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Right outside Radhika’s home, Arjun sat on the bonnet of his car and took out a pic from his wallet. Tears started forming in his eyes and he looked at the sky, saying out aloud, ” Nandini Di, I am sorry. I am sorry I could not save you. Please forgive me. Your culprit will have to pay for what you had to go through. I will bring peace to your soul. It’s a brother’s promise to his sister.” He looked in the direction of Radhika’s house with bloodshot eyes.

Meanwhile, Sam slept off while holding the diary in her arms. Someone came into her room after a while, looked here and there (seems to be searching for something) and left.


Next morning, Radhika wakes up and almost immediately, her phone beeps. She checks it and is surprised to see a message. Mala comes into her room to ask her for breakfast when she sees Radhika jumping around in happiness. She asks her the reason.

Radhika stops dancing and holds her mother’s arms and twirls around along with Mala. She says, “Oh mom, I am soooooo happy today!!!!”

Mala says, “First you stop dancing. And take a breath and tell me clearly what’s happening.”

Radhika – “Mom, guess who is coming today?” She beamed happily at her mother’s confused expression.

Mala – “ummm…. Arjun?”

Radhika (in her mind) – Now where did he come from? Mom spoiled my mood by taking his name early in the morning. Ugh!

She says, “No mom, someone else. Someone more important!!!!! Think mom think!!!!!”

Mala shoves her hands off herself and says, “neither do I know nor do I care. Get ready and have your breakfast. Arjun called up to tell me you guys are going on a date. Is that true?”

Radhika was shocked. “What? When did he tell you that?”

Mala – “So you thought you will hide all this from me? Really? Did you think I would mind it? No dear, I am very modern in my thinking.”

Radhika thinks that there was no such plan until just right now. And why didn’t he tell me about it? Directly talked to mom? Something is not right here….


Sam gets up and has a backache, thank to the fact that she had slept in a very uncomfortable position while reading the diary. She picks up all her stuff, takes a last look at the diary and goes to freshen herself up.

Someone comes into her room and steals the diary.


Arjun receives a call. He smiles seeing the number flashing on the screen. However he doesn’t pick up the call.


Sam comes out of the washroom and dries her hair. She doesn’t realise that the diary is no longer there. She checks her phone and it has seven missed calls from Radhika. She opens a message (also from Radhika) and is first stunned but a slow smile forms on her face.

“Yes yes yes, he is coming today!” Sam starts dancing. Her caretaker Piyali is walking in the direction of her room and is surprised to see her that way.

(A little clarification…. Sam doesn’t have a mother. And her dad stays abroad most of the time. So she has a caretaker named Piyali.)

Piyali – “Arey meri Shona, why are you dancing early in the morning??”

Sam – “Piyali aunty I am so happy today!!! My best friend Neil is coming today!!!”

Piyali – “Oh, that’s great! Do invite him to home. I will make food for him. It’s been a long time since I met him last.”

Sam – “Sure. But lemme get ready, his flight is about to land and I want to welcome him at the airport itself.”

Piyali laughs and nods. She walks out while Sam hurriedly gets ready. Someone is seen outside her house, with the diary tucked in his/her jacket. But Sam has forgotten all about it.


Arjun receives a call from the same number. This time, he picks up. The person at the other end says something (muted). He smirks and says, “Be ready, 1.00 p.m. I will be waiting.”

He looks at the phone after disconnecting the call and smiles evilly.

He makes a call to someone and asks him to arrange everything, and not make any mistake, or he would fire him.


Sam reaches the airport. She waits for Neil with a bouquet in her hand. Someone is seen following her.


Radhika too reaches the airport, and waits for someone. She gets restless and keeps calling someone. However the call does not connect.

“Oh God, his flight has been delayed by two hours. Now what to do?” She gets worried.


Sam feels weird and turns back. Someone lunges at her and covers her eyes.


Radhika receives a call and says “Thank God. I am waiting outside. Please come soon.” She heaves a sigh of relief.


Sam smiled and says, “Idiot. I can recognise your hands easily. Move now. You are poking your fingers into my eyes.”

Neil removes his hands and scratches at the back of his head. “Yaar saminder Singh how did you know it was me?”

