You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 4

Hi guys, sorry as I did not update any1 till now, actually I came yesterday morning itself but I had body pain, I thought about the story before itself but now only got some time to type it and send it after a long rest.
Guys Dev is Dev of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi played by Shaheer Sheikh.

Episode 4

The night was very difficult to move to a new morning for our lovely pairs. The next day morning bought a huge tiredness for all as they were not able to sleep the whole night.
Dev and Uttara were excited and woke up early (as they are professors) and went to college as usual and had a great time between two (as they went early they spent time together).
Aadharsh’s room
Aadharsh was having a kid face seeing his beautiful wife in a blue saree with wet hair smiling at him. She doesn’t understand the intention of her husband. Aadharsh came close to her and was smiling weirdly and he caught her hand and did not leave her to go to kitchen, he asked a morning kiss from his lovely wife. She understands and tries to handle the situation without giving any kiss and she won. He kept puppy face while she ran to kitchen, she went there and helped her mom and chichi in cooking.
Swaragini’s Room
Two sweet girls were sleeping peacefully but time was 10 and there came a charming voice.
Voice: Ladoo, Shona wake up it’s already 10, what happened to you sweethearts.
Swaragini: Maasi(Yeah it’s our Janki), 5mins more please.
Janki: Beta, please its time your friends (SanLak) will scold you na.
Swaragini (waked up in shock): Thank you maasi, just in half and hour we will be ready go and inform maa.
Janki: Ok beta.
Sanskar and Laksh’s Room
Ap: Laksh, Sanskar wake up it’s already 10.
Sanskar & Laksh (in shock): What 10’oclock? Swaragini will kill us, papa ki pyaari chamchi’s.
Ap: Ok, get ready and come fast as your dad is also waiting for you both downstairs.
Swaragini came out and thought to call Sanky or Lucky and decided to call Lucky as he is little cool than Sanky. Meantime they were also ready.
Swara (tensed): Lucky, where are you both?
Lucky (tensed): Shona, we are in home only we will be in office @ 11, sorry pa we enjoyed last night in the party, so we slept.
Swara (relieved): Lucky, we both are waiting for you for 2 hours and you are saying silly reasons, ok come fast and keep in mind that you should drive slowly (in mind: they don’t know about us, we have escaped) smiling at Ragini who was confused about her conversation and reaction.
Lucky: Ok Shona, we will come fast bye yaar, leave us now.
Swara (in harsh tone): Bye (after call ends she starts laughing loudly)
Ragini: Shona, what happened, I thought they will scold us but you scolded them, what’s the matter?
Swara: Ragu, we can go without tension, they are in home. Don’t know how that Sanky slept till 10 =, it seems something big is going to happen today.
Ragini: Don’t think too much, we should go before them na come on we will leave.
Swara: Ragu, you always worry for little things, ok come we will go together today.
Saying this both went down and had breakfast and took blessings from everyone and left to office. Meantime Sanky and Lucky also left after taking blessings from elders.
Swaragini went inside their and started their work and acted as if they were waiting for 2 hours. After few minutes Sanky and Lucky came there. Swaragini started shouting at them. Sanky went near Shona and kissed her to make her quiet, same did Laksh with Ragini. Swaragini were dumbstruck, they don’t know what to do, they both were silent and at time Sanky and Lucky started shouting at them as they were also late (Yes they got to know that from watchman). This time it happened vice-versa. The both pairs had eye lock in their cabin, it was broken by a knock in the door. It was a staff who came and said them that there is a big fight between their parents.
Lucky: What?
Swara: How it happened?
Ragini: Where are they now?
Sanskar: Guys, enough of questions we will go and see it.
Saying this everyone went with a tensed face as they know that their parents are childhood friends who had never fought and what the hell reason will it be that they are fighting.
In MD room (Dp, Rp, Shekar, Aarav)
Dp and Shekar were fighting and Aarav, Rp were making them chill and solve the problem. Meanwhile all the four come in and were shocked and tried Rp and Aarav in solving the problem but to their surprise no one was hearing them, they decided to break the company into two different i.e. Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s separately. Aarav informs about this to Janki and all the family members were shocked to hear this. Ap, Sujatha, Shomi, Janki went to a nearby temple to discuss about this matter without the knowledge of their lovable husbands. They four lovely sweet ladies called all their children there and made a small and sweet plan. All the 6 children (SwaSan, RagLak, UttDev) came there.
Shomi: Dev, you should do a favor for us you should join our family business and marry Uttara so that G&M will be one again (UttDev were shocked as well as happy but did not show it to them) Beta, I know you will not accept for this but please beta we should do this for their friendship which is from their childhood.
Dev & Uttara: Whatever you say we will listen maaji, maamiji. (in a sad tone while their hearts was happy)
Ap: Sanskar even you should do something, please marry Ragini.
Sujatha: Laksh you should marry Swara. (They were shocked)
Janki: No Apji and Sujathaji, Sanskar should marry Swara and Laksh should marry Ragini as they look perfect.
Swaragini: Ji buaa, you said na we will do. (low tune)
Ap: Jankiji, you are correct they look perfect couple.
Sujatha: Jiji, even I accept it. (They were little sad as it was the beginning of their realisation of love and suddenly marriage, they did not except this)
Shomi: Beta, don’t forget that you should not say that we gave this idea and forced you all to marry.
Everyone nodded their heads and went inside and tied mangalsutra in their respective ladies (Swaraginiuttara were having tears in their eyes because they did not want this so early), then Sanlakdev kept sindoor in the maang of their pair, then they took saathpheras.
All the four ladies blessed the couples and went to their home. The three went to their car and drived to their home. All were having tears in their eyes and were shocked.

Precap: RagLak, SwaSan, UttDev sad moments, family shocked to see them.

Guys, I will update a long maha episode tomorrow


  1. Yashasvi


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    hey varsha good to see u back , the epi was all set, finally swasan , raglak n uttdev r married, very happy.. bt wt sad moments , will be waiting fr next.wowwwwwwww Maha episodee……………….yippieeeeeeeeeee……………….
    n hope ur body ache is fine knw , take rest…………luv u …………muah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Maddy_02


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    Hey…Varsha good to see you back. So many shocks. Well its was awesome. Raglak,Swasan,Uttdev waiting for them’s moment. Love you. Post next one soon.

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