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Recap : Shivika enjoyed their cozy night….Khanna and Om went to garage when they came to know Anika’s scooty being sent…Om was shocked to find that the scooty has been delivered to Soumya’s address…Om informs Rudra about the same and Rudra get’s shocked…….


Om ‘’Hello Rudra…are you listening’’
Rudra ‘’yes yes Om bhayya…but how can this happen’’
Om ‘’Rudra it’s time we need to meet Soumya to know the truth…will you be coming?’’
Rudra ‘’I will bhayya because I need answers from her for everything’’
Om ‘’Rudra …now, only Soumya is aware where Shivaay and Anika Bhabhi are , so you will not talk to her aggressively and handle the situation calmly…if you agree then you come else stay back, because I cannot take any risk at this moment’’
Rudra ‘’I will bhayya , I will do as you say’’
Om ‘’Fine then…don’t let anyone know about this …Particularly MR.Tej Oberoi…….and directly reach the address , I will message you the address’’
Rudra ‘’no need to message the address bhayya, I remember it very well, I will reach there directly…see you in half an hour’’
Om’’ ok bye’’
Om turned towards Khanna and said
Om ‘’Khanna you drop me at the address and go back to Oberoi Mansion, I will come back home with Rudra…….if anything is needed I will call you ‘’
Khanna obliged
Khanna and Om from the garage started towards Versova and Rudra from oberoi mansion started towards Versova……….

—————–Flat No. 603, Rainbow Apartments, Versova, Mumbai, Maharastra

Om, Rudra reached Soumya’s flat and pressed the door bell………..Soumya opened the door and was shocked to see Rudra standing infront…….
She tried to close the door when Om came from behind…Sumo couldn’t anymore close the door………
Sumo ‘’Om bhayya you both here?’’
Om ‘’can we come in …if you don’t have any problem?’’
Sumo ‘’I never had any problem with you bade baal wale bhayya…but I cannot allow your brother in’’
Om ‘’for my sake please’’
Sumo ‘’ok bhayya’’
OmRu entered and settled …they were anxious to know everything at that instance but kept their cool……….
Sumo ‘’what made you come here ? that too suddenly?’’
Om ‘’why did you hide such big thing from me soumya? I always treated you as my sister…I knew you and Rudra had problems and you left from Oberoi Mansion …but still you could have shared everything with me’’
Sumo looked confusingly
Sumo ‘’Om bhayya what are you talking about?’’
Rudra lost his patience ‘’You are in contact with Shivaay bhayya and Anika bhabhi right?’’
Sumo was shell shocked and got up from her couch……..her face showed continuous nervousness , she was rubbing her hands and started to sweat…..
Om brought a glass of water and gave it and asked her to relax..Sumo drank the water in one go and sat down holding her head
Sumo ‘’but how did you know?’’
Rudra ‘’ohh so that means you are indeed in contact with Shivaay bhayya and Anika Bhabhi and you did not think of letting us know…you knew how depressed and desperate we were…..’’
Rudra turned towards Om and ‘’ I said you na bhayya…she is a cheater, she planned with papa and tried to give me Shivaay bhayya’s business so that her life settles ……I said you right she can never be honest, she has cheated not only me but also entire family who supported and stood by her right from the day she stepped in Mumbai…she is just characterless…..jiske thali mein khaya usi mein ched kiya tumne Saumya’’
Sumo shouted ‘’enough Rudra…enough…enough of your nonsense………I have never cheated you…….never…I always had been honest with you………I had some limitation because of which I couldn’t reveal the truth to you ………that doesn’t mean I am characterless…what do you know that you are pointing about my character…….atleast I am not stupid like you to not analyse the situation and come to conclusion directly………you have said enough and I have listened enough…I don’t have any more patience to bear you and now you are in my house , I am not in your house so now I am saying LEAVE FROM HERE AND NEVER COME BACK…………I HATE YOU…..I JUST HATE YOU……..go…go away’’ she cried ………..
Om ‘’stop it both of you…….you are fighting as if you are small kids…both of you have lost senses….’’
Om turned towards Rudra and said ‘’no one will go anywhere…Rudra you will not speak a word more…now I will talk ‘’
He then turned towards Soumya and said ‘’and you will also answer me soumya …you will tell me the truth and I am not requesting you but ordering you as your elder brother…did you get it?’’
Rumya nodded………
After keeping calm for sometime
Om ‘’tell me Soumya where are Shivaay bhayya and Anika bhabhi’’
Sumo stared at him and said ‘’sorry bhayya, I have no idea about their whereabouts……’’
Om ‘’ok fine I believe you…but I understand you were in contact with them…atleast tell me about them’’
Soumya ‘’again sorry bhayya….I have said to Anika Bhabhi that I will not reveal anything about them to anyone of you…so I cannot reveal’’
Om took her hand on his head and ‘’it’s a swear on me soumya…had you ever thought of me as your elder brother then you will reveal me…you just said that… you said to Anika Bhabhi that you will not reveal anything about them to us but you never promised her…so now there is no limitation…’’
Sumo ‘’fine bhayya I will say …’’
Rudra ‘’bhayya let’s go bhayya…I am sure she will not say any truth to us’’
Om ‘’shut up rudra…I am not done yet and now you sit quietly’’
Om ‘’Sumo… about what limitations you had that you did not reveal it till now to us…tell me the truth Soumya’’
Sumo ‘’I will but will you ‘’ she turned towards Rudra and continued ‘’will you be able to believe me?’’
Om ‘’ I trust you soumya…I know , my heart knows you can never lie…….and I know somewhere in Rudra’s corner of heart he too believes’’
Rudra turned away without looking at Sumo and Om
Sumo started saying

