You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 11 (last epi)

Hi guys its Varsha back on YOU ARE THE PASSWORD OF MY LIFE. Sorry guys for the late update and thanks for waiting till now. And here goes the last episode.

Previous Episodes:

Episode 11

Everyone were in flight, they were sitting with their beloved. Parish, Raglak, Swasan, Uttdev were seeing each other with love. As it takes more than 12 hours, they slept in each other’s embrace. After waking they refreshed themselves and they ate dinner and then they had fun with their siblings, they did not mind that they were in a flight and were playing altogether. They slept and they all had a romantic sleep with their pair. They reached the destination and everyone went to their rooms and they slept as they were tired enough to do anything. Next day they were seeing the nearby places and enjoyed to the core and then they had candlelit dinner after which they went to their rooms to romance with their beloved wives. They travelled to Iguassu Falls and had a beautiful evening there. They had spent almost a romantic week fully in Rio De Janerio. It was time for returning.
Swara: Ragu, you know it was really super here, I don’t want to go back to India.
Sanskar coughs as he was shocked to listen these words from Shona. Uttara started teasing her and Raglak, Parish, Devsan joined her. Swara felt embarrassed and started running after Sanskar, he stopped at the backside of the restaurant since he was breathing heavily, in few seconds Swara also came there he immediately kissed her lips to avoid fight, at first she was trying to push him, since he is strong she couldn’t and she also reciprocated after sometime. It rested for about 5 minutes and then they remembered their siblings and moved towards them, all the while she was blushing. Pariadhiraglakuttdev were shocked seeing Swara blushing and saw Sanskar and started teasing him as his lips had the lipstick colour of Swara’s. Actually he forgot to wipe it. Everyone started leave. Uttara said she have to check something and goes to room while Dev also excuses himself and goes to the room. He goes behind her to the room and locks it and tries to get intimate with her but she refuses as everyone is waiting for them and gives a peck in his neck and goes away smiling, Dev also comes and they all left for airport. For a change they were sitting with their siblings i.e., Swaraginiparidev in a car and others in the other. Dev has mark of peck in his neck and Swara noticed this and started having fun by teasing him. They were teasing each other and all the girls were really happy in the whole travel. They all reached airport and boarded the flight sitting with their beloved ones.


Gadodia’s, Surekha and Maheshwari’s were in MM waiting for their children. They have arranged a pooja for their happy life. They all reached and took elders blessings and kept their bags in their rooms and came down for pooja. The pooja went on and everyone started with their daily chores.

After a week

Pari, Ap, Sujatha were in kitchen cooking lunch. Suddenly Parineeta feels giddy and after sometime she fells down. They call Adharsh and asked him to come home soon. Parineeta was taken to her room and doctor came followed by all members of the family. Doctor congratulated them as they she was expecting …. Swaragini said that any one of them will go to office and the other will take of Pari di. Maheshwari’s were happy and all blessed the couple. They informed Surekha and Gadodia’s also. Swaragini were super talented that they took care of Pari as well as their business by helping their hubby. After a month, Uttara and Swara also became pregnant and Raglaksandevadhi were taking care Pariuttswa. Swasan and Uttdev were having good time enjoying their love. Gadodia’s and Maheshwari’s were extremely happy as their children were expecting to become children. Everyone took extreme care for those girls. After 8 months, everyone were waiting in the hospital for Parineeta’s delivery. She has given birth to a boy and they named him as Aarav. Everyone were happy to see their first grandson. Ragini was playing with baby when suddenly she got vomiting sensation, she immediately went to restroom and that evening while she was cooking she was feeling giddy and she almost fell down when two arms catch her, it was our Laksh and he took her to their room and called everyone and doctor. Doctor congratulated them and Raglak were super happy to hear the news. After a month Swara delivered a girl just like her, they named her Sonakshi and Uttara delivered a boy, they named him as Ranveer. Parish, Swasan and Uttdev were enjoying parenthood and Raglak were spending time with each other. After 9 months Ragini delivered a girl whom they named as Shivnaya. House were filled with grandchildren and everyone where enjoying time with each other. Ap, Dp, Rp, Sujatha, Shekar, Sumi, Aarav, Janki were happy and they were enjoying daily with their grandchildren. Swaragini takes their girls Sonakshivnaya to Baadi atleast once a week and Uttara brings Ranveer once a week.
They whole family had a happy life thereafter, Pariswaraginiuttara were in home taking care of their daughters and Adhisanlakdev used to take them to their resort every weekend to have a family time apart from business. All elders came out from family business leaving their children to work and experience their parenthood.

Happy ending

Sorry guys I am ending my FF now, will try to come up with a new one after December if possible. Thank you guys for supporting me while writing this FF. A special thanks to all silent readers, if you are one please comment in this last one as I will know totally how many people like my FF. Love you all a lot for supporting and commenting regularly.


    • Varsha



      Sorry dear, I am not able to write a FF, whenever I write I will sure give importance ragini as I love her 😃

  1. Fairy

    Superbbbb dear…gonna miss u….wl wait for ur nxt ff😊😊till den keep rockng.n take care😊😊😊

  2. Riya

    Lovely episode…. But Parineeta’s son’s name nd Dev’s father’s name was same why???? I m totally confused about it….. Plz clear my confusion…..

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