PASSIONATE (SwaSan OS) by Marsuu

Hello guys!!! Here I’m with os on our heavenly swasan and it’s romantic????. I hope you all will like it.
Let’s begin:


Swara is pacing here and there in the hall, playing with her fingers and impatiently looking at the clock. It’s 12 at midnight and she is all alone in huge mansion. Swara is wearing pink saree with open hairs and light make up.
” hey wifey!!! Your drunkard husband is back” sanskar enter inside stumbling and he said giving a fake laugh. Swara ran to him to support before he fell down.
” sanskar why you drink so much” swara whisper taking him to their room.
” i don’t know” sanskar innocently answer totally under the affect of alcohol.
As they enter inside the room, swara made him lie on the bed and start opening his shoes, overcoat.
” did anyone told you that you look so cute in pink like barbie, my princess. Nooppppee my queen” sanskar was blabbering all the while.
” sleep sanskar” swara remove his tie and cover comforter on him. Soon he drifted to deep slumber. Swara lean and kiss his forehead mumbling ” i love you”. After keeping his stuff, she came and slept on the other side of the bed.

Next Morning:
Swara enter inside the room wearing orange saree. She saw sanskar is still sleeping, she approaches him and caress his hairs removing hairs from his forehead with one hand while in other is lemonade to remove the hangover of her dear husband. Sanskar got conscious as he felt swara’s touch. He turn only to see his beautiful wife giving her adorable smile. Swara forward lemonade towards him, he took and place on the side table. Sanskar held swara’s hand and pull her closer as the result she fall on him. Sanskar trace his fingers on her cheeks moving to lips. Swara close her eyes for a second getting lost in his touch. Sanskar move close and their lips were just inch apart. Swara blushes and move back but stop when sanskar held pallu of her saree. Swara’s breath got uneven, she bend coming close to him once again. Their eyes are locked. She free her saree and ran out making sanskar smile brightly but very soon his smile vanished.
Sanskar’s pov:
Once all over again i lost my control with swara’s proximity. Why i don’t understand that i don’t deserve her moreover she need a perfect husband not me who every night drink and lie here and there. We both don’t have any future together. Three months ago i met her when we got married, she was a complete stranger. I never had interest in girls and i want life where i can work during day and drink at night. I have my own company in mumbai while my parents live in kolkata bcoz of our business there. I never want to marry but my mother blackmailed me. For the first week after our marriage, i didn’t talked to swara when I used to be conscious but i felt bad when she always tried her level best to save our relation. I can’t leave alcohol, I’m badly addicted to it from last two years.First time, I tasted in the party and now i can’t think of living without it. I speak very less with swara bcoz most of the time I’m in office while at night I’m drunk. I observed swara, she is so innocent and she confessed that she love me but that’s just attraction and when she will get better life partner I’m sure she will move on.
Sanskar’s pov ends.

After few days,
It’s the daily routine of sanskar to come home after drinking but yesterday he didn’t came. Swara didn’t slept whole night and his phone was also switch off. He return next night again as usual drunk. Swara was worried as from two days sanskar didn’t met her.
” sanskar” swara ran to him as she saw him at the door.
” where were you yesterday??” She asked cupping his face.
” in office” he mumble carelessly. He is under the influence of alcohol.
” why??” Swara asked getting confused. Why he lived in office?? Did he have more work?
” bcoz of you” sanskar pointed his first finger towards swara narrowing his eyes. Swara give him puzzled look. Sanskar move towards his room stumbling while swara followed him.
” why bcoz of me sanskar?? Tell me clearly” swara asked getting angry. It’s not fun that he can vanish not even caring for her.
” you are affecting me swara” sanskar said and half lie on the bed.
” when i see you or when you come close to me, i want touch you and feel you” sanskar’s eyes are intense.
” sanskar I’m your wife….” swara keep her palms on his cheeks. Sanskar jerk her hand softly.
” nooo you are not for me. Swara be away from me please i request you. I don’t want to lose my control. We will separate soon then you will be happy” he was whispering but audible enough for swara. She is shocked. He don’t want to live with her. Swara knew he think himself imperfect but she don’t care bcoz she love him. Swara look at sanskar who is sleeping. She wipe her tears and made him lie properly and went to her side.

