You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 2

Hi guys, thanks everyone for your lovely comments. So here goes the story for all my loved ones

Maheshwari Mansion
All the three see Gadodia’s and go to them and invites them. Just then Surekha with her daughter (bride) comes in. (Yes guys, its Parineeta only)
Surekha: Swaragini you are here, what a surprise, I think Pari invited you.
Swara: No aunty, our dad and Durgaprasad uncle are partners, we don’t know that our senior Pari didi is the bride, nice to see you all.(Guys, all youngsters know each before itself except Adharsh, Pari was in final year, Swaragini Laksan in 2nd year, Uttara Dev in the 1st year)
Ragini: Didi, you are looking beautiful.
Parineeta blushes. Laksh, Sanskar, Uttara were shocked seeing their senior as bhabhi, then they also started teasing Pari. Adharsh comes out and is mesmerized seeing Parineeta. Rituals start and Swaraginidev Sanlakuttara enjoy their time as a gang.
Swara: Uttara how are you.
Uttara: Ya I am fine, how about you.
Swara: Me too fine.
Dev: Hi Uttara, what are you doing now?
Uttara: Hi, I am going to join as professor in our college.
Dev: I am already a professor there for Chemistry, which you are going to join?
Uttara: I am willing to go with Mathematics.
Laksh: Ladoo, tomorrow there’s a meeting with Sharma’s are you coming with me?
Ragini: Ya lucky, I was to ask you and you yourself asked me, Swara has some important work, so I will be coming with you, I will be ready by 10, you come to baadi and pick me.
Laksh: Of course, I will.
Sanskar: Shona, is the presentation ready
Swara: Sanky, don’t worry you take care of family today, presentation is almost ready, little changes are to be made, I will manage it with Ragu’s help.
Sanskar: Ok Shona, if you are there with Ladoo, sure I will not worry, you both are great in impressing our clients by your style of presentation.

Prohit announces that marriage is over. Everyone is happy that Parineeta has become bahu of the house. Adharsh and Parineeta takes the blessing of all elders. All youngsters had a nice time between themselves. Its evening, Gadodia’s bid bye to Maheshwari’s.
In Adharsh’s room
LakSanUtt are decorating the room for suhagrath of Adharsh and Parineeta. Parineeta comes in and they start teasing her. Uttara makes her sit in bed with veil hiding her face.
Laksh: See, bhabhi bhai came, it means we have go out.
Sanskar: Ya Laksh, come we can go out and let them enjoy their night.
Sanlakutt says good night to Parish and went out. Adharsh closes the door and sits in the bed. Pari’s heart beats fast, seeing this Adharsh went near her and opened the veil. She was very nervous but hugged him before he starts, he smiles and hugs her back.
Pari: Ji, I didn’t think that we will marry, I thought our parents will not accept our love. (Ya it’s love-cum-arrange marriage)
Adharsh: Pari, I said na they will accept.
They both feel each other’s hug comfortable, after sometime they consummate their marriage.

Scene shifts to Swaragini room
Swara: Ragini, I felt strange when I went there how did you feel?
Ragini: Ya even I felt like that, don’t know why?
Dev(while entering): Didi, even I had some feeling, I know they all are our friends but I feel some connection with them. Uttara, I like her, her touch gave me a shock, don’t know why?
Swaragini starts teasing him. Dev says Good night and goes to his room.
Swara: Ragu, help me finish this presentation na, then we will sleep peacefully.
Ragini: Shona, don’t worry, I have made many alteration in the presentations, just check it and don’t take more time.
Swara: Thank you a lot Ragu, don’t know what will Sanky say after the presentation.
Ragini: Sure, he will praise you for best presentation by you.
Swara: Love you Ragu.(Hugs her)
Ragini: Love you Shona.
Janki and Sumi enters the room
Janki: Will you not love your buaa and maa?
Mishti: Janki, leave them, they will not listen our words when they both are together.
Swaragini: Buaa, Maa, When you both came.(All the four hug each other)
They say good night and they go to their room.
Ragini: Tomorrow I have to go with Lucky to meet Sharma’s at Oberoi Grand, select a good dress for me.
Swara: Ragu, wear this blue anarkali, you will look good and try to impress them by your talk.
Ragini: Ya, I will. Ok baba, good night.
Swara: Good night.
Scene shifts to Shekar’s room
Janki: Bhabhi, it seems you are sad, say me why you are sad.
Mishti: Janki, Ragini loves you a lot than me na.
Janki: Bhabhi, she is a small girl, leave that.
Mishti: I could give them motherhood, how you gave to them, I was not even able to give birth to them.
Janki: Bhabhi, past is past, I am indebted to you and bhai, you both are enough for me and you take care of Dev very much, don’t worry, you are always their mom.
Mishti: If I would have not met with accident I would be with them like you na.
Janki: Bhabhi, go and sleep, forget the past and live the present peacefully.
Mishti hugs her and cries. Shekar enters and says is Bhabhi – Nanand pyaar over? Janki says Good night and goes to her room. Aarav is waiting for her and asks her why she was sad.
Janki: Ji, Bhabhi was sad, I was consoling her, hope she gets fine soon.
Aarav: Didi, will be fine, don’t worry.(Hugs her from back)
Dev(enters, they both get separated): When your romance be over pappa.
Aarav: Shut up and say the reason why you came here.
Dev: Mumma, Pappa I am going to go early tomorrow, I have some important work in college.
Janki: Ok beta, I will prepare your things accordingly.
Laksan room(they both will be in same room until their marriage)
Laksh: Bhai, take care of the presentation, we should impress them somehow.
Sanskar: Don’t worry Lucky, Swara is doing the presentation, she is best to impress others by her presentation.
Laksh: Ya bhai, she is there so only I am cool, and tomorrow I have to go with Ragini to Oberoi Grand for meeting with Sharma’s. Select a good suit for me bhai.
Sanskar: Ok Lucky, you wear this (a blue and white suit).
The day was good, no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow?

Precap: RagLak in meeting, SwaSan in office, DevUtt in College, Parish in home.

Sorry guys, will sure come up with a lenghty one in the night, please I am able to updat only this much now.
I hope the next will be updated in the morning.


  1. Fats

    Great update, it’s nice to see everyone friendly with each other. Can’t wait for the next update xx

  2. yashasvi ( yashu )

    superb yrrr, so nice to see that everyone knew each other, n plzzz hope pari is positive

    • Varsha



      Thank You Sri, I like all the pairs as I said before, its just the way we show their chemistry, I first didn’t like RagSan bt I like them in the ff of Sindhu didi, and coming to Swalak I saw them onscreen. Now I am seeing SwaSan, RagLak

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