Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 8


Pragya comes to Mehra house when Dadi invites her to come for dinner. The families does not allow Pragya to be alone even for a second because of her health. Abhi requests Alia to help him talky to Pragya.
Alia : bhai, can’t you see how tight security is around bhabhi, not even your concerts have such security, they should all work as bodyguards in your concert, I am sure nobody would dare to mess up
Abhi : Shut up Alia, I did not call you to give speech, you got Pragya’s habit
Alia : Fine then call you sali sahiba, I am sure she will help you better than me, bye (starts to leave)
Abhi : okay sorry, (holds her ears)
Alia does not accept it
Abhi ; Now i said sorry na, what else do you want
Alia : You know rakhi is coming soon, I will ask you something, till then keep this apology with you (leaves)
Abhi : Alia, listen

Pragya who wants to talk with Abhi but is not able to due to family members around her.
Alia : Dadi, I was thinking, can I take bhabhi with me for a ride please?
Dadi : is this something to ask, go but come soon she is not recovered yet fully
Alia : Promise
Abhi watches from far and feels proud of his sister while Alia makes faces in front of him while walking with Pragya towards the garden.
Pragya : Alia, I think you should be free now, your brother can handle
Alia : how do you know?
Abhi ; she is mind reader, she loves reading people’s mind
Pragya : very funny
Alia : I am leaving for an hour, till then you should be back bhai
Abhi : Look she is ordering her brother
Alia ; It is my right, enjoy your time together (teases)
Abhi : you.. (tries to run behind her)
Alia goes out leaving the couple alone
Pragya gets very happy seeing the love between siblings
Abhi : why are you so upset?
Pragya : nothing, you know I always wished to have big brother but my luck
Abhi : You have one, how many do you want
Pragya : who?
Abhi : Purab who else
Pragya : Oh yeah, I always see s brother in him

Abhi gets an idea to cheer up Pragya’s mood and splashes water on her by pipe. Though she tries to stop him but he continues to pour water on her.
Pragya : stop it, you know I hate this kind of things
Abhi : why are you so unromantic? you should start reading romantic novels
Pragya : really? now I will show you (grabs the water pipe to splash water on him and runs)
Abhi : aye fuggy, wait
Pragya : let me see how fast you can run
Abhi : I will catch you in one minute
Pragya continues to run around but does not come in Abhi;s hand easily.
Pragya : you should start jogging each morning instead of making muscles
Abhi : don’t forget I built muscles to straighten crazy people
Armaan goes to buy something at mall when spots Purvi working there in a clock shop.
Purvi : hello again
Armaan : so you work here
Purvi : what do you think? I am doing time pass here
Armaan : why can’t you answer any question quickly
Purvi : I am not in mood to fight with you because right now you are my customer, so what do you think you will buy today
Armaan ; can you show me that watch? (points to the watch)
Purvi : you are very lucky, this is the latest one came today
Armaan : okay I will buy this
Purvi : is it someone special?
Armaan : consider for a best friend
Purvi : here you go
Armaan : see you later
Purvi : bye (waves him)
Armaan feels strange after his meeting with Purvi
Dolly (Purvi’s coworker) : who was he?
Purvi ; very sweet stranger
Alia : time up bhai, why are you both so drenched
Abhi : it was raining thats why
Alia : in what world are you living, because its been 3 months we had seen rain
Alia waits desperately for Armaan to come at Mehra house. Finally Armaan appears to Mehra house looking revengefully at each corner.
Alia ; what took you so long
Armaan : I am so sorry
Alia : never mind, come lets go
Mehra family welcomes Armaan and thanks him for saving Alia last time
Alia : bhai, he is the one
Abhi : Hi Armaan (shakes hands while Pragya is standing between them
Armaan : Must say your house is beautiful
Abhi : thanks, by the way thats my wife
Armaan : hello (shakes hands with Pragya) again
Alia : you know him
Pragya ; I saw him at the concert last time
Armaan : so how are you now?
Pragya : I am fine
Dadi : dear, I am very happy to see you after so many years, I am so sorry to hear about your parents’ death
Armaan : its okay dadi, it was past
Pragya starts getting suspicious seeing Armaan’s behavior. Later Armaan spends unique time with Alia
Alia : thank you Armaan
Armaan : for what?
Alia ; for everything
Armaan : then I should give you a gift for friendship’s day right?
Alia : Its okay
Armaan : close your eyes
Alia ; but why?
Armaan : please
Alia : okay (closes her eyes)

Armaan ties the watch on her wrist which makes Alia very happy.
Alia : this is so beautiful
Armaan : I know your choice thats why I got it
Alia : you still remember my choice (Says emotionally holding his hands)
Armaan : I should leave, take care (starts to leave when Alia holds him back)
Alia : you know after my engagement broke with Purab, I felt really alone though I had my family with me but you are here with me as my friend (hugging him and in tears)
Armaan : Alia, are you okay?
Alia ; I hurt you so much earlier but you still never intended bad for me (asks him with tears)
Armaan’s heart gets soften due to Alia’s words but gets in dilemma again on what to choose.
Alia : Can I ask for your friendship? (forwards her hand)
Armaan hesitates to be friend with her initially and asks for some time.
Alia ; I will wait as much as you want
Armaan : take care, good night
Alia : good night (watches him leave outside the gate)
Armaan collides with Purvi again on road who gets bit annoyed
Purvi : leave my way
“Why do I think destiny wants us to be together” stops her by holding her hand
“Don’t even join our names together ever in future” says Purvi furiously turning around
Armaan gets bit surprised to see her reaction and asks her if she is okay
Purvi : No I am not okay, I am tired can I please go (leaves angrily)
Abhi calls Pragya late at night since he was missing her
Pragya : why are you calling me right now?
Abhi : Because I have got surprise here
Pragya : for me? (asks lovingly)
“No for Kareena Kapoor, for my favorite actress” Abhi says teasingly Pragya : very funny, then I guess you called a wrong number
Abhi : obviously for you
Pragya : what is it?
Abhi : what does surprise mean?
Pragya ; fine where do you want to meet me? because nobody will let me go out alone right now
Abhi : come on yaar, I have valid license, you are my wife
Pragya : I am not going far from you, I am with you always
Abhi : then meet me at farm house tomorrow in evening
Pragya ; I will be there
Abhi ; See you then, bye sweetheart (hangs up the phone)

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