Next Morning, Swara was working in the kitchen but she felt her blouse got lose as knot of strings was about to open. She went to her room and saw sanskar still sleeping. She enter inside washroom hurriedly and remove her pallu to set her saree. She was busy in setting her saree when she felt like someone is staring her.
” sanskar” swara gasp turning as sanskar is standing leaning at the door. Swara hastily keep her pallu on her shoulder. She lower her eyelids and step back when sanskar came close. Sanskar pull her closer and on the shower.
” sanskar what are you….??” Swara’s words left incomplete as sanskar place his finger on her lips. Swara look in his red eyes. The water flowing down their bodies is heating the environment. Sanskar join his forehead against her suppressing her petite finger under his well built torso. He kiss her cheeks moving to neck. Swara closed her eyes as his lips touch her skin.
” swara” sanskar whisper in her ear.
” hmm” her breath is uneven and eyes tightly shut.
” you look so beautiful with wet hairs” sanskar said caressing her flicks. Swara open her eyes. Sanskar lean and was about to place his lips on her but not disturbed with the phone ring. Sanskar realized to what extent he went. He quickly move back and left mumbling “sorry”.
Swara stare his back. He is sorry for coming close to her. He is regretting for touching her.
” why can’t you see my love sanskar” swara’s tears got wash away with running water. She took deep breath trying to convince her heart one day they will also live happily.

After two days:
Sanskar is in his office with his best friend laksh. Swara and laksh also became friends from last three months. Sanskar has talked to laksh that he want to find good life partner for swara.
” sanskar are you sure you want to leave swara??” Laksh asked as he don’t want swasan to separate bcoz he know swara love sanskar alot.
” hmm i won’t be able to manage family life then why to hurt her by ignoring” sanskar blankly said. Don’t know why his heart felt pinch when he think about leaving swara.
” but how swara will react??” Laksh asked.
” she will be angry for now but her future will be safe” sanskar said. Laksh signed at his stupidity. He love her just don’t want to accept.
” alright than i have a very good boy for her” laksh said.
” who??” Sanskar asked.
” me who else” laksh said.
” laksh it’s not fun” sanskar strictly said.
” I’m serious. She is my good friend and swara is so sweet that it won’t be difficult to fall in love with her” laksh said shrugging his shoulder.
” yeah even i trust you” sanskar thoughtfully said.
” good then i will take her for dinner tonight and after your divorce we will be together” laksh said. He was noticing sanskar’s is getting panicked.
” okay go and tell her” laksh said.
” hmm” sanskar nodded and left. Laksh signed at him. He prayed to give some sense to sanskar.

Sanskar enter inside the hall and saw swara sitting and reading newspaper. He went close to her, swara lift her gaze after feeling someone. She got surprised to see sanskar as he came at afternoon.
” swara get ready tonight you are going for dinner” sanskar said avoiding eyecontact.
” ohh we are going for dinner ?” swara asked for confirmation as they never went out after marriage.
” only you are going with laksh” sanskar said.
” why laksh??” Swara asked being confused.
” swara i want you and laksh to be together after our divorce. He is good for you” sanskar said. He don’t have guts to meet her eyes.
” just shut up sanskar” swara shouted. She raised her voice for the first time. Now she understood what he is planning. He want to leave her.
” i never thought you will do this sanskar. I will not leave you get that clear in your mind” swara said crying and ran to the room.
” swara” sanskar shouted moving after her.
” swara think sensibly i can’t leave alcohol and that’s going to spoil your life so stop being stubborn” sanskar was standing outside the room as she has closed the door. When she didn’t reacted, sanskar went back to office and told laksh swara won’t come.

