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Aamna is back but with an OS☺
It’s for all my Lovely Reader’s ☺
A small dedication to all for there Immense Love n Support☺
I am blessed to have u all as my Friend’s☺
(Buhat Emotional kardia na meine ?)
Let’s start with a Smile☺

A beautiful lady in her late twenties wearing a Royal blue Saree having black shinny borders with black blouse was sitting in her room balcony holding a cup of coffee… She was looking st some pictures in Album n was smiling some time chuckling n giggling… She was revealed to be our SIYAPPA QUEEN… She looked at a pic n went back to a Flash Back…

A Big Mansion was shown decorated beautifully with blue n white combinated curtains along with blue n white Roses… The hanging glass dangling at the Corners of the hall was adding beauty to the place… Lights were dimmed n slow yet soft Music was being played in background adding perfect Ambience to the surroundings… At one End was a DANCE FLOOR with soft blue n white light’s highlighting the Floor n At the other hand was a Bar…Main wall of the hall was beautifully decorated with pictures of a young couple… Some Romantic… Some Funny… Some While teasing eachother… The wall was having beautiful quotes for the couple in love… Small lights were Adding beauty to the wall… It has blue n white Roses bunches border at it’s corner… In middle was written SADU SARNA N SIYAPPA QUEEN in a Heart made with flowers… (ooh so the couple is our SIYAPPA QUEEN N SADU SARNA)It was there WEDDING RECEPTION… They got married a week back… Guest’s n Media was present there waiting for the lovely couple to Arrive…

Suddenly light’s went off n a light is focused on stair case… N their appear a beautiful couple hand in hand OUR SADU SARNA N SIYAPPA QUEEN… Twinkle was wearing Black n Red Floral Gown with Red crystal studded Earrings… She had done Smoky Eye Make-up n applied Blood Red lipstick… She had tied her hair in beautiful bun… Some Hair strands falling on her face making her look Elegant…Whilst our Hottie was wearing Black Tuxedo looking Hot n Handsome complimenting our Punjabi Pataka… They came down while Media was crazy clicking there pictures… They went n took blessings from Leela n RT…

(NOTE: KUNJ is an Orphan… He was very Small when Usha n Manohar died in a Plane Crash… Kunj has an Elder Brother Ravi who is 5 yrs elder then kunj n is married to Maya… Maya is very cunning woman… She separated Kunj n Ravi by creating Misunderstanding between them… She married Ravi just for his Money n when she came to know that Kunj was given 60% property to kunj by Manohar… She created Rift between both the brothers n also took kunj’s all property by dodging him… Ravi n Kunj was raised by bebe after their parent’s death but she to passed away 4 yrs back… Kunj worked hard n gained all the wealth n became THE YOUNGEST BUISNESS TYCOON OF INDIA… )

