You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Intro

Hi guys this is Varsha, I am a Die hard fan of Swaragini I like all the leads and I am willing to start a new story.

Ragini Gadodia – sweet, innocent, charming, traditional girl. Loves Janki than Mishti a lot, even her twin sister Swara.
Swara Gadodia – cute, lovely, modern girl with modern thoughts. Loves her family a lot, even her twin sister Ragini.
Shekar & Sharmishta Gadodia – Father & Mother of Swaragini.
Janki Arora – Sister of Shekar (gave birth to Swaragini as a Surrogate mother, to be revealed afterwards).
Aarav Arora – Husband of Janki.
Dev Arora – Son of Janki & Aarav.
Dadima, Dadaji, Dida

Laksh Maheshwari – Smart, Intelligent and favorite son of his mother. Loves his family a lot.
Sanskar Maheshwari – Handsome, Innocent and good son in the family. Respects his family a lot.
Aadharsh Maheshwari – Fathers son.
Uttara Maheshwari – Beautiful girl, sister of Sanskar.
Durgaprasad & Annapurna Maheshwari – Father & Mother of Laksh & Aadharsh.
Ramprasad & Sujatha Maheshwari – Father & Mother of Sanskar & Uttara.

Guys, hope you all like it, please comment soon, as i am ready with epi 1, I will update it in evening


  1. yashasvi ( yashu )

    really nice luved it varsha, i think u r also fan of teju like me, isn’t it

  2. Rite

    i like ur intro…Best thing of ur ff is the title name “UR the password of my life” ohhhhh god i love it….waiting for ur next update post soon… πŸ™‚

    • Varsha


      Actually its a book written by Sudeep Nagarkar, I like his books a lot, if u have time read them, it will be mind blowing

  3. Sri varsha

    Hey my name is also varsha… But I am a fan of swasan.plz keep them as a pair. I also like raglak but not as much as swasan.

    • Varsha


      actually i like all the pairs RagSan, RagLak, SwaSan, SwaLak. The most i like will be seen in my ff, stay tuned

  4. Riya

    Very nice part and update episode 1 quickly….. But which is ur favr8 pair Varsha…..Raglak or Swasan…. Plzzzzzz tell me….

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