You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 5

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❤️You are the password of my life❤️

Hello everyone as I mentioned Varsha is unable to write it so I’m writing for.. Plzz don’t expect from me because her writing was really fantastic so it will kind of be different so I really need encouragements -:


Precap : some moments between the couples,Elder men fighting and decide to break the companies, ladies ask DevUt SwaSan Raglak to Marry and they marry in mandir


Chapter 5

SwaSan Car

There was a pin drop silence between couples and they were just staring outside suddenly Sanskar speaks up

Sanskar : Umm should I put a song

Swara nods

Romantic songs were going on and it was enough for Sanskar so he stops it

Swara : Sanskar Wo

Sanskar : I know you aren’t happy with this marriage it like a sudden shock for you and it’s a shock for me too

Swara : ok let’s make a deal it is we will be friends until we get to know each other

Sanskar : yeah ok

Swasan smile and Sanskar leaves a peck on swara head and they drive off


Raglak Car

Ragini and Laksh are really silent and Ragini is sobbing and Laksh watches her and stops the car

Laksh – Ragini

Ragini – no response

He keeps calling and she doesn’t respond and he turns her face and cups it

Laksh – I know this relationship for you to accept is difficult but trust me I will never take our relationship ahead until we know each other ok

Ragini – ok but we will be friends it won’t affect our friendship

Laksh gets happy and kisses Ragini forehead and they drive off


DevUtt Car

Dev – Uttara I know that this relationship is really hard to understand but I promise this won’t affect our friend ship

Uttara – ok

They too drive off


Maheshwari Mansion?

The couples enter with garlands and holding hands together leaving the men shocked

DP – Sanskar Laksh

Shekhar – Dev

Rp – what are you guys upto how can you just marry and Sanskar and Uttara you are my son and daughter how could you do this you guys married without informing

Aarav- what are you guys thinking without consulting the elders you guys just marry and Dev I never expected this from you

Shekhar – Swaragini you were papa princesses and you didn’t bother to think about me

DP – Laksh you really disappointed me by doing this how can all 6 of you marry without our consult

All youngsters were silent but the boys were about to say

Boys (DevSanLak) – actually it was

They stopped remember the ladies she said

Boys – Because we love them please accept it papa please

AP – ji please accept them na see kids are requesting please

Sujata – yes Bhaiya jiji is right please accept and we even know these girls so accept please

Janaki – Aarav please accept he is your only son and we know Uttara she is such a good girl and Dev knows her in college too

Sharmishtha- yeah Shekhar please accept this relationship SanLak will keep our daughters really happy please

All the men think for a while and tell

Men – Ok fine but we will have a grand wedding tomorrow and then reception too

Woman – ok


They take Swaragini to GM and Uttara to mm

Swaragini room at night

Swara – Ragini so much Changed in one day right tomorrow we are going to be maheshwari’s

Ragini – yes swara now let’s sleep

Dev – good night sisters from tomorrow we are living differently

All three get emotional and hug each other


SanLak Room

Sanskar Uttara and Laksh are there

Uttara – Bhai today is my last day with you guys

Sanskar – I know this 1 day changed all our lives

Laksh – yes tomorrow we are getting wives we are staying seperate And Uttara is going away

All three get emotional and hug each other and doze off


Next chapter – Wedding and Reception??


Hope you all like this chapter!! Plzz comment?
+Varsha Darshini Jain Hope I reached your expectations!! yay can you PM me about who is writing the next part!!
guyzz originally its Varsha di’s FF I’m just helping her because she has some problems!!!

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