You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 9


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Episode 9

Muh Dikayi gets over and everyone dispersed. Swaraginiuttara were very tired and went to towards their respective rooms.

Note: The upcoming scenes will happen parallel, since I couldn’t show parallel of them I have given separately all the pairs


Everyone came from MM and went to their room and slept. Dev was eagerly waiting for Uttara to come, he calls someone and asked him to decorate the place as surprise for her. He heard the steps and went out and was mesmerized to see her but felt sad as she was tired and he wanted to surprise her. Then he stops thinking as he saw her coming near and he stops her and blindfolded her and took her to the place. She was thinking why he was behaving suddenly like this and where was he going to take her.
Uttara: Dev, may I know where we are going to go.
Dev doesn’t say anything and takes her to the car and makes her sit comfortably and drives from there. After sometime he stops the car and brings her to the place where he had made many arrangements to surprise her. All the way along she was asking him questions which was not answered. He takes her to the place and takes the cloth from her eyes. Actually she was surprised as she did not expect this so soon. It was nearby a lake, it was a full moon day and the place was filled in red, rose petals were spread all over and there were few people who were playing violin and guitar just make it more romantic. There were candles and red-silver balloons everywhere. Dev sits down in his knees and takes a rose and says
Dev: Uttara, you were my close friend from childhood, we both were so close that I don’t know any other girl in this world who made my life so sweet. I loved you from my childhood as you were my bestie but I couldn’t realize it, today we are married but we are still friends, I have seen love for me in your eyes before itself. I know you like me, I thought to take our relation ahead so that I will have a sweet girl or boy like you whom I will love the most after you. I want to love you, live my life with you, have children with you, and grow old with you. If maa, maami, your maa and bade maa did not say us to marry also I would have married you soon as I couldn’t see you as a separate soul, you are in me, in my heart. I will all the happiness you deserve in this world. You are the most beautiful girl in this world who will take care of me. Will you be with me forever? I know it’s too early to ask to you but I want my life which you have it in your heart.
Uttara was dumbstruck and tears came from her eyes, tears of happiness, she immediately sat down and hugged him and said
Uttara: I love you, I will be with you forever.
Dev was happy and asked her for a romantic dance and they both danced on Zehanaseeb from the movie Hasee toh phasee. He then took her in his arms and went near the lake where there was a huge surprise for them. A boat was there and he took her and they went to the middle of the lake with the moon shining brightly. Dev kissed both her eyes and gently tucked behind her ear the lose strand of hair that fell on her forehead. It was a special day for both of them. It was one of those moments that get etched in your memory for a lifetime. The looked into each other’s eyes for one more time before their lips met. His arms enveloped her into a hug. If anything could make her feel safe, it was a hug from him. She broke the kiss as quickly as it began. He leaned forward, again, as though he was seeking her approval and this time she too leaned closer and kissed him passionately. Everything else seemed inconsequential in that moment. It was a moment they would treasure all their lives. That kiss was to be the start of a beautiful relationship.
Dev: Uttara, do you feel tired, shall we go home now.
Uttara: When I have a caring husband with me then how can I feel tired? I can do anything for you, which makes you happy.
Dev was so impressed at her maturity and hugged her. They both found themselves very comfortable in each other’s embrace. It was almost time for the night to finish when Uttara asks him to take her home as they may find us missing. They both went home and slept in the bed hugging each other.

Sun rays tried to wake them up but Uttara woke up and blushes seeing Dev and moves his hand from her waist and went to get ready. While she was back Dev has woke up and he was waiting to see her. He gives her a morning kiss and went to get ready. She smiles and goes down. After sometime he also comes down. Everyone was present in dining table and he goes there. Janki, Sharmishta, Dadi served food for the gents and Uttara as she wanted to work in the family business. After finishing breakfast they started to leave. Dadaji, Shekar, Aarav went in a car and UttDev came in a separate car. Its UttDev’s first experience being in love and going to office, they have helped their siblings but it’s the first time for them to go and work there.


