You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 6


❤️You are the password of my life❤️

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Precap : SwaSan Raglak DevUtt wedding fixed by adults


Chapter 6

Next morning in GM

?Swaragini Room?

Swara is sleeping and Ragini wakes up

Ragini – Good morning Shona come on get up please

Swara – please ragu let me sleep and those boys

She stops and gets up

Swara – oh ya it’s our wedding today come on you her in first I will go next

Ragini – ok

Ragini enters the bathroom and cries silently while Swara cries outside

They both get ready and go for breakfast


?Dev Room?

Dev wakes up and thinks

Dev Monologue – why am I happy that I’m marrying Uttara it’s a shock no no Dev you should give her all the happiness she deserves

Dev gets ready and goes to change his dress in the washroom and gets back to the breakfast table


Man house

?SanLak Room?

The alarm is ringing tring tring tring

Laksh – Bhai please off it na I want to sleep

Sanskar – get up its our wedding

Saying this they become pale but smile unknowingly ?

Laksh – Bhai from today we have to stay in seperate rooms?

Sanskar – don’t worry lucky but we will always be with each other no matter what ?

Laksh – yes Bhai come lets go for breakfast

Sanskar nods they both get ready and go down and join the people for breakfast


Uttara Room

Uttara gets up and thinks like Dev and goes down and joins the family for breakfast before leaving she thinks

Uttara – I know today is the biggest day of my life but I’m happy as Dev will give me all the happiness I need


GM breakfast table

All are really silent and suddenly Janki speaks

Janki – Bhaiya,Aarav,Didi everyone today searagini last breakfast as Gadodia so please everyone don’t be silent

Aarav – Ik swaragini will be wives of some one and out Ansh will be a responsible man with a family

Shekhar – I will miss my princesses and their naughtiness and Dev now you will not tease your parents

Shomi- yes today our wishes and responsibilities are getting fulfilled

Swaragini – ma papa maasi everyone please don’t say so we will frequently meet you we will miss you a lot we love you a lot out love will never decrease for you guyzz

They say everything in tears and hug of them

Dev – yes I will have a family but I will never forget my sisters and my parents and maasi mousa we will never forget you and ma papa don’t forget I will never stop teasing you?

All have a family hug and spend a good time and soon they go to the venue to get everything ready


MM breakfast table

All are sitting and having breakfast and Sujata is giving tips to Uttara

Sujata – Uttara now you are getting married so keep your family happy always obey your husband

Rp – aarey Sujata stop she is not going for Mahabharata she is going to get married

Sujata – okay ji but Uttara remember this

Uttara – ok ma

DP – SanLak I expect you to keep Swaragini really happy you guys have the responsibility of two girls so I hope u understand the meaning of marriage

SanLak – yes papa

AP – finally we are finishing our responsibilities and Uttara I wish you lead a happy married life

All hug each other and cry out loud and they spend time and then make everything ready


Venue of marriage

Swaragini are ready and Dev enters

Dev – Aww my sisters look so pretty I wish you both lead an awesome life

Swaragini – thanks a lot Bhai

Swara – waise you are looking so handsome today Uttara will be flat on you haan

Dev blushes

Ragini – Bhai today is our last day at least hug us we will miss you

Dev gets emotional and hugs her and they have a bhai behen time?


The marriage place

SanLak come in horses and they sit on the mandap and Dev joins them they do Pooja

Pandit – call the brides please

The brides come down and the boys a mesmerized and lost in their world

Swara sits next to Sanskar
Ragini next to Laksh
Uttara next to Dev

And the girls shake them and the marriage proceeds soon they take 7 vows and they settle the boys put mangalsutra and put fill their hairline with sindoor

And soon the bidaii scene takes place Swaragini cry and hug their parents and Uttara does the same



Precap – First Night❤️❤️


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