You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) PROMO

Hi guys, Happy evening. Sorry a lot, I know I am late but what can I do? WiFi was not working properly at all and I am sorry again that I will not be able to update the story for the next 4 days as I am going out in a vacation. I will give you guys a promo, just wait till I return. I will not be able to see your comments today itself, but sure I will reply to everyone as soon as I reach Chennai after my trip. So here goes it.
There was a confusion among all the 3 lovely pairs about their sleepless night and the strange feel which everyone has within them unable to share it with their siblings. All had a tough time within their mind and heart. A small and sweet picnic among youngsters with newly wedded couple (Enjoying? Or Proposing? Or Romancing?). The beautiful morning (after a worst sleepless confused night) bought a huge change in their lives. All the 6 were shocked to hear the change from their parents. MM was decorated beautifully as if there’s going to be someone’s engagement. New Entries (Who it may be???)
Who weds whom? Stay Tuned Guys.
Now it’s 6 in my hometown
Guys, I am willing to change the pair (mostly will not) and give something new, suggest me with your lovely suggestions. Going to miss you all a lot, Bye guys…

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  1. Srivarsha

    Promo was good. Hope u will update next part soon. Plz don’t change the pairs.

  2. Nice… Raglak and Swasan

  3. Plz Raglak nd Swasan….

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