You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 7

Hi guys, it’s Varsha back with the 7th part, I know you all are angry on me but please frogive me and I will update it daily from today, but I will finish it in the 11th epi itself. Today is my birthday guys, so please don’t curse me. I would thank all the reader for being patience for these days, Tvisha dear, thanks a lot for posting on my behalf.

Episode 7


RagLak and SwaSan enter MM hand in hand to control their emotions and to show their parents that they have married as they loved each other. SwaRagini’s Grahpravesh takes place and suddenly Ragini feels giddiness and fells into Laksh’s arms. All are shocked and Laksh lifts her and takes into his room and makes her lye in the bed, where Swara sits next to her rubbing her hands and crying vigorously. They have called Doctor and he arrives MM. They took him to RagLak’s room. Ragini was lying in the bed unconsciously, Swara is sobbing and all looked worried. Doctor checks her and he says something to family members and Laksh which leaves everyone shocked. All went to their room. SanLak were waiting for her to open her eyes, Swara was looking like a devil who is waiting for her sister to open eyes, but if she does so she will be killed by Swara. After 2 hours Ragini opened her eyes, SwaSanLak were happy as well as angry and started to scold her. Swara started
Swara: Ladoo, what do you think of yourself, can’t you say that to us that you want something to eat or can’t you go on your own and eat, starving is a habit na for you.
Laksh: Ragu, why can’t you say to Shona or me, we are friends na, I will see how you will starve from now on. (Ragini tries to say something)
Sanskar: What happened Ragini? Why are you like this? (Seeing her he says) Guys, wait a minute, she is trying to say something.
Ragini feels uncomfortable in the new atmosphere. Laksh understands this and makes Swara to go and sit beside her. After a while
Ragini: Lucky, Sanky, Shona, please don’t scold me. I kept fasting today as Buaa and Dadi said it will be good for a better future. Shona she did not say to you as you won’t believe in these things, but it matters a lot to me, this marriage is done just to unite our parents but I believe in marriage it is a pure relationship so I didn’t want to miss anything which happens in a perfect marriage. I am sorry as I did not say about this to anyone.(she was looking sad)
Swara was hell shocked to hear this. Laksh realized what he did and came near her and pouted her face, wiped her tears and said
Laksh: Ragu, I am sorry I scolded you a lot, please forgive me. I will never let you be sad, I will give all the happiness to you, dear. Please don’t make me feel guilt like this from now on. I know love is not promises but please promise that if you keep fasting you will say it to me first, so that your health will not worse more.
Ragini nodded her head as a little girl who promises her mom to be quiet in a place where silence is to be maintained. Laksh just loved the way she said and she nodded now, he thinks he had fallen for her. Ragini feels a little comfortable and eats fruits and medicines. SwaSan were happy seeing their sibling matured in the relationship and they just moved out from their room and went to SwaSan’s room. RagLak spent some time with each other. It was not much difficult for them to move on but to realize their love they should wait for some more days. They know each other very well as they were friends and they started to have feelings for each other. They slept in the same bed as they both know their limits. When will they realize???

SwaSan room

Swara made the couch ready to sleep while Sanskar came from behind and hold her hand and made her turn, they had an eye lock. They realized it and Sanky said
Sanskar: Shona, till you are with me you should be happy and I will make you to live here as a princesses so please don’t make me feel sad by sleeping in the couch.
Swara: (laughing) Sanky, what you think I will sleep in couch, never, I made it ready for you.
Sanskar: What? No I won’t sleep there (playfully)
Swara: Just shut up and go there or else I will complain to your mom.
Sanskar: Ok baba, I will sleep please switch off the lights and sleep peacefully in the king-sized bed alone.
Swara: Ok, good night Sanky. (Thinks: I know you were kidding, who can understand you better than me buddhu). SwaSan slept smiling thinking about each other.
Adharsh’s room
Pari n Adharsh had got all happiness seeing their friends and siblings marriage, they both romance and slept as usual.
Uttara’s Grahpravesh is over and all guests moved away. Uttara is taken to Dev’s room. Dev comes in and they both about leaving their jobs and join family business. Uttara feels comfortable as Dev is the best in the world to take care of her after her family. Dev thinks it as his duty to make her feel comfortable. They both sleep in the same bed because it is so big.
Aarav’s room
Aarav: Janki, it was you ladies idea na to get them married and make Gadodias and Maheshwari’s one as usual.
Janki: Ji, how could you know whatever I do, I love you because of this quality of your’s.
Aarav: Ok baba, how about them I think they will take time to move in this relationship, they were friends but husband-wife relationship is different.
Janki: Don’t worry RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev will understand will move on quickly as they are our children.
All slept with no worries except Dp and Shekar who were thinking the whole night to send their children to honeymoon and solve the problem.

Precap: Problem solved, Honeymoon trip between all the young couples (Parish, RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev)

I know guys, it is little only but bear for this epi alone, I will soon update and will try to make it big.


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