Sumo and chulbul were the only persons in Oberoi Mansion to witness the pain of rest family members except Tej……..
After OmRu came back failing to stop Shivika and Sahil from leaving everyone returned to their rooms………
Chulbul and Sumo were preparing food and were pacifying everyone to have food…….when Sumo was walking towards Rudra’s room her phone ringed
Sumo ‘’hello, Anika Bhabhi…where are you?’’
Sahil ‘’Soumya…we are here in Bandra metrostation……will you come to meet me for the last time right now…before going I want to meet you once’’
Sumo ‘’yes I am coming right now’’
Anika ‘’Soumya… Sahil really wanted to meet you and I couldn’t deny his wish … please don’t inform anyone in Oberoi Mansion ….just come down else you know Shivaay, he will get angry on me’’
Sumo ‘’ok fine bhabhi I will come and I promise I will not inform anyone’’
Sumo reached there in ten minutes……Mahi was in queue taking tickets, Shivaay just sometime before excused himself and went somewhere in station……Anika saw Soumya and dragged her aside so that Mahi or Shivaay doesn’t see them
Anika ‘’thank you soumya…you have come’’
Sahil hugged her …Soumya too reciprocated…..
Soumya ‘’bhabhi why are you going …please don’t leave us…please come back..soon after you left I cannot even describe what had happened to all the members in Oberoi mansion…….atleast for them come back bhabhi’’
Anika hugged her and said ‘’I wish we could come back but you have witnessed what all has happened so now it’s impossible…before Shivaay comes you too leave’’
Sahil ‘’Soumya , will you call me every week and talk to me’’
Anika ‘’Sahil that’s not possible, there is no chance we will have contact with anyone here…so don’t act stubborn’’
Soumya ‘’promise me didi you will be in contact with me…’’
Anika ‘’no soumya I can’t…I can’t keep Shivaay in darkness by promising you’’
Soumya ‘’it’s a swear on me didi and I will also make sure that I will not reveal about your whereabouts to anyone until you ask me to do……In return I will bear the punishment of seeing our family members in pain and still will not reveal anything…I assure you bhabhi’’
Anika melted listening to her words….
Anika ‘’fine I will let you know through mails once we are settled wherever we will be, about how we are but will not give any phone number and location details…we will only be in contact through mails..every sunday you will receive mails from me..i mean Sahil will send the mail to you…..but I trust you…you will not reveal anything to anyone about us’’
Soumya ‘’sure Bhabhi…come what may I will not break your trust’’
Anika thanked Sumo and Sumo again hugged her and Anika asked Sumo to leave before Shivaay or Mahi comes and sees them…….Sumo agreed and left from there………
Days passed by and as promised after they settled Soumya received a mail but shockingly it was from Shivaay not from Sahil
The mail read as
Hello Saumya,
Shivaay here…how is everyone in Oberoi mansion…Anika has said everything about your conversation ..initially I was angry, but I cannot deny Sahil’s request…I trust you so don’t let anyone know that we are in contact…this is the last thing I expect from you…take care and let me know if you want to share anything about anyone with me…

Lots of best wishes and good luck
Sumo was happy and relieved and appreciated Anika Bhabhi for her honesty with Shivaay bhayya…….