RagLak room

Laksh was sitting in the chair in the balcony waiting for her wife Ragini. She came after few minutes and saw him standing and went there and sat next to him and kept her head in his shoulder. Laksh realized that a head was in his shoulder and saw her who was damn tired and kept silent as she was very comfortable with him.
Ragini: Laksh I am very lucky to have you all, you are the best friend I have ever met. I have never been this much comfortable with anyone except my family. It’s very strange, it’s like I am dreaming these time, our marriage and all these.
Laksh: Ragu, even I feel the same, come I wanted to show you something.
Ragini: What you want to show, you are so happy and I am tired as I was not able to rest from the morning. Please can you show it tomorrow?
Laksh was sad and atlast Ragini accepted to see. Laksh made her sit in the bed and went near cupboard and bought a box which was wrapped in gold colour paper. She opened and saw a frame which has all the memories of the two (RagLak) from their childhood till their marriage. She hugged him while she had tears rolling from her eyes.
Laksh: Ragu, there is one more thing for you, will you not see that?
Ragini: Yes dear, I wanted to see please give me, I think it is a saree.
Laksh takes it from the table beside their bed and while giving to her he snatches away and runs, she also wipes her tears and was eager to see the gift and ran after him. He took her to the upstairs by running. Both went there and was breathing heavily. After sometime they both laughed seeing each other. He then gave the box to her, she saw and it was a cute chain which had RL in it, she just like it and kissed in his cheeks and went to the room. She liked the gifts so much but she was sad that she couldn’t give him anything. She decides to sleep before he comes otherwise she will feel guilty seeing his love and care for her. He was standing there shocked as she gave a peck in his cheeks and ran back to their room to ask a return gift, he was disappointed as she slept without saying to him. He was damn angry and was in a mood to scold her but the way she slept (smiling like a kid) made him calm and he sat beside her and was seeing her with love. Half night passed with Laksh seeing Ragini and the next half when he was about to sleep Ragini opened her eyes and was seeing him with love for some time and she also slept thinking about him. The night gave them the answer to their heart but they couldn’t express to each other.

As usual Ragini woke first and got ready. She tries to wakeup Laksh who was stubborn not to get up as easily as he was in a romantic mood. He sits in bed and pulls her close by her hand and makes her sit in his lap. She tries to move but since her back was leaning in Laksh’s chest she couldn’t move an inch, he was about to kiss her neck, they heard a knock on the door. RagLak realized their position and moved apart. It was Sujatha who called them down. After she goes, Laksh apologizes for his work but she interrupts saying
Ragini: Laksh, no need to say sorry, it’s your right as a husband. I know that you love me and the truth is that even I love you. I have to accept this relation even we were not in love as it is pure, I will think about this once more and say to you and then we will happily move ahead in our life.
Laksh was shocked as she got to know that he loves him and even she loves him too. I surely wait for her, I should have confessed my feelings first, no problem as she read his mind. She jerks him and he comes back to the world and seeing her he hugged her and gave a small kiss on her cheeks and went to get ready. Ragini blushes seeing him and goes down. After getting ready Laksh comes down.

SwaSan room

Sanskar has decorated the room neatly and he had made it for his memorable night with this beloved loveable wife Swara. The room had many candles and rose petals were being spread over the bed. It was just as anyone who sees this turns romantic in seconds. Swara came and looking tired, she was hell shocked to see their room so romantic. Sanskar was standing near window seeing the moon. Swara came near him and asked about this.
Sanskar: Shona, we are friends from childhood and you have accepted that you love me so I thought to make you feel special and take our relation a next step. If you want time also I have no problem.
Swara: Sanskar, it’s really a good idea but I am so tired and I didn’t bring any dress of that kind from my home which is so romantic and suited for this night.
Sanskar: Oh, but you don’t know what I have for you. (Gives her a pink colour wrapped box)
Swara: (after seeing) Oh my sweet husband Sanky is so romantic, he has gifted me a super s**y dress.
Swara blushes and she goes to change her dress. She came out after few minutes.
Sanskar POV
She looked like a complete bombshell in the dress I had gifted her. It fitted her perfectly, I was speechless. I looked at her from head to toe. She had kept her hair open and they fell loosely on her shoulders. Her black eyeliner highlighted her already pretty eyes. Her glossy lips added colour to her face. She hadn’t worn any accessories, which I was glad about, as it would then seem overdone. The dress was a black satin-netted one piece that just about covered her thighs. It had a deep back and a spaghetti strap knot on both sides. My heart skipped a beat. I felt like I had fallen in love with her all over again.