“Because only you can have these kind of coarse hands!” She laughed.

Neil fakes anger and looks at her … No, he glares at her.

Sam shuts up seeing his serious face.

They both laugh after a moment of silence and hug each other tightly. “I missed you!”

“I missed you more!”

“No, I did more”

“ok shut up. i am hungry, let’s go”

“ok, bhukkad Idiot”

They both walked holding hands and drove off to Sam’s home.


Someone calls up arjun and says that the work is done. arjun gets happy.

“Now just wait and watch what I do to you.” He murmurs and looks at Radhika’s pic by his bedside.


Someone comes and back hugs Radhika. She immediately turns and smiles looking at him.

“I am so happy you came, Ishan.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Rads. If I don’t help you, who will? By the way, it’s Dr. Ishan now.” The guy smiles.

(This character is fictional, he was not in the serial. However here he plays an important Cameo role.)

They sit in Radhika’s car and drive off.


Arjun comes to some restaurant and sees the decorations. He smiles to himself and then realises something.

“This is so similar to our first date Radhika. I will remind you of each and every moment we spent together till now. Because I know those memories give you pain. And right now, seeing you in pain is all I want. Sorry for being so cruel, love.” He is lost in his own reverie when he is brought to the reality by the manager of that restaurant.

“Sir, I hope you like the arrangements?” He asked hopefully.

“Yes, this is what exactly I wanted.”

“Sir, about the food…..-”

The manager is cut in between and Arjun says, “No, I have already said, only Thai cuisines. My girlfriend loves Thai.” The manager nods and leaves doubtfully.


Radhika and Ishan reach a big mansion. Ishan is surprised and asks if she lives here?

“No, he lives here. Not me.”

Ishan understands and becomes silent again .

Radhika stops her car and says, “I will park the car and come, he is in room no. 304 , you please go.”

Ishan smiles at her and leaves. Radhika sighs.


Ishan comes into the building and thinks, “No wonder Radhika loves this guy, she cares so much for him.” He stops outside room no. 304 and takes a deep breath.

He is about to step in when someone places his/her own hand on the doorknob. Ishan turns to that person.


Nesam arrive at her house and Neil immediately rushes in and pecks Piyali on the cheek. Piyali playfully ruffles his hair and kisses his forehead. She asks him to freshen up. Neil goes.

“Oye Idiot!!! Listen!!!! Who will come to take your luggage???? Do you have some servant????” Sam placed her hands on her hips and screamed.

Piyali laughed at her expressions and says, “Don’t worry, i will ask Ramakant bhaiyya to do it. You too go inside and change. I have made lunch.”

Sam hugs her and leaves.


Ishan sees Radhika at his side and tell her, “Ladies first.”

Radhika hits his shoulder and jokes, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Such a gentleman!!!”

Ishan rolls her eyes at her. Both enter the room together.


Radhika is pained to see the settings inside. She looks at someone sleeping in front of her. No, not sleeping. He was lifelessly lying on the bed. Radhika felt her eyes starting to water.

“No, don’t lose courage Radhika, he will be fine. What am I here for?” Ishan comforted her.

Radhika looked at him and stifled a cry, “Yes Ishan, you are my last hope. Please don’t disappoint me. Or him.”

Ishan reassured her and started taking out his instruments from the bag, while Radhika looked on.


Arjun checks the time and says, just one hour more for my revenge to begin. He smiles victoriously.

He hears the bell ring and opens the door. Seeing none, he swears to himself, “Mischievous kids these days!!!!” He is about to Bolt the door when he sees something lying on the ground in front of him.


Nesam are talking and laughing when Neil asks Sam about the latest news. Sam remembers the last night and is about to tell him when she gets up and screams, “Oh no!!! Where is Radhika’s diary?”

Neil shoots her a questioning glance. Sam thinks of telling him, since he is her best friend.

She tells Neil everything and he gets worried. Both start looking for the diary which contains the key to all the secrets of Radhika’s relationship and past with arjun.


Ishan tells Radhika he forgot some injection and runs downstairs to buy it from the medical store.

Radhika comes and sits on the chair at the side of the patient’s bed. She takes his hand in her hands and starts crying.

“Please wake up. I need you. PLEASE.”


