You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 8

Hi guys, thanks everyone for your wishes and I enjoyed a lot yesterday guys and after seeing you comments I was really numb. Actually guys I will finish it by Sunday as my results of CPT will be out on Monday. Sorry guys but I will give more OS after my results if it is positive. Here are the links for my previous episodes

Episode 8

It was a pleasant morning which would make a new world for the cute couples.
Dp calls Shekar while Rp was with Dp and Aarav was with Shekar. They both talk about an hour and solved their misunderstanding. Dp and Rp hugged each other and Shekar and Aarav hugged each other. All their wives saw this and was happy that their plan succeded.


RagLak room

Laksh wakes up and tries to find his wife Ragini but she was not there. He was searching for her in the balcony when a sweet voice came from behind.
Voice: Laksh, you waked up this early, what are doing there?
Laksh: Ragini, I was just searching you as you were not there in the room.
Ragini: Laksh, actually I went down to perform my first rasoi.
Laksh: Ok, did you eat anything, you should take tablets before eating, did you take it or forgot even that.

Ragini: How can I have anything before you eat, you just get freshen and come, I will take tablets now and come down soon as it’s my first rasoi and you remember na today it is muh dikayi.
Laksh: Haan baba I remember, first you take tablets then I will go and get ready.
Ragini takes tablets which is to be taken before food and after that Laksh smiles and goes to bathroom to get ready. Ragini is more comfortable with Laksh as he takes more care of her. She smiles seeing him and their friendship. She goes down to make arrangements in dining table while thinking about Laksh.

SwaSan room

Sanskar was sleeping as a small kid in the couch hugging the pillow (as he couldn’t hug his wife). Swara also finishes her first rasoi and comes to the room and sees Sanskar and tries to play a prank with him. She goes near him and said that I love you Sanskar, he says that I love you too Shona. She was shocked to hear the truth and just wakes him up and asks whether what he said is true. Since he was in sleep he doesn’t remember it and asks what he had said. She says the full and asks him to say the truth and not to lie to her.
Sanskar: Yes Shona, I love you, don’t know when I started to fall for you, but when badi maa, maa, your buaa and maa said me to marry you I felt happy as I loved you but then I thought we were friends and I don’t want to break our friendship so…
Swara: Its ok Sanskar, you accepted the truth and even I have to say something I love you too Sanskar.
Sanskar hugs her, Swara also hugs him and kisses on her forehead. Swara blushes and makes him to go and get ready.

Swara: Sanskar, you remember na today is my first rasoi and muh dikayi.
Sanskar: Shona, I know ma, you go down I will come soon.
Sanskar smiles and goes, Swara also smiles seeing him and goes down.

Parish room

Parineeta gets ready as it’s her devar’s and friends muh dikayi.
Pari: Adhi, I didn’t think that Swaragini who were like my sisters will become my devarani, I am so happy to have such a good family.
Adharsh: Pari, I cannot understand what’s happening in our home, but whatever happened is for our goodness as all problems are solved. I think RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev married just to make Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s friends forever.

Pari: Leave tension Adhi, they are married and they are friends form childhood so there won’t be any confusion or problem between them but they should start their life as I could sense that they are still friends and had not moved on in their life.
Adhi: Pari, it takes time. Even after few days they are like this we will join them ok.
Pari: You are the best husband Adhi.
They both got ready and came down.

Dining hall

Swaragini kept all the dishes made by them in the table and waited for all the family members including their beloved husband’s. Within few minutes everyone came to dining table.
They were seated with their beloved ones like Dp, Ap, Rp, Sujatha, Adharsh, Parineeta, Laksh, empty one, Sanskar, empty one. Swaragini starts serving the foods.
Dp: Really you have something in yourself, you both are perfect in all the works, say it to be office or home. I am happy to have you both as my bahu’s. (Saying this he gave shagun to both of them)
Everyone very happy and gave them shagun, they took their blessings and kept the money in pooja room (temple in home). Elders thought they have given 1 daughter and got 3 daughters. Laksh and Sanskar were just awestruck as they don’t know that Swaragini can cook something so delicious. They both thought something to gift them for their goodness which attracted their parents.


The same happened there also, UttDev were so comfortable with each other and Uttara was the only girl in the house so she got all love and her cooking was also tasty as she is from Maheswari’s. All very happy to have Uttara as their bahu sorry beti.

Muh Dikayi

RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev were wearing same colour dress to show that they were a pair. All guests were impressed by all the girls and they blessed them for a bright future ahead and to have more children. Swaraginiuttara blushes and sanlakdev thinks something to gift their wife tonight. It was held in Maheshwari mansion as Swaragini are here.

Precap: Surprises among couples

Sorry guys I cannot show the full Muh Dikayi, and DevUtt scene, tomorrow I will have everyone romancing, Hope my story is not boring to you all and sorry once again for a smaller one. Stay tuned to know more and to see romancing between couples (actually I don’t know more to write about romancing). I think I have given a good one to you all. Comments needed please.


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    Oh dear . All the best for ur cpt results..
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    Ur ff is good.. 🙂

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    HEY dii awesome epi!!!!!!!!!!!!! loved it!!!!!!!!!!! so happy raglak r feeling fr each other n swasan have confesssed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting fr next!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 ALL THE BEST DII FOR UR RESULTS I’M SURE U’LL DEFINATELY BE SELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1MY BEST WISHES R WITH U DII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV U………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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