You Are The Password Of My Life (Swaragini) Episode 1

Episode 1
Gadodia Mansion
A big mansion in the populas city of Kolkata is shown, a woman dressed like marwari goes to a room.
Two girls were shown sleeping. A sweet voice came Swara, Ragini uttao na, der ho rahi hai, tum dono humare saath nahi aare hai kya(Swaragini, get up, its already time are you not coming with us).
Swaragini(waked up in shock): Buaa, (Yes it is Janki) What are you saying?(they see the time and goes to bathroom)

Shekar: Where are my princess, Mishti.
Sharmishtha: Janki, where are they.
Janki: Bhabhi, They are coming wait for two mins and see how they look.
Aarav: My lovely wife has made them ready, then how can they be bad.(Janki blushing)
Dev: Papa, you started in the morning itself, please leave mumma, look at her face its so red as tomato.
Aarav: Shut up, dont tease your mom.
Swaragini: Pappa, how are we looking(dressed in a pink and red color anarkali with matching jewels)
Shekar: Princess are looking so beautiful that they will get married today itself.
Swaragini blushing, Mishti sees and says why not for my girls there is a big queue waiting out.
Dadi: Ok ok, Its already time so can we leave for wedding or be here and praise these princess.
Everyone went out and started from their mansion, the reached another big mansion it was none other than our Maheshwari’s.

Maheshwari Mansion
It was fully decorated with flowers (like wedding), everyone are seen busy doing some work, Two handsome boys with a beautiful girl in a room is shown, in the dressing table a man is shown wearing a gold colour sherwani, the others in the were teasing him.
Man: Laksh, Sanskar and Uttara, please stop it guys, I will kill you if you tease me.(Blushes)
Laksh: Sanky, someone is blushing thinking about their would be?
Uttara: Yes bhai, I hope I will see my bhabhi and tease her also
Sanskar: Adharsh baiya, you are elder to us and why are you blushing like a kid.(Yes the man is Adharsh)
Adharsh: Chote, go and see if the bride’s family came.
All the three go out to see their bhabhi. Gadodia’s enter the mansion, Dev, Swaragini felt something weird while coming in.

Precap: Adharsh wedding, Sanlakutt meeting Devswaragini

Guys, the pairs will be revealed soon, keep reading, hope its not boring


  1. Roshini

    Too short but i spare i this time ?. But tommorow Long one. And outstanding update Even due it was short but was superb

  2. Halima (SuNusZuRahLima❤️??)

    Awesome Varsha… Can’t wait for the next epi, it’s amazing take care?

    • Varsha


      Even me Sai, waiting for July 7th Hope our culturals give us happiness, and being wid sara sir is the best experience in our life

  3. Roshini Kapoor

    Loved the update. Hope the pairs are SwaSan (and RagLak of course). Anyways do continue soon….

    • Varsha


      Sorry Juggu, I did not get enough time to type it, will sure start now itself and mostly will give it in the night

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