhabhi I understood…I will ask Khanna ji to book ticket for you too’’

Gauri had tears in her eyes…
Gauri ‘’you are the best devar I can have asked for……..thank you…thank you so much…but how will Om ji react…what will he say…he is already angry with me and if I accompany his anger will only double’’
Rudra ‘’bhabhi relax…why fear when Rudy is here…Om bhayya ko mein samjhadoonga’’
Gauri hugged Rudra and Rudra wiped her tears…..
Rudra ‘’bhabhi one day Om bhayya will definitely accept you……and I am sure this will happen very soon…I just want to say only one thing…please have some more patience….once Shivaay bhayya and Anika Bhabhi are back the happiness of this house will return…..’’
Gauri nodded her head in agreement…

Rudra ‘’tomorrow we have to get up early so let’s call the day off and I have to make a call to Khanna ji to book a ticket for you too’’
Omkara heard all the conversation between them standing behind the room door …he thought that his small brother has really grown up big…….but thinking about gauri made him angry…he went to his bed and slept………
Here Rudra texted Saumya and their romantic talks continued……..later they both slept in their respective houses
It was end of the day…………………..


Om, Rudra, Gauri started from Oberoi mansion and Soumya started from her apartments towards airport after completing formalities …they boarded flight to shilling…and after two and half hours flight they got down…they straight away moved towards Cargo department and met the officials to receive the scooty…….
Here Shivaay also started towards the airport ……

Precap : The much awaited moments


So this was the Tenth part …please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad are welcome…I will try to respond as soon as possible…….

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      Thank you so much Sagithya ….even i am excited about next episode …i hope i would justify the emotional bonding…well i will post it in few hours from now……thanks a lot once again

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      Thank you so much Fffan1234….i have not yet planned how to clear their misunderstanding …but i am sure i will not forcefully include those scenes it must be something with the flow….thank you so much once again dear

  3. Ashwinee

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