Sumo started sharing everything about the happenings in Oberoi Mansion with Shivaay through mails …when Shivaay got to know Rudra being depressed he asked Sumo to motivate him to step into business in pretext of helping Shakthi Singh Oberoi……..Sumo did exactly the same and Rudra went to Shakthi and said he will help him
Tej heard Sumo motivating Rudra to step into business …he objected and forced Rudra to join his share of business..Rudra unable to go against Tej unwillingly joined……
Shivaay got to know this and asked Sumo to support Rudra …Sumo did the same………after Six months when rudra slowly started showing interest in business Shivaay sent a mail


Thank you for all the support to my baby brother Rudy…though I have concern for Om I worry a lot about Rudra and his future..but in a way my exit helped him and also the major credit goes to you……I wish my both brothers would have taken care of the business that I used to look…well as you know every wish doesn’t get fulfilled…but you keep supporting him and motivate him that he will be another SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI like that Shivaay Singh Oberoi who was kicked out getting stamped as Illegitimate….
Keep me updated…….

Sumo just completed reading the mail and was about to reply when Tej called her and asked her to come to his room………Sumo went to meet Tej
Tej ‘’Saumya …How’s Rudra doing now?’’
Sumo ‘’he is doing good uncle and regarding business you might know much more than me’’
Tej ‘’yeah he is slowly learning…but I have called you for something else’’
Sumo ‘’about what uncle’’
Tej ‘’Since Shivaay’s business is going good I wanted Rudra to become part of it …why to shut the good running business …’’
Saumya remembered Shivaay’s wish that she just a few moments earlier
Saumya ‘’what can I do in this uncle?’’
Tej ‘’well only you can convince Rudra to do so…because if I say that to him he may take it in a wrong way all together’’
Saumya thought for a while and only thing that came to her mind was fulfilling her Shivaay bhayya’s wish which he thought could never happen……
Tej ‘’where are you lost…will you not help me’’
Saumya ‘’I cannot guarantee you but I promise I will try’’
Tej ‘’thank you Soumya…you have done a great job …I will always remember this help of you’’
Sumo ‘’it’s my pleasure uncle that I am able to help you’’
Tej ‘’once Rudra takes up Shivaay’s duties then everything will be under my control’’
Sumo ‘’sure uncle…I will speak to him….after all you are his father and you will always be correct…’’
Tej ‘’I promise that I will make Rudra accept you as his wife if you can make my wish possible of Rudra taking over Shivaay’s business’’
Sumo ‘’thank you uncle …I would be happy because I really ……’’
She stopped thinking what she was about to say ……
Rudra heard only the last few sentences of our conversation and later on blamed me that I was doing all these for my selfish reasons and wanted to make a permanent place in Oberoi mansion….He very clearly said that either he will stay in OM or I should stay……
Sumo cried while after revealing other side of the story……..Rudra’s eyes were filled with tears and so were Om’s……Sumo continued
Sumo ‘’I packed my bags and did not know where to go….i went to my mom’s place and stayed there depressed….then for two weeks I didn’t send any mail to Shivaay bhayya as I was depressed and didn’t know what to say him …….Shivaay bhayya expected my mails and when he didn’t receive he called me…….
I spoke to him and told him about what all has happened and he didn’t say anything and ended the call..…from then he stopped sending mails and making calls…….i tried to reach that number but all in vain……….i tried to trace that number by taking help of one my friends but by then it was too late to trace it……..’’
After that , one day while I was still at my mom’s house I got a call from Radio station for the job of RJ…they provided me everything , salary, this house to live, transportation …I always wondered how could it happen to only realise Shivaay bhayya would have made this possible, as he considers because of him my situation became bad and I had to leave OM……
Sumo stopped………..
Rudra slipped from the couch and fell on the floor…..he held his head and was crying unable to digest how much he had hurt Soumya his Sumo…he did not have the guts to meet her eyes….he couldn’t say anything …..his guilt that started slowly few moments back turned into a fire of guilt and it was burning him from inside…..
Saumya saw Rudra’s state and went near him……..she held his hands……and started wiping her tears……Rudra held her hand and made it away and nodded her not to do…..
Saumya cleared her throat silently and ‘’Rudra….i was not selfish …you misunderstood me…I had my reasons to not say the truth…I couldn’t break Anika bhabhi’s and Shivaay bhayya’s trust….so I didn’t say anything……had you been in my place I am sure you would have done the same….am I right Rudra?’’
Rudra hugged Sumo tightly and cried saying ‘’yes Sumo …I would have done the same as you had done’’
Sumo broke the hug ‘’why couldn’t you trust me Rudra ? why did you send me away from you? You have no idea how much I missed you ? your tantrums, duffer words, illogical statements and cry baby face everything I missed….why did you do this to me Rudra? Why didn’t you understand me? Why didn’t you understand that I LOVE YOU and I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT YOU…I can never think selfish about your family…as you consider everyone there I too consider them the same……’’ she hugged again

