Hey guys! It’s me Ashiya back with a promo!
Honestly, I am completely overwhelmed by your responses. They truly mean a lot to me; more than you can even imagine?
So let’s get started….(hope this one brings a bright smile on all your gorgeous faces?)

Dev: Sonakshi, trust me. We can give it another go.

Sonakshi: Dev tummi ekdum impossible. What do you mean by give it another go, huh?

Dev: I know that it’s hard for you to digest this fact but I think there’s a lot more to Dev and Sonakshi. All lot more to Devakshi. Please, ek baar ke liye maan jao ( Please, listen to me for once).

Sonakshi: Uss din jab tumne mujhe so sab kaha tha tab kyon nahin socha? (When you’d said all that to me that day, why didn’t you think about it then?)

Dev: That was me ego, arrogance. But know I’m ready to change just for you. Please, tell me that you agree. Things between us won’t be like how they were in the past, really.

Sonakshi: You and our arrogance have no space in my life Dev. And for your kind information, there never was anything between us in the past. We’ve always been like two strangers and we’ll continue to be so. So what’s there that you’re asking forgiveness for?

Dev: Yes, you’re right. Humare beech kuch nahin tha, lekin ab to ho sakta hai na?(There wasn’t anything between us earlier but there can be something now, can’t it?) I really regret my rude behaviour towards you that day.

Sonakshi: I’m glad you regret it and why shouldn’t you not? It was something I’m not going to forget that easily Mr.Dev Dixit. Aur vaise bhi, humare beech mein kissi cheez ki aane ki kya zaroorat hai jab pehle se hi itni nafrat hai? (Besides, what the need of something between us when hatred already stands between us?)

Dev: Sona, please.

Sonakshi: (with tears in her eyes) Thike, I’ll think about it (Fine, I’ll think about it) and walks off.

What’s the reason behind Sonakshi’s hatred when she has a crush on Dev? What was Dev’s rude behaviour all about and why did he do so if he himself secretly admired Sonakshi? Seems like it won’t be easy for the two bodies to come together and help join the souls of two people to whom their self-respect matters a LOT.

To find out more, read ME, YOU AND PASSION by Ashiya.

Hope you find the promo interesting and worth. I’ve tried to make it as long as possible and have added English subtitles wherever I’ve been using Hindi.

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  1. Very nyc promo! Plz keep writing…….eagerly waiting to read more….plz continue asap??

    1. Thnx Maria di…Glad I could increase the level of ur excitement ????

  2. Angel20

    Awesome promo!! Very eager to read the episode!! Why this is happening????? Omg!!! I really can’t wait!! Please post it soon! At such age you are writing so brilliantly! Love you❤

    1. Thnx for ur valuable comment Maria di..
      This ff has been planned on a really long story and I hope to display the whole infront of you..but that’s only if I get positive responses and support from my dear ppl..
      Your comment has boasted my confidence and I hope this will help make my writing improve 🙂
      Love ya????

  3. It’s awesome …..and amazing promo ??????☺️??

    1. Thnks a lot Maleeha di!
      Loads of luv??????

  4. Manya

    Very excited??
    Love love❣

    1. Thanks a lot Ayushi di!
      I hope the story is worthy of ur excitement????
      Love ya ??????

  5. Sakthi

    Wow super dear..want to read the epi soon..
    I cant believe u r 12 in good ur writing is..continue dear.

    1. Thnk u sooo much Sakthi di!
      I’ve been receiving many comments related to my age. However, I believe it talent that matter and not age?
      I wouldn’t call myself talented either infront of such great and experienced Writers like u???
      Love ya????

  6. Raya

    It’s so good… Hope you post soon.. Amazing piece of writing..

    1. Thank you Raya di!
      I’ll try my best to post soon. My exams will be getting over on the 21st. Till then, things seem to be a bit dicey when it comes to posting an episode. Yet, I’ll try my best?
      Love you?????

  7. Aaru

    It’s vry twisted!! I would luv to know d secrets of d story..

    1. Thnx a loads Aaru di!
      Yes, indeed, it’s a very twisted story. After all, happiness and sorrow are all parts of life??
      Love you??

  8. Esme

    Really !!!! 12 years old.waaaaaaooooow..itnna accha…very good. Chalo phir friends ???

    1. Thank you soooooooooo much Esme di! For your valuable comment. All the comments received from my supporters and readers mean a lot to me. Yes, of course friends ???
      Loads of luv????

  9. Erina

    Hey anshita dear Promo is interesting nd amazing. I wonder u r so small than me like my baby (no no don’t think i’m oldy ???????) nd write so well but see i can’t even imagine to write .u r awesome writter dear so post soon Egarlyyy waitingggg nd equally exiciteddddddddd
    With loads of love

    1. Hey Erina di!
      Thanks for your valuable comment. I’ve had many appreciations on my writing skills and hope that they make further articles written by me even better.
      Will try my best to post soon.
      Love you loads????

  10. Promo is veryyy intreresting……i wud luv to know the secret……

    1. Thanks a lot Manya di!
      Glad you like it ????????
      Love you?????

  11. Erika

    hey awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee promo dear and sorry for late comment as i read the promo just now so sorry again dear..

    1. Np di!
      Glad u like it??
      Thank u Soo much!

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