Passion of devotion Abhigya Part 1


Pragya gets up and comes in her senses. Abhi tries to put hand on her shoulder but she jerks his hands off
Pragya : why am I telling you all this?
Abhi : don’t you understand that she is lying?
Pragya : why would she lie? she loves and that child is the result of this
Abhi : I will not accept this on any cost when I know I am not wrong
Pragya : I took her to the clinic and doctor confirmed that she is pregnant
Abhi : She is making fool out of you, she is not pregnant, I told her that we will not cross our limit after our marriage
Pragya is compelety surprised to hear it but is not ready to believe it
Pragya : Fine, we can make her do the test in front of us and what if it is positive, I don’t want to be blamed for coming between two lovers
Abhi is very much shocked to hear her harsh words and free her from the fake relationship
Pragya : You will have to accept this responsibility (tries to control her tears)
Abhi feels somebody put dagger on his heart and broke it into pieces. He did not have courage to express his feelings knowing that he broke all her trusts and belief on love and marriage. Though he wants to share his inner feelings with her but ignored it thinking he do not deserve such a golden heart girl in his life.
Pragya : I will leave once you get married to Tanu and till then our divorce will start proceeding
Abhi : I just have one request, please till this mess is cleared don’t hurt my dadi anymore because she will already be devastated when we will tell the truth
Pragya : But then how will she accept Tanu
Abhi : you leave that to me but please for last time consider this my request
Pragya melts downs hearing his plea and can see the truth in his eyes but still stick to her decision.

A stunning beauty gets off from a helicopter who is very superior regrading her work with a sparkling eyes getting excited to meet her dear sister the only whom she loves more than her parents. The sister who protected Tanu from all bad things is none than the young girl named Suhani who is a CEO of Angel music company.
Tanu decides to take help from Suhani as she can only help her get out the mess
Suhani : Tanu, my little princess, how are you
Tanu replies softly
Suhani : what happened?
Tanu : Nothing, when are you coming back, I am missing you very much
Suhani : don’t worry, my work is done and I will come to you very soon, now cheer up and how is your modeling career is going
Tanu is scared answering but tells her it is fine
Suhani : Okay listen I have to go, I will call you later, take care bye
Tanu : bye ( looks at the picture of Suhani and her together)
Tanu : I know you will be very hurt by my deed but I know only you can help me with this
Mehra house
Abhi in his music room thinks of Pragya’s words and is disheartened for losing her. Purab comes to meet Abhi who is lost in deep thoughts.
Purab : Abhi? where are you lost
Abhi : I lost Purab
Purab ; what? did you talk to Pragya di
Abhi tells everything to Purab who suggests him to find out the truth by himself
Purab : If you very much sure about your innocence then you will have dig out the truth
Abhi : You are right, first I have to prove Pragya she is lying
Purab : But if Pragya di is saying that Tanu is pregnant then if the results come positive
Abhi : Then I know what to do but first thing first
Purab : whatever you do just remember I am always with you (puts his hand on Abhi’s shoulder)
Abhi felts relieved after knowing that his best friend who me hurt so much is still with him and trusting him.
Abhi : Thanks Purab,
Purab : for what?
Abhi :I hurt you so much and never tried to listen to you in the past and forced you on a loveless marriage
Purab : Its okay, I know you always want to see Alia’s happiness and for that you did everything you could, we will find her a very great guy who is better than me and will value her, now you will have to prove your love to Pragya di and convince her that you realized your past deeds