Arjun is stunned to see a diary at the doorstep. With it is a note saying,

“This diary will help you know the truth behind a lot of things. Things which you have seen from only one perspective. Things you know only the half truth of. Things that have changed your life. Things that WILL change your life in ways even you have never imagined. Happy reading.

From – a well-wisher.”


There Ishan comes in and sees Radhika hugging the patient and crying. He feels bad for her and makes her stand up.

He places his hand on her shoulder and asks her to trust him. “I will bring your Saral back.”








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  1. Uffooo when will the confusion be cleared yr. Seriously I am unable to bear this much of suspense. From where saral came and what happened to nandini dii. Try to post next one soon

    1. Jeall

      Haha Bhargavi, I will try my best. And seems like you are new here. Thanks!

  2. Awesome update jeall…. Nesam movement was superb….Waiting for next one….post soon… 🙂

    1. Jeall

      Thanks, Neha?

  3. Twinjfan01

    Saral ???
    Niw dis is 222 confusing
    Plz update soon

    1. Jeall

      Will try my best. And thank you☺

  4. jeall its amazing …….like always..

    1. Jeall

      Thanks, jabbo for being a constant support.

  5. Its getting interesting. Keep it up

    1. Jeall

      Glad to know you liked it, Jessie.?

  6. arti viswanathan

    Jeall i loved it dear… Yeah saral is lying in the bed means what happened to him….

    1. Jeall

      Arti, the next epi will be a short one. And you will see the entire past getting unravelled after that. ?

  7. Brin

    Amazing story, I really enjoy reading it, what happen to Saral, how did Nandini die, what is the truth that Arjun doesn’t know, eagerly waiting to find the answer to this story, Jeall you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Jeall

      Thanks for your encouragement, brin.

  8. Hey jeal I had seen your reply for my comments in past real name is varsha.I have seen many varshas in comment to be unique.I gave that name.but somehow I m similar to radhika in creating mess.your story is driving me crazy.I don’t know how you finding time to post it regularly.thank you so much and also sorry for that twice comment but you replied.very you.keep on rocking

    1. Jeall

      No need to apologize, Varsha. But I want to call you as chashni only, coz that’s a really very sweet name.

      I love you too, thanks for supporting me in all my posts.

      P.s. my real name is ISHA.☺

  9. Sulbi

    Oh my jeal baby… confused???? Am crazy girl yar… just registered my acc… why are you so restless dear??? You have updated a marvellous episode…. You know from starting till end you have maintained same wavelength of the story… Revenge, excitement, twist and more secret’s are hiding in each and every line… Its so difficult to maintain it… But you have made it so easily….

    I love this wonderful episode… its making me so curious about their past and who is that mysterious man??? That too a welwisher of Arjun??? Who might be??? Oh gosh!!!! You maiking me crazy day by day with your lovely ff… i loved it yaar… dont stress more.. whenever you get a time upload your ff… i am waiting for it… You keep rocking baby… Study well… Love you alot… Tc…

    1. Jeall

      Man, I swear. Without even looking at the name, the way you took off with “my jeall baby…” I knew it was you.???

      So crazy girl, is sulbi your real name? And I am glad to know you liked the episode.

      P.s. just two three posts more, and after that you will see the mystery unfolding.?

      Love you too. Take care.

  10. Viprida Annuru

    Hey Jeal, Amazing episode today, But you confused me all the more today with lot of mysteries.. Please update the next one soon!!

    1. Jeall

      I am sorry for confusing you so much, but I promise I will upload the next one soon and the past will soon be uncovered.

      Thanks for commenting.

  11. Amazing but little mysterious

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      Thanks, sravya.☺

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      Shankari I am glad you liked it?

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    1. Jeall

      You will know soon, jewel! But I need to study really well now. Coz I have been simply whiling away a lot of time.

      I promise I will try to write whenever I can.

  15. Wow hell that was amazing…. The truth is coming out step by step… And to be very frank I’m enjoying reading ur ff…. And dare not say this ff is boring… It’s one of my favorite ones.. Bye bye n take care…. ?

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      Thanks and same to you☺

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    Loved it.

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      No worries sangee, and thanks for commenting. Your doubts will get cleared soon☺

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