Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 7


Abhi sees Alia looking at Armaan’s picture in her phone which was during the college.
Alia : bhai (hides the picture)
Abhi : what are you hiding?
Alia ; nothing
Abhi : So you are still missing Armaan?
Alia : No way, why would I ?
Abhi ; don’t feign, your eyes clearly says that you are very happy with his comeback in your life
Alia : Actually I am, i don’t know should I call it coincidence or destiny?
Abhi : maybe destiny gave us a chance to rectify our mistake
Alia : you are right bhai, I made a big mistake by rejecting his proposal, i don’t know if he would still be willing to accept me again, perhaps he moved on thinking I never loved him
Abhi ; why don’t you call him for dinner tomorrow at our house tomorrow
Alia : are you sure ?
Abhi : yes I want to meet him, al least I can ask forgiveness from him
In the evening Abhi gets ready for the his concert.
Nikhil : Armaan, I hope this time there is no mistake

Armaan : don’t worry, the whole world will remember this concert
The Mehra family reach the venue for the concert. Armaan clashes on Pragya who gets bit hurt as she was running, though he does not recognize her but feels something strange by seeing her.
Armaan : I am so sorry, are you okay?
Pragya : I am fine (leaves quickly)
Armaan ; why am I feeling so weird seeing this girl, as if I know her from many years
Bulbul : di, what happened? why are you so stressed
Pragya : nothing, I don’t know why am I feeling something would go wrong today
Bulbul : Oh god di, you should be happy right now, come on lets go
Alia : Hi Armaan, (Says smilingly)
Armaan : hey you look beautiful
Alia : thanks (blushes), guess what bhai wants to come dinner at our house tomorrow
Armaan : Me? but why
Alia : he wants to apologize to you
Armaan : I told you its okay
Alia :Please, if you don’t come then we will think you didn’t forgive us yet
Armaan ; okay fine, I cannot argue with you anymore, I will be there
Alia : thank you (hugs him)

Armaan feels little bit nervous due to Alia’s hug after the previous incident happened with him during college.
Alia : listen I have to go, bhai’s concert is about to begin, see you bye
The concert begins with the dashing entry of Abhi
Abhi : hey guys, today’s concert is dedicated to somebody who is very special in my life and that person is between you all, She is my inspiration who motivates everybody to do something big in life. Till today all my songs were about love but this time my song will come from my heart and it will touch everybody this time .Pragya looks on Abhi very emotionally when he mentions that his heart beats for only one girl who came into his life like a sunshine.
Dil ibadat kar raha hai
Dhadkanen meri sun
Tujhko main kar loon haasil
Lagi hai yahi dhun
Zindagi ki shaakh se lun
Kuch haseen pal main chun
Tujhko main kar loon haasil
Lagi hai yahi dhun
Oh seyo leyo sama leyo
Seyo leyo aa…
Oh seyo leyo sama leyo
Seyo leyo aa
Dil ibadat kar raha hai
Dhadkanen meri sun
Tujhko main kar loon haasil
Lagi hai yahi dhun

Zindagi ki shaakh se lun
Kuch haseen pal main chun
Tujhko main kar loon haasil
Lagi hai yahi dhun
Jo bhi jitne pal jeeyun
Unhe tere sang jeeyun
Jo bhi kal ho ab mera
Usse tere sang jeeyun
Jo bhi saansein main bharoon
Unhe tere sang bahroon
Chaahe jo ho raasta
Usse tere sang chaloon
Dil ibadat kar raha hai
Dhadkanen meri sun
Tujhko main kar loon haasil
Lagi hai yahi dhun
Mujhko de tu mit jaane
Ab khud se de mil jaane
Kyun hai yeh itna faasla
Lamhe yeh phir na aane
Inko tu na de jaane
Tu mujhpe khud ko de luta
Tujhe tujhse tod loon
Kahin khud se jod loon
Mere jismojaan pe aa
Teri khushboo odh loon
Jo bhi saansein main bharoon
Unhe tere sang bharoon
Chaahe jo ho raasta
Use tere sang chaloon
Dil ibadat kar raha hai
Dhadkanen meri sun
Tujhko main kar loon haasil
Lagi hai yahi dhun

The crowd cheers for Abhi’s outstanding performance. Abhi leaves his guitar in the backstage when the goon enter
Pragya goes to the backstage to grab her phone she left before and sees a person trying to mess up with the wires when Abhi is going to play with his guitar.
Goon : don’t worry Sir, I fixed the circuit on the guitar, as soon as he touches his guitar, he will buzz off for whole life
Other side Tanu is very curious when Abhi is about play his guitar thinking about his downfall.