After a week:
It has been week since swara talked to sanskar. She is giving him silent treatment which is raising his temper. He is not liking her changed behaviour. He is sitting in office but her thoughts are wandering around swara. How much she has influence on him.
” hey sanskar what’s up??” Laksh said coming inside.
” good” he said.
” did swara talked??” He asked bcoz sanskar told about swara’s reaction.
” no why she don’t understand laksh” sanskar sadly said.
” why don’t you understand sanskar. She loves you. ” laksh said.
” i can’t leave alcohol its my life” sanskar said.
” make swara your life. Be around her I’m sure one day you would choose swara over alcohol ” laksh knew his friend that he can do it.
” you also love her accept it” laksh said.
” no” sanskar is so stubborn to accept.
” okay how would you feel if i will touch her??” Laksh raised his eyebrow.
” shut up laksh” sanskar got furious.
” see and you don’t love her” laksh roll his eyes.
” give one chance to your relation. Swara is gem don’t lose her” laksh made him understand.
” hmm she has become so important for me laksh i didn’t realized” sanskar remember how he keep on thinking about her.
” i know and stop seeing yourself as low or imperfect” laksh warned her.
” hopefully ” sanskar smile which reaches his eyes.
” all the best” laksh cheered him.

At night, sanskar came and swara was not in hall. Now she don’t wait for him. He is drunk but less that he has some senses. He went to his room and swara is lying on her side facing her back. Sanskar approaches the bed and lie on his side. He was staring her back. He slowly wrap his arm around her waist under her saree. Swara shiver with his sudden touch. She clutch bedsheet as sanskar kiss her bare back. She can enhale alcohol smell.
” swara I’m sor..ry” he mumble. Sanskar is kissing her back and when she was not able to bear, she turn towards him.
” I’m sorry for hurting you and doing stupid things” sanskar said. Swara hug him tightly throwing her arms around his back.
” i only love you” swara said crying.
Sanskar open the knot of her blouse. Swara tighten the hug.Sanskar remove blouse from her shoulder and give her wet kisses.
” i don’t want to be away from you” he slowly whisper.
” then don’t” swara look in his eyes.
Sanskar made her lie on pillow and softly place his lips on her taking them into a passionate kiss. Sanskar just don’t want to control anymore. Swara clutch his hairs, how much she had craved for his touch.
” i love you ” sanskar confessed breaking the kiss. Swara stare him trying to register that he seriously confessed.
” i love you more” swara smile saying little later. Sanskar sucks her throat moving down and kiss her visible cleavage. Swara gasp in utter pleasure.
” i will leave alcohol but i need little time” sanskar said.
” i know you can change sanskar and don’t you dare to find partners for me bcoz you are my best husband ” swara said.
” i will not, bcoz you are mine. Sorry for realizing little late” sanskar took her in his embrace and kiss her forehead.
” good night” swara kiss his chest. She don’t care to set her saree and hug him. Soon both slept peacefully ages.

After few weeks:
Everything was going normal. Sanskar spend his maximum time with swara and he was overcoming his addiction. No doubt he still needed it to avoid panick attack but he can bear it when swara is there beside him.
Sanskar came back from office and directly went to kitchen as swara will be there.
” what my Mrs is doing??” He slowly asked back hugging her.
” making dinner” swara smile at him.
” swara my head is paining” sanskar complain like baby.
” i will do oil massage” swara said. She know it must be bcoz sanskar didn’t drink from last two days. Yesterday also he was feeling restless.
After completing their dinner, swara did sanskar’s head massage.
” you are the best” sanskar said as he lie on swara’s lap. He nuzzles his face in her bare belly.
” sanskar do you know laksh is marrying kavya” swara said.
” hmm next month that idiot is settling in his life” sanskar said.
” laksh is not idiot infact you were idiot and he gave you some senses” swara softly hit his head.
” stop praising him” sanskar got irritated.
” someone is burning” swara teases him.
” yeah I’m jealous and i don’t mind accepting it” sanskar said.
” okay ” swara laugh at his possessiveness , he has become so protective now a days. After sanskar slept swara also hug him and slept.