Om till then had bent his head down because of the deeds of his little brother against Sumo…but after listening to Sumo’s confession he looked at her appreciatingly and proudly…he smiled
Rudra hugged Sumo back ‘’I LOVE YOU TOO SUMO…I LOVE YOU SO MUCH …but before that I am sorry Sumo…i am really duffer…you know me…I am duffer…I am dumbbell oberoi…you should have slapped me and made me understand…even if I said in anger to leave you could have fought with me and stayed back…I too missed you Sumo and I felt lonely after you left..Shivaay bhayya and Anika Bhabhi left first after that you too left…no all of you were made to leave…one because of my father and one because of me…I am feeling ashamed…’’
Sumo closed his mouth with her hands and nodded him not to speak anything more…they both hugged each other……..
After a while Om cleared his throat to bring them back in to this world……..
Sumo felt shy and Rudra smiled heartily…Om hugged both of them……
Om ‘’good , because of the search for our Shivaay and Anika Bhabhi atleast your misunderstandings have cleared……..Directly or indirectly Shivaay bhayya and Anika Bhabhi play their role of best bhayya and Bhabhi……’’
They all smiled saying it true
Om ‘’now Sumo let me know why did you call the Garage person and asked them to send Anika bhabhi’s scooty to your home?’’
Sumo was shocked hearing that question and ‘’How do you know about Anika bhabhi’s scooty and how did you get to know I called them?’’
Rudra explained everything to her …
Om ‘’Sumo …this is very important to reach them …please tell me why did you ask to send scooty to your home?’’
Sumo ‘’Om bhayya yesterday night I received a mail from Shivaay bhayya and he asked me to call the garage person and ask him to send the scooty to my apartments…he gave me all the details……when the garage person agrees to deliver ,he asked me to take the delivery and park it in my parking place and return to my house…if not delivered then he asked me to reply him back’’
Rudra ‘’But Sumo…Anika bhabhi’s scooty is not in your parking place anymore…we checked while coming…’’
Sumo ‘’duffer I know that…I waited there without returning home..when I saw a person coming and taking out the scooty and loading it into a van……..’’
Om ‘’did you ask him anything? ‘’
Sumo ‘’no bhayya I tried to ask him but he was speaking to someone over the phone in a language I don’t know ……and he drove away fast’’
Rudra ‘’How will we find now..the only option left is also gone’’

Precap : Near yet so far ……….

So this was the Tenth part …please let me know how you felt after reading this…any comments good or bad are welcome…I will try to respond as soon as possible…….

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    It’s just beyond words….incredibly Awesome ? slowly slowly i am getting the idea of the story ….. bit late today sorry ? for that but it’s just amazing ?

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      Thank you so much Nida….thanks a lot…yuppiee so you are catching about what i am going to write…tooo good…do share your ideas with me..i will be more than happy to read them…….no worries…you messaged and that’s the biggest relief for me……i will relax now

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      Thank you so much Alekhika20…for you too …i will try working on my updates to make more interesting that you will be forced to write more than one word for me..i will put in all my efforts to get that output from you….

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    The episode was awesome as usual..I am sorry I didn’t comment earlier…what happened is that when I finished reading the story mom called I couldnt comment and later on I forgot about it..sorry.. 🙂

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