Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 9


Arora house

Bulbul : surprise for you? (jumps like a kid)

Pragya ; yes, he told me to meet me at farm house and stop being like a child

Bulbul ; then go but before that I will do something to make your date memorable

Pragya : what are you gonna do? (asks with concern)

Bulbul : don’t worry it will not harm you

Alia helps Abhi to decorate the whole terrace with red roses and candles at their farm house

Abhi : how does this look?

Alia : everything looks perfect but don’t you think it is bit too much, I mean for a simple girl like her, everything should be bit simple

Abhi : you are right, let me think, okay I will figure this out, you just have to do a favor for me

Alia : what is it bhai?

“Bring Pragya here around 8” says by fixing the table cloth

Alia : done (gives thumbs up to him)

Purvi follows Tanu going at a deserted place and gets shocked to see the corporator.

Tanu : I told you to not meet me

Neil : Because of you and that Alia, police is still behind me, you know how difficult it is for me roam like this

Tanu : You never payed heed to us when we told you to leave the city immediately after you got bail
Neil : don’t try to act smart, I am in this mess because of you and your friend, now you both will help me or I will tell police that who was with me for kidnapping, and I framed Purvi due to Alia
Purvi who heard everything gets a big blow
Tanu : you are not doing anything, I will try to close all your cases but till then keep your mouth close (leaves)
Purvi : Alia Mehra, you did not do this right, you will have to suffer the insult i had to face from this family
Bulbul dresses up Pragya with red anarkali with light make up and without glasses.
Pragya : Bulbul? I am looking good na?
Bulbul : Today jiju will not be able to take his eyes off from you (teases her)
“Shut up”!!! Pragya says sternly
Alia drops off Pragya at their farm house in the evening where Abhi waits for her desperately. Pragya while going inside gets bit scared when there is dark inside the house. She calls out to Abhi but he watches her from behind the pillar and is mesmerized by her beauty. He felt like a fool for losing an angel like her. Suddenly a projector plays where Pragya sees all their marriage pictures and other functions. She sees a letter on table in which Abhi tells her to come upstairs. Finally she sees Abhi coming in front of her making her emotional. She sees around with the candles and roses on the table.
Abhi : how did you like my surprise?
Pragya : what is all this?
Abhi ; you still want me to tell you, why could you not understand that my heartbeat for only person in this world (puts her hand on heart)
Pragya looks at him with confused face
Abhi : you are right, let me show that face (takes her in front of mirror)
Pragya ; I don’t know what are you saying
Abhi : this is beautiful face I want to see forever in front of me
For a second Pragya could not believe what she just heard from the person for whom she gave hope to give the love she craved for so many months since her marriage.
Abhi : yes, I want to hold your hand like this forever and go around the whole world, tell me will you be with whole life?
Pragya cries her heart out hugging him tightly. He caresses her hair softly and tells her to take all her pain out.
Pragya : I am sorry, I hurted you so much and ..
Abhi : stop (puts finger on her mouth) you did nothing wrong, stop blaming yourself
Pragya : I blamed you for the mistake you never did
Abhi : I told you that whatever bad had to happen it did, nothing will go wrong now okay
Pragya nods happily and hugs him. Later Pragya shares her doubt of Armaan’s behavior with Abhi.
Abhi ; what do you mean?

Pragya : I doubt his intention, I don’t want Alia to suffer again, how do you know him
Abhi : he was with Alia during college, if I am not wrong Alia told me that he loved her, you don’t worry I will find out, for right now lets think about ourself
Pragya blushes at his words and tries to go but is hold back by Abhi.
Abhi : didn’t I told before, you will have to bear this rockstar for whole life now, I want to thank my dadi today to bring you in my life
Pragya : Actually some credit goes to god for making us meet right
Abhi : I knew you would bring your god in between our conversation
Pragya : Thats why I said because I know you might have prayed for me during the accident right
Abhi : Yaar fuggy, why do you always get to know what I feel when you are not around me
Pragya : because I am your shadow, not even death could seperate me from you
Abhi : if you again said that I swear you will not see me alive
Pragya : Promise (kisses his forehead)

Rocky (Armaan’s best friend) : are you crazy? this is the big opportunity for you
Armaan : No, I will not sit quiet till I see that brother-sister totally broken
Rocky : but for that why do you want miss such a golden chance, you know this thing can change your life and you will become big stardom than Abhi, that will a big blow on those Mehra family
Meanwhile he spots Purvi praying at the temple and smirks. He comes up with a plan to teach Alia and Abhi a lesson by breaking Alia’s heart using Purvi.
Armaan ; you might have heard that saying “A person can escape from his karma but not his fate”
Purvi : No I have not nor do I want to know the meaning of it (says wearing her sandal) and by the way sorry for yesterday I was rude to you
“what am I hearing, can you say it out loud, I didn’t hear it” says touching her head
“I said I am sorry “Purvi shouts out loud
Armaan rubs his ears looking around
Purvi : if your nonsense talk is over than can I go
Armaan ; I have a best partnership offer for you
Purvi : Excuse me, I am not a business person
Armaan ; You know I have always learnt that person who makes his own luck can never fall behind
Purvi : Listen, I don’t have time to solve your riddles
Armaan : you will have to be my partner in music, in return I will help you fulfill your dream, we both will be great partners
Purvi : Think over again, it is not going to be easy to be partner with me
Armaan : Agree now what?

Purvi : you will be my partner for dance
Armaan : what? have you lost it? (gets shocked)
Purvi : Then you can hear one saying from me that ” People who lose it, make it big” ,
Armaan is smitten to see Purvi’s confidence
Purvi :I will help you out to become singer because my friend is a CEO in music company but only if you partner up with me for dance now that is called a perfect partnership
Armaan : what are you trying to say?

Purvi ; You like to play danger games right, now play one game with me and let me see how well you play, I will wait for your answer, bye (leaves)

Rocky : who is this yaar?

Armaan : very smart player, Rocky this girl is perfect for completing my task, just wait and watch how I will break Alia’s heart and this girl will help me

Rocky : think over again, I feel something is not right with this girl, if she gets to know your real intention she might not support

Armaan: Rocky, it is very easy to manipulate wounded tigress and I can sense that this girl is holding immense hatred in her heart, anyway I have some important work, I will catch you later (leaves)

Rocky : I hope he does not land in big trouble on day

Bulbul looks at her shelve and finds Purvi’s picture reminding of her lie

Bulbul : where are you? I wish you were part of our happiness, I hope you are fine wherever you are (puts back photo)

Suhani is walking on the road and spots Purvi.

Purvi : Hi Suhani

Suhani : so princess did you find your partner or not (teases her)

Purvi : not yet but very soon I will and then success will be mine

Suhani : why do I feel you are upto something and you don’t want to reveal ti

Purvi : whatever, you will find it soon so wait and watch

Suhani ; anyway lets go for lunch, I am damn hungry

Precap : Pragya’s birthday; New Love triangle of Alia-Armaan-Purvi

PS : Guys just letting you know Armaan will not be negative character but will eventually turn positive later on

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