You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 3

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Its morning, the sun is shining brightly.
Dev wakes up at 5:30 and gets ready by 7 and goes to their parent’s room.
Janki: Beta, Good Morning, ready?
Dev: Ya maa, I am going bye.
Janki: Beta, please eat these fruits at least for my sake na.
Dev: Ok ma.
He eats the fruits and takes blessings of Janki and Aarav and moves out, there Dadi came with aarthi plate, and he takes blessings of everyone. Ragini comes down and tease him that college watchman will also not be there this early, I think you are not going there to teach, hope something else is there so that you go early. Janki doubts on him and asks if Ragini is true, Dev says that no ma, nothing like that, teaching is my passion and many students said that they want extra class to get good marks, so only ma. He gives a death glare to Ragini who was laughing seeing him. He bids bye to everyone and goes out and leaves to his college by bike. Ragini takes aarthi and goes up.
Janki’s room
Aarav: Janki, What is this, when will Dev come and help us in business, his work is being done by Swara and Ragini and do he know that?
Sharmishtha (entering the room): Bhai, Leave it teaching is his passion, when he is fulfilled with his passion he will come to help you and he helps Swaragini when he is free.
Aarav: Mishti, you always support Dev.
Mishti: Bhai, I said na leave it
Janki: Is Bhai-Behen Drama over? Bhabhi, I know about him so only I don’t answer the questions of Aarav ji as he is over protected about Dev.(Aarav gives a glare look at her)
Mishti: Ok baba, check whether Swaragini are ready for their work
Swaragini room
Ragini: Shona wake up, it’s already 8 ma.
Swara: 5 mins, Ragu.
Janki: Good morning Ladoo, What till now Swara is sleeping, did she forget that she should go to office at 9 right, as she said that to Sanskar.
Swara: Buaa, Thanks for reminding me Sanky will kill me if I am late, papa ke pyari bete (hugs and says love you buaa).
Ragini: Acha, now go yaar else you will be late.
Swara goes to restroom, gets ready with a yellow top with denim jeans.
Ragini: Shona, all the best, take care ma.
Swara: Ragu, all the best to you too, take care, bye (saying this she went out and started her black BMW car and left to office in super-fast speed).
Janki: Don’t know when Shona will drive slowly.
Ragini: Buaa, Leave it na, we all know about her then why to feel about her.
Janki: Ok beta, come and eat breakfast I have made your favorite dishes.
Ragini: Buaa, love you a lot
Janki: Love you too Ladoo
Durgaprasad, Ramprasad, Annapurna, Sujatha were sitting in the hall and having coffee.
Dp: I think next we should get Uttara married.
Ap: Ji, but she said that she wants to pursue her career as a professor in the same college in which she studied.
Sujatha: Jiji, Chori will say everything but let her be in home and learn all the responsibilities of a daughter, in future she is going to stay in home only na.
Ap: Sujatha, Stop it ma, she has the right to work, please let her do as she wishes, she is a young girl and no need to get her married so soon.
Rp: Bhai, Bhabhi is correct, she is young girl let her do as she wishes.
Dp(convincing himself): Ok, Let her work, till she comes to us asks about her marriage we will not talk about her marriage.
Sujatha: Bhaisa, she is a little girl, when she will know she should get married, we should only guide her na.
Dp: I said that’s final.
Sanskar gets ready and comes down, he takes everyone’s blessings and discuss the business meetings of him, Laksh and Swaragini to them.
Ap: Sanskar, where is Laksh?
Uttara comes down and says that bhai is still sleeping. Sanskar says that he should go early and bids bye to everyone and starts from his home to office in his brand new Ferrari (he got that as a gift from his relatives who live in London, Dp & Rp’s Sister).
Uttara: Even she should go as she is going to college for her appointment (saying this she takes everyone’s blessings and leaves).
Aadharsh’s room
Parineeta wakes up and smiles seeing Aadharsh and kisses him on his forehead. She goes to restroom, gets ready and wakes up Aadharsh, he pulls her but she tries to escape and makes him to go to restroom to take bath. He hesitantly goes and she comes out smiling.
Ap: Pari, you woke up so early.
Pari: Ma, today is my first rasoi so how can I be late.
Sujatha: Jiji, I want a bahu like Pari for my Sanskar.
All the ladies go to kitchen and Parineeta makes Malpua and many Marwari dishes (which she learnt yesterday from her mom as she is also not interested in cooking, but will manage as she loves Aadharsh). Dp goes to Laksh room to scold him but to his shock Laksh was ready to go to the meeting with Ragini. Dp wishes him best for the meeting and goes out. Laksh feels relaxed and (he was sleeping only, then he gets Ragini’s call he wakes up and sees the time and talks with her and gets ready) thanks Ragini. In GM Ragini is waiting for Laksh to come. In MM Laksh is seen eating the dishes made by Pari Bhabhi. All of them gave gift to Pari as she has made everything tasty. He congratulates her and says he want a wife who cooks good as you all do. He finishes and takes blessings of everyone and leave in his black Jaguar. Aadharsh praises the food through his eyes, she hardly blushed.