Both friends tightly hug after ages resolving their differences
Tanu : No way I will not do this test at any cost
Pragya : why not? don’t you think the father of your baby has to right to question it
Tanu : okay fine (agrees hesitantly)
Next day Pragya and Abhi takes Tanu to the hospital
Tanu : where did you bring me? I told you to go at St Mary clinic
Abhi : do you think I am an idiot who will be fooled by your tricks
Tanu ; Abhi please
Abhi and Pragya goes inside with Tanu in doctor’s cabin. The doctor confirms Tanu’s pregnancy which comes to a huge blow on Abhi and more heartbreak to Pragya. Abhi felt like ground is slipping from his feet and his all hard work went in vain just because of his mistake. He lost the girl who he just started to love and was dreaming to clear all the misunderstanding and start a new fresh life by giving a chance to his marriage. Abhi goes to his room and sits on floor remembering the slap he gave to Pragya which instead should be on his face for messing up three lives and hurting the people who gave him the immense love he craved from childhood. Abhi realizes its the karma that is biting him when he ruined an innocent girl’s life for no reason. Pragya comes to the room and start looking for Abhi who was sitting in balcony only to find Abhi in a traumatized state and talks to him.
She puts her hand on his shoulder but Abhi does not say anything. Pragya finds his hand bleeding and is terrified to see blood in his hand.
Pragya : what have to done to yourself? (says by applying first aid in his hand) I am asking you something, answer me
Abhi does not respond to her and walks off but Pragya holds his hand
Pragya : you have to answer me, why do think harming yourself will solve everything
Abhi grabs her shoulder tightly and reminds her about the slap
Pragya : what?
Abhi : I need to be punished for raising hand on a girl who stood with me on every problem and I gave her nothing but just sorrow, why are you so nice to help people who are your culprits?
Pragya : who said you did not give me happiness? you know till today I never felt I lack anything in my life but when I saw the love you have for your family for whom you married me I don’t care for what reasons I started to respect you (tears) I will take all our sweet memories of the moments we spent together
Abhi : Can’t we give change the situation
Pragya : If it was in our hands to change our destiny then everybody would be living happy today but we have to accept whatever comes our way thats life and move on (puts her hand on his face)
Abhi : how will you live after our divorce?
Pragya : Me? I will live like just before and I never care about the taunts by society (says in very broken voice)
Abhi : I know I cannot repay for the pain I caused to you, its better you leave me at least you can live happily without me
Pragya gets furious hearing his statement and grabs his collar
Pragya : Happy? you think I would be happy without you, yes I will be really, after all I will get all the freedom from this marriage, this is what you want right, I will show you that I can live without you (leaves furiously)

Abhi looks at the stars at which he always wanted to reach but realizes he is fallen hard on the ground
At Tanu’s house Suhani comes with excitement to see her baby sister
Suhani : Oh my god, I am so happy to see you ( hugs happily) I cannot tell you how I am feeling to see you after such a long time
Tanu feels bad for hiding the truth from her only sister
Suhani : what happened? are you not happy to see me
Tanu : what are you saying? why would I not be happy to see you, I have so many things to talk to you
Suhani : okay lets go
Abhi remembers the promise to his parents that he will take care of his sister.
Abhi : I am sorry mom, I could not fulfill my promise of being a good brother, good grandson or a good friend then how can I become a good husband (cries soberly)
Pragya who wants to console Abhi stops herself thinking she lost that right and leaves with a heavy heart.
Tanu after lot of hesitant reveals everything to Suhani making her shocked to the core
Tanu : I am pregnant
Suhani : what? (says shockingly)
Tanu : I know I should have revealed it to you but I never got the courage
Suhani : do you even realize what have you done? didn’t you think about mom dad at least not about me, you know after so much effort they made the reputation of this family
Tanu : I am sorry, please help with this (pleads)
Suhani : did you talk to Abhi
Tanu : I did, he was not ready to accept it but because of Pragya I think he will accept this
Suhani gets into deep thinking after hearing Pragya’s name
Tanu : where are you lost
Suhani : Nothing, now listen to me carefully till I don’t say anything to do please don’t use your brain, first I have to make sure that mom dad does not find it right now
Tanu : You know mom dad agreed to our relation but till our marriage happens we have to make sure they do not know anything, what if Abhi refuses to marry me and not leave that behenji
Suhani : Shut up Tanu and just do as I say if you do not want to complicate the situation anymore (leaves)
Later at night both Pragya and Abhi cannot sleep as they remember their fights, cute moments and the confession
Pragya : why did you do this to me (looking at god) when I thought everything was going fine, I know this was coming but why am I feeling that I am leaving something behind (confused)
Abhi : I wish I could ever tell you how much you meant to me and even after leaving you my heart will always be with you, I know you deserve much better life which I gave you, I am sorry for everything Pragya but I know this is my punishment by staying from you

On the top of a bridge Purvi stands looking at the water remembering Pragya’s words and nobody believing her (fists her hand)

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  1. Nice bt to b frank I just fed up tz pregnancy track… Again in ff 2 pregnancy track its really somewhat disappointing me yaar..

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      But in my FF it won’t be stretched for long, I would say 3-4 parts and then new story

  2. yaar i am fed up if pregnency.track please endthis track in next episode please

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