Ravi n Maya with their children Aryan n Anaya congratulated Kunj n Twinkle… They were then greeted n congratulated by the guest’s… Guest’s blessed the couple… After sometime TWINJ were pulled to DANCE FLOOR by their Friend’s…
(Please Plug in ur Headphones n play this Song u will be able to imagine the scene)
Ho… Sun Saathiyaa Maahiya…
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan…
Rang jaun, Rang Rang jaun ri, Haari mein…
Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaun…
Hoon piya bas teri mein…
Ho chhu le toh khari mein…
(.. Toh khari mein khari mein.. )
(TWINJ were standing facing eachother… Kunj pulled twinkle closer by her waist n Twinkle’s Hands wrapped around his neck… )
Ho… Sun Saathiyaa Maahiya…
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan…
(KUNJ twirled twinkle around n Twinkle while singing these lines took two rounds around kunj circling… She then landed on kunj with jerk due to continuous circling n they shared an Eyelock )
Instrumental plays….
(Kunj again twirled her… This time twirling in a fast motion… After two or three twirls… She back hugged kunj… n continued singing)
Main Ret si… Boond ka zariya tu…
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaun re…
Main Ret si… Boond ka zariya tu…
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaun re…
(Kunj kept his hand on hers n turned around looking into Twinkle’s Eye’s…He placed a loving kiss on her Forhead n then sung the lines below)
Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun…
Dariya ye tar jaun jee…
Ishq ye paake main tera…
Nikhar jaaun ri…
(They were moving according to the Rythm n Kunj sang those lines looking intensly into Twinkle’s Eye’s… There Eye’s were portraying all the love they had for Eachother… There firm grip on Eachother told that they belong to Eachother for Ever)
Piya bas teri mein…
Ho… chhu le toh khari mein…
Toh… khari mein khari mein…
(Listening to his lines… she was blushing n not being able to bear his intense gaze she hugged him… n He hugged her back)
Ho… Sun Saathiyaa Maahiya…
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan…
They came back to their senses when they heard clapping sounds… They seprated themselves… Twinkle was blushing badly n Kunj was smiling… After sometime everyone left after having dinner… RT n Leela to bid bye to them… After having dinner TWINJ came to their Room n stood infront of Mirror n started removing her jewellery…
Kunj came n back hugged Twinkle…He slid his hands on her belly sending shivers down her spine… Twinkle kept her hands on his… She leaned her head back n rested on his shoulder…
K:I LOVE U (kissing her neck)
T:Hmmm… I know… (teasing him)
K:(Turning her.. Making her face him)Kya I know…
T:(Smirking)I know… Matlab… I know u love me…
K:Toh uska koi reply bhi toh hota hai na…
T:Meray pas nahi hai na…
K:Kya Matlab nahi hai… Don’t u love me…
T:(Mischievously) No… I don’t…
Kunj eye’s turned glassy listening to it… A tear escaped his Eye… Twinkle was shocked seeing it… Kunj started moving backward having teary eye’s… n went to balcony… Twinkle went behind him… He was facing her back to him… She went n back hugged him… He removed her hands n turned to go back… but twinkle held his wrist… She made him face her n was taken aback by seeing his teary red eye’s… she didn’t mean to hurt him… n didn’t thought it would hurt him this much… She cupped his face n kissed his Forhead n then his closed red eye’s…
T:(sobbing n trembling)kkk… Kunj… I.. I didn’t mean to hurt… u… I was just joking… I didn’t thought it will hurt u this much… (Tears rolled down her eye’s… Kunj wiped her tears n nodded his head in no… He placed a loving kiss on her Forhead… )
K:I know twinkle u didn’t mean it… (his voice trembling)… bu… but i know I can’t afford to loose u… whom ever I have loved has left me alone… pehle maa papa… n phir Bebe… Agar tu mujhe chor kar gyi na… Toh mein Mar….
Twinkle didn’t let kunj complete his sentence n smashed her lips on his… Conveying How much she felt hurt when he said this… Their kiss was pouring all the love they had for Eachother… Their fear of loosing Eachother visible… Twinkle was sucking Kunj’s upper lip while kunj was nibbling on her lower lip… Her hands caressing his hairs… His hands on her waist… They kissed eachother passionately for 10 minutes n broke the kiss being out of breath… Both breathing heavily… Twinkle raised herself a bit n kissed his Forhead… n whispered in his Ears…
T:I love u too SADU SARNA…
N touched her Forhead with his…
K:(naughtily) u will have to pay for this MRS SARNA…
Saying this he picked her up in his Arms n started moving towards their bedroom… Twinkle slightly rubbed her nose with his n placed a kiss on his cheek n said…
T:I am ready for the punishment (winking at him)