Pragya goes and tries to hit the goon and take guitar but in the process the goon stabs Pragya badly. He runs off from the venue after connecting the short circuit wire in his guitar. Pragya makes effort to get up but is not able. She gets all the flashback memories
Purab : Bulbul where is Pragya di
Bulbul : I don’t know, she went to backstage to grab her phone but did not came back
Purab : please go check her, Abhis gonna make special announcement for her
Bulbul goes to check for Pragya and finds her sister in a horrified state and immediately calls Purab.
Bulbul : Di please open your eyes (tries to wake her up)
Purab informs Abhi about Pragya lying unconscious which panics him to the core. Both of them runs to the backstage while Abhi gets the biggest blow seeing the love of his life in terrible state.
Abhi : Tell Akash to inform everybody about the cancellation of concert
Tanu : Nikhil, what is happening there?

Nikhil : I have no idea, I think there is a problem in there, and concert is cancelled
Tanu : what the hell? (throws the phone in anger)
Abhi rushes Pragya immediately to the hospital. Purvi who is watching the concert on TV also gets worried about when she hears news of Pragya getting injured. Armaan watches everything from far.
Doctor tell everybody to stay outside the Operation theater
At the same time Rachna also starts getting the labor pain. Akash carries her and takes her to the hospital.
Armaan finds out that Abhi’s wife was injured by the goon in order to save Abhi. He sees Abhi’s wife and realizes that she was the same girl who clashes
Nikhil : how the hell did this happen?
Armaan ; I just hope nothing happens to that girl
Nikhil : why are you so worried about that girl? tight now we have to think about our next move
Armaan gets irked due to Nikhil’s heartless nature
Nikhil : Stop thinking about that girl and focus on your motive
Armaan : You know our enmity is with Abhi not with his family, and don’t forget if something happens to her we will be only responsible
Nikhil : no you are forgetting that she saw the goon and if she opens her mouth and catch that goon we will be finished
Armaan feels an unknown connection ever since he met Pragya in the concert.
Abhi is completely broken when doctor says informs Pragya needs blood due to loss of excessive blood.
Doctor : her blood is O negative, you will have to arrange as soon as you can because she already lost lot of blood
Bulbul remembers Purvi’s blood was also universal but cannot think how will she reach to her. Abhi and Purab tries to go to blood bank but they have no more bottle of O negative blood.
Bulbul : Purab, what happened? did you find blood? (asks with concern)
Purab is afraid to tell Bulbul but tells her that they could not arrange blood which shatters Bulbul. Abhi goes inside the operation room and insists Pragya to wake up.
Abhi ; Pragya, I know you are doing all this to trouble me but please don’t punish your family, you can trouble me as much as you want after you wake up (holds her hand)
Purab : Abhi, please calm down

This time Abhi with lot of intensity and pain in his heart confess his love to Pragya and tells her he cannot live without her anymore.
Bulbul : Ma, please tell di to wake, (hugs Sarla emotionally)
Abhi goes at a dargah to pray for his Pragya’s life where he sees people walking on the hot charcoal.
Baba : go ahead dear (tells Abhi) Allah will fulfill all your wish
Abhi starts to walk on the hot charcoal though getting his feet were burning but not more than the pain he is suffering seeing Pragya in life and death situation because of him. Purvi who was in the hospital tells the doctor to take her blood as she has O negative but requests them not to tell anybody about her and keep it confidential.
Doctor : but ma’am?
Purvi : Please, I request you take my blood here and donate to her, I know her
Bulbul tells Purab that only Purvi can save her sister as she has O- blood group.
Purab : But Bulbul, how will we find her
Dadi consoles Arora family and all their prayers answers when doctor informs them that Pragya is out of danger and blood has been donated to her. All of them without wasting time rushes to Pragya who regains consciousness slowly. Bulbul and Sarla immediately rushes to hug her as Pragya came back to life after fighting with death for her life.
Abhi : but doctor who was that person?
Doctor : I am sorry but I cannot tell you who was that because that person requested not to mention her name
Dadi : god bless that person
Alia : bhai, congratulations, Rachna gave birth to baby boy

Mehra family is overjoyed by the news the came like a bless to them. Everybody rushes to see the newcomer in their house.
Dadi : Oh my god, look at him, he is so cute, thank you beta
Later on when everybody leaves Abhi stays with Pragya who is very silent after