The Past The Present & The Future – Swasan FF – (Part – 1)

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The story starts :

Swara and Kavita are best friends from childhood.Swara tops in her school and Kavita got second place.They completed their 10th standard successfully in Atkinson High School and joined in a best college St.Xavier’s College.

Sanskar and Laksh are best friends from childhood.So from childhood to till now they are studying in same place.So both are SUPER SENIORS.They know each and every place and person very well in and outside of the college.Sanskar tops in his school and Laksh got second place.

Sanskar is heartthrob of all girls in the campus.Even Laksh too.But both stays away from girls.All boys fear of Sanskar and Laksh.Because they are good in studies and they are SUPER SENIORS.

After completing 10th and 1 month holidays they came back.

The story starts :

Sanskar and Laksh joined in Hostel for their INTERMEDIATE STUDIES.They are getting ready.Because it’s their first day in college.

Sanskar : Lucky!come fast.How much time will you take to come out yaar?

Laksh : Few more minutes Sanskar.

Sanskar : We are not going to see a girl for your marriage.

Laksh laughs and says,

Laksh : I know San.Give me 5 minutes.

Sanskar : Ok only 5 minutes.Come fast.It’s our first day in college.So i don’t want to get late.


Sanskar laughs and says ok…

Sanskar came out for fresh air.He is nature lover.He loves to see plants around.

Just then,

Sanskar saw a girl coming from long distance.Her face is not clearly visible.But his HEART IS BEATING faster and more faster.He never felt this feeling before?He is desperate to see her face.Finally he saw her face.She is none other than SWARA.He completely mesmerized by her beauty and simplicity.All are staring at her.But she is in no mood to see anyone. She went off with other girl.

[Sanskar in mind : Who is she?She’s looking so beautiful.What is happening to me?I never felt this feeling before? Sanskar…Stop…Just stop…Don’t think about her?]

Laksh : Sanskar…

Sanskar : Yes Laksh…

Laksh : Where you lost?I am calling you from past 5 minutes.

Sanskar : In b…e…a…u…t…y..

He realized what he said?

Laksh : What???

Sanskar : I am just joking.I lost in seeing beautiful flowers in the garden.

Laksh : For a second,my heart stopped beating.You and Beauty…i mean a Girl…It’s impossible…

Sanskar : Ok enough.Let’s go.

Laksh : Ok.



Sanskar saw Swara again in class room.

A little smile appeared on his face.

[Sanskar in mind : This girl doing some magic on me.Usually i stay away from girls.But she is something special.Her beautiful DOLL EYES,TOY NOSE and CHERRY LIPS making me more crazy for her.Sanskar just shut up!No…No…Stop thinking about her…Focus…]

Sanskar and Laksh sat on last bench.

Swara and Kavita too sat on last bench.

Teacher : Good Morning students.

Students : Good Morning Mam.

Teacher : You all came from different schools.So it takes some time to adjust in this new climate.I will start classes from next week.Ok one by one stand up and tell me a little bit about yourselves.

Now it’s SanLak and SwaKav turn to say something about them.

Sanskar : Good Morning Mam.I am Sanskar Maheshwari.I scored 9.8 in my 10th standard.[He said very politely]

All girls are staring at Sanskar.

Swara saw Sanskar for the first time.

Sanskar too saw her.

Both lost in each other eyes.

Teacher : Good Sanskar.You scored very well.Keep going.

Laksh : Hello everyone.Good Morning Mam.I am Laksh Malohtra.I scored 9.7 in my 10th standard.Mam you are my favourite.I am fan of your teachings. Finally now i got chance.

Teacher smiles and says,

Teacher : My pleasure.You are too good and you scored very well.

Sanskar,Swara,Kavita and all students laughs.

Sanskar : Don’t you think it’s too much?

Laksh : No it’s just sample.I melted her.

SanLak laughs.

Now it’s Swara’s turn to say something about her.

Sanskar is so excited to know about her.

Swara : Good Morning Mam.I am Swara Gadodia.I completed my 10th in Atkinson High School.I scored 9.8 in my 10th standard.[She said politely]

[Sanskar in mind : Beautiful name just like her.She is beautiful and at the same time intelligent too]

Teacher : Good Swara.You scored very well.Keep going.

Kavita : Good Morning Mam.I am Kavita Singhania.I completed my 10th in Atkinson High School.I scored 9.7 in my 10th standard.[she said politely]

[Laksh in mind : Kavita…Nice name…We scored same…]

Teacher : Good Kavita.You scored very well.Keep going.You two are from same school.

SwaKav : Yes mam.

Teacher : Ok.

Precap : Swara went to library for some important books.She stood on stool and was about to fall down.Sanskar came on time and holds her by waist.Both lost in each other eyes.


I hope you all liked 1st part and Title name.Please give your valuable comments and likes if you like.Please share your views.

Then only i will continue story dear ones…

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