Laksh enters and takes everyone’s blessings. Ragini and he bids bye to everyone and they wish them all the best. In car, they see each other and ask do you before itself that I will wear blue, they both nodded no and felt something strange inside themselves.
In College
Dev: Hi Uttara, All the best I hope you get the job as you love teaching.
Uttara: Hi Dev, Thank you.
Uttara goes to principal room and comes out happily, Dev smiles seeing her happy. She goes to Dev and shares the news (he responded as if he doesn’t know anything but few minutes before it was Dev who convinced the principal to make her a professor in the college). Uttara informs everyone in the home and she goes to the class, Dev smiles seeing her happy.
Dev’s POV
Why should I be happy if she got job and why should I help her in getting it, I don’t know but when she is happy I feel like jumping from the sky to earth. She is so sweet and innocent which makes me see her all the time. I think I am in love with her, what? No Dev she is your Dad’s friend’s daughter, you cannot think like that, she is like a sister to you. (Confused and went to class without mood).

In Office
Swara and Sanskar went at the same time and they both get ready with the presentation. They go to the conference room and start their presentation and they explain their client about their company and the presentation. Clients were impressed by the way they took care of them (hospitality). Everyone knows that G&M are known for their hospitality. SwaSan were happy that they impressed the clients, they informed about this to their dad who were extremely happy to have such son and daughter who takes care of business. They went to Swara’s cabin and Sanskar hugged her and said thanks for the help. Swara too hugged him and said even you did your part well. They were extremely happy that they helped their parents.

In Oberoi Grand
RagLak went to meet Sharma’s, they were client and they were about leave them as they got a better offer with some other company. Ragini talks well with them that they never say no. Laksh convinces them no to reject their proposal. It was almost 3 hours, they did not accept, and finally they said that you will be given priority than others and they accepted the proposal, it was 2pm when they came out from Grand Oberoi. In car Ragini hugged Laksh and said our parents will be happy now as we convinced a person who is stone hearted. Laksh smiles and hugs her back. Just then a lorry comes towards them (brake was not working in that lorry). Ragini sees that and shouts, at the same time Laksh sees and moves the car so that they don’t get hurt and he succeeded in it. Nothing happened to them. Again Ragini hugged him as she was in fear. Laksh consoled her and they started from there. They said about this accident to their siblings who were in shock and they were cared about them.

Ragini, Laksh, Swara, Sanskar, Dev, Uttara come to home at the same time. Janki came and hugged Ragini and asked whether she is fine. Then everyone asked about RagLak and that accident, they both explain about the accident to the whole family. They were shocked and Gadodia’s thanked Laksh. They all praised him. Then Uttara, Sanskar, Laksh start and go to their home. Everyone care for Ragini. Dev tease her that if Laksh was not there she would have not been with us now and he will be your hero right. Ragini hits him and says we are just friends.
Laksh, Sanskar, Uttara come in and everyone ask whether Ragini is fine and Laksh if he is fine. They all have dinner together and go to their respective rooms.
Aadharsh room
Aadharsh thinks morning you escaped na, now see what happens. Pari gets freshed up and came to sleep but Aadharsh was not there. She gets tensed and searches him, suddenly two hands crossed around her waist, she was in shock and she turned and saw Aadharsh with a wicked smile, he lifts her up and makes her sleep and they sleep hugging each other in each other’s embrace.

Laksh’s (in his room) POV
The way I felt when Ragini was safe and the way she hugged me, I just was to say I will never you, Laksh what happened? She is your friend and just friend. He went to sleep but it was hard to get sleep for him. Same happened for Sanskar.

Ragini’s POV
Why I felt his hug comfortable, why he consoled me like a kid who is been injected. Why I hugged him twice, till now I have never ever hugged or kissed a person, but why I did it with Laksh, do I love him. RagLak, SwaSan and UttDev did not have a good sleep, they were thinking whether they were in love with their partner. Yesterday everyone slept with a peace of mind and today everyone is feeling something strange in themselves.

Precap: Who proposes whom? (RagLak or SwaSan or UttDev)

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