After few months:
Swara felt sanskar is behaving wierd since morning but she is not getting what’s going in his head. He send her out for shopping with kavya. After laksh and kavya’s marriage swara and kavya became best friends. She changed her into red saree as kavya insisted. She return back but didn’t find sanskar in hall so she went to their room. She open the door but it’s dark inside.
” sanskar” she called him. He should be at home as it’s night and he won’t have any work.
As she stepped inside, dim light appear in the room revealing the decoration.
” happy six month anniversary madam” sanskar whisper in her ear.
” sanskar what’s all this??” She asked getting surprise.
” swara six months back on this day we got married. I did so many mistakes and hurted u but now i want to repend everything. You helped me to overcome alcohol and gave me new life which is much more beautiful than my old one. Thank you so much for coming in my life” sanskar was saying holding swara’s hand. He was waiting for the day when he will stop his all bad habits. He is no more addicted, since one month he didn’t even touched alcohol.
” I’m always there for you” swara hug him.
” so let’s cut the cake” sanskar said.
Swasan break the hug, swara blow the candles and they together cut the cake.
Firstly swara feed her and same he did.
” you look beautiful in my choice” he pointed at the saree.
” this kavya choosed…” then swara realized why kavya insisted her so much to wear it.
” so you ask kavya to give me this saree??” Swara raise his eyebrow.
” yes” sanskar nodded pulling her closer. Sanskar nuzzles his face in her hairs inhaling her sweet fragrance. Sanskar kiss her lips and swara also reciprocated with equal passion. Her knees got week and she held sanskar’s shoulder for support.
After breaking the kiss, sanskar pick her in his arms and made her lie on bed. She felt rose petals brushing against her skin. Sanskar came on the top kissing her all over again. His hands got busy in removing her bangles. He hastily remove them as the result they fell on the floor creating noise. Swara open his shirt buttons and remove it in urgency.
” so desperate ” sanskar smile making her blush profusely. Swara’s pallu fall on the floor as sanskar unclip it from shoulder. Sanskar kiss her neck moving towards her cleavage. She felt butterflies in her stomach with his each kiss. Sanskar kiss her naval hardly making her mourn in utmost pleasure. Sanskar caress her milky belly and remove waist chain throwing it away. He remove her clothes followed by his, they don’t want any barriers between them.
” i was waiting for this day” sanskar whisper in her ear. Swara is nervous, excited. She stare in his eyes and they shared an intense eyelock showing their love passion for each other.
” me too” only two words swara was able to utter. She closed her eyes allowing tears to flow down her cheeks as sanskar mark her as his breaking all the barriers.
” i love you so much” swara mumble hugging him tightly and feeling dizzy. Her long nails pierce his bare back.
” is it hurting??” Sanskar asked cupping her face. Swara shook her head and kiss his lips to make him feel she is fine. Sanskar smile and took her in his embrace. They cuddle whole night in the arms of their love.

The End.

How was it???? Sorry if messy?. Many said i don’t write romance so here i wrote???
You can criticise i won’t mind???
On my last update there were 197 likes thank you so much but comments as usual 25-30 ??? there are so many silent readers??. I feel like you read and ignore, never mind even than i also don’t bother to give regular updates..tit for tat??. Okay leaving all this, please those who can comment do tell me my try on romance. If it was horrible then i won’t try again??. And it’s okay if you have some problem for commenting, i can understand ??.
So i will try to give one update daily but no promise bcoz I’m super busy??
Enough of my lecture, now your turn to leave your views??.
Thank you
Take care

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