He came inside the Room n moved towards the bed… He gently laid her down in the back… n dimmed the light’s of Room… n then came on top of her… He placed a soft kiss on her Forhead… She closed her eye’s feeling his touch… He then kissed her eye’s… The moved towards her cheek… placing soft kisses on her cheeks moved towards her earlobes n but them lightly making her moan… whilst kunj chuckled… He then placed a kiss on her chin… then some above her lips teasing her… Twinkle groaned at his teasing n captured his lips in hers making him smile in between the kiss… After being out of breath they broke the kiss… but kunj’s lips shifted there attention towards her neck n collar bone… placing love bites n wet kisses there… whilst twinkle was opening the buttons of his shirt… She opened his shirt n throwed it away… she then pushed him n came on top of him… She again kissed him… This time wildly… They both were kissing like there was no tomorrow… After breaking the kiss twinkle started placing love bites on his shoulder n neck while kunj was moaning Twinkles name… shewas then kissing him on his cheat n Abs… Kunj’s hand reached the back of her dress n He slid the zip of her dress making twinkle moan… He again pushed her on bed n came on top of her… He slid the dress from her body leaving her in two piece… He came near her Ears n whispered :u have a perfect body…. when she became all shy n hugged him… He hugged her back… After sometime they broke the hug n Kunj placed at loving soft kiss on her Forhead assuring her to trust him… Twinkle laid back on the bed… He again kissed her n then breaking the kiss moved down kissing her cleavage… placing love bites there…He then moved n placed kisses on her belly n sucks there… He kissed each n every part of her body… After sometime he came back n again kissed her… He pulled blanket over themselves n Intertwined their hands and then the screen got blurred….
(Bas Ab thori si privacy dedo unhein ??Hope it wasn’t vulgar)
Twinkle was smiling remembering there moments when she realised her coffee has finished n it’s the time to wake them up… She went inside the Room n saw a Masculine figure lying on back n a cute chubby little girl of 4 was sleeping on him… Her head was resting on his masculine chest n her little chubby hands holding his shirt in a Fist… A smile appeared on her face seeing the both… she went near them n climbed on the bed making sure that the little girl don’t get disturb… she whispered in the ears of the man…
T:kunj… wake up… It’s 9… (so the person is none other than our Kunj)
Kunj stirred in his sleep n slightly opened his eye’s n looked at twinkle… He placed a kiss on her Forhead lying there only not moving so that he didn’t disturb his little princess…n wished twinkle morning n then placed a loving kiss on his daughter’s head… She smiled slightly in her sleep… Making TWINJ’s lips form a curve…
T:Aahana baby get up… It’s 9…
Aahana get up rubbing her eye’s n Kunj to get up n rested his back on the head board of the bed n taking his daughter on his lap…
Aa:Good Morning papa… Good Morning Mamma
Placing kisses on their cheeks n then climbing back on Kunj’s lap n resting her head on his chest…
T:uffo… Mein tum dono baap beti ka kya karungi… Tum dono kitne lazy ho…
Kunj n Aahana grinned at twinkle n then went to get freshen up… Kunj n Aahana had a great Fun while brushing their teeth… Twinkle saw them having Fun n Laughing n smiled… It was their daily Routine… Kunj was a perfect father who can never deny his princess… He had spoiled her to no Extent… Aahana needs her father before she goes to sleep n wake up… She would not have Bf and dinner until Kunj himself don’t get her Eat… How ever Twinkle only knew How she make Aahana Eat her Lunch Every day… Aahana was a perfect daddy’s girl… Though twinkle handles Aahana perfectly but when Aahana is not well or her mood is not ok or is being stubborn kunj was the only one able to handle her… There relationship always left her in Awww??
There life was more than Perfect… It was their 5 WEDDING ANNIVERSARY today… They had decided to celebrate it with only bein with themselves n only RT n Leela to accompany them…
Twinkle was getting ready in front of Mirror when Kunj came n back hugged her…
T:Where we’re u?
K:with Aahana…
T:Ooh… where is she?
K:She is with leela maa… They had come…
Twinkle was about to go when Kunj pulled her back making her face him… n bend down sitting on his one knee… Twinkle was confused at his reaction… Then she saw him taking out two beautiful Anklets from his pocket n then he made her wear one by one… He got up n whispered in Twinkle’s Ear…
K:come let’s go…
He held her hand and started moving but twinkle stopped him…
T:Don’t u want it gift…
K:I got u and Aahana… That’s the biggest gift of my life
And touched his Forhead with hers… Twinkle took his hand and placed on her belly n whispered in his Ears:I r going to be a Father Kunj…
Kunj looked at her in suprise n then smiled n placed kiss on her Forhead…
They were blessed with Happy Life looking Forward for their Future with their children…
I know it was boring n not upto the Mark… But I am Really Sorry Friend’s For not commenting on all ur FF’s… I haven’t Opened TU since last one week… Firstly I was having Exams without any gap ??N when I got a long gap??I got Unwell… I was having High Fever since last week n Terrible Cough n Flu… Due to cough I was having a bad Headache… so wasn’t able to comment n Read ur FF’s… I am really sorry Friend’s ??I am Reading all the FF’s n trying to cover up n will comment also though on some I asked Priya urf Mia to comment on behalf… Once again I am really very Sorry??Plz maaf kardo mujhe☺☺
I wanna ask u all one thing do reply in The comment box… As I will be having Board’s in May so will not ve able to post my FF and FS episodes… But I have some One Shots in my mind… So can give u a weekly story if u all liked this one☺This is my first ever OS ☺Hope u all will like it… Fingers Crossed☺Do share ur opinion☺
Love u all??
Loads of love ??
Take care ☺☺
Keep Smiling ??
Bye bye☺☺

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