The main lights had been switched off and replaced by dimmer yellow lights. The room was lit up with decorative candles on the table. The table was covered with rose petals. The petals had also been sprinkled on the bed, with a bowl of strawberries and chocolate kept right beside it. Sanskar touched her back with my fingertips and heard her moan. His hands reached for her knot and untied it to let her dress fall on the floor. He lifted her up in my arms and laid her gently on the bed. She worked her way across my chest, swiftly unbuttoning my shirt and pulling it over my head. As she unzipped my trousers, he took out from its pocket the wooden key ring having our names carved on it. She took it in her hands and kissed it as a drop of tear fell from her eye. He kissed those tears away and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. She moaned in pleasure, returning my kisses with ardour. He took a strawberry and rolled it all over her. She could no longer hold herself, her body rocked with the sensation of pure ecstasy. They ate chocolates while kissing each other and fondled one another for a very long time. They made love and slept in each other’s embrace.

It was morning, she blushes seeing her hubby sleeping hugging her closely, she kisses him and wraps bed sheet around her and went to the take a bath. She came out with wet hair and went near her hubby and tried to dry her hair. He was disturbed from sleep and he pulls her closer by catching her waist. She tries to go away but he doesn’t let her go, he turns her around and without her permission he started to kiss her lips, she tried to move but he did not let her so she reciprocated. It didn’t last long as she heard a knock in the door. It was Sujatha who was calling everyone down. Sanskar was angry with his mom as she disturbed their romance. Swara found out this as a chance and made him to go to take bath. He insisted her to come along but she refused as she should help maa and bade maa. By this act he was angry as they were important but he forgot by thinking the night’s romance. After being ready he also goes down.


Everyone were present there and Ap, Sujatha, Pari served the gents and Swaragini as they were also willing to go to office and they also sat with them to eat. After finishing Dp, Rp, Adharsh went in a car; SwaSan came in a car; RagLak came in a separate car.

Maheshwar’s & Gadodia’s Company

All were assembled in the meeting hall as UttDev were new to the office and they announced the names of the married couples. All were happy to know that they were married and a party was organized for them in the evening. Swaraginiuttara and Sanskarlakshdev were given a cabin, as they are in pairs they won’t work. At noon they were been called to their parents cabin.

M.D. room

Dp: We have called you all to say that
Rp: We have planned to make you spend some time with each other.
RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev and Adharsh were confused and puzzled.
Shekar: Beta, we have booked tickets for you all
Aarav: in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Dadaji: for a week starting from tomorrow.
Dp: Your flight is @ 1pm and you will reach their the next day @ 7pm.
Rp: We have booked a honeymoon package for all of you Parish, RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev.
Shekar: You will have separate cars and will go separately with your pair.
Aarav: Don’t worry everything is arranged and I think you guys should leave to pack your bags as in the evening you will be busy in the part.
Everyone were happy to the core. Adharsh informed this to Pari and asked her to get ready for shopping. Parish, Raglak, Swasan, Uttdev went to shopping for honeymoon as well as party. They went home after shopping and packed all the stuff and were getting ready for the party.

Precap: Party, Honeymoon

Hope you all liked it, as I said I am weak in writing romance part today my sister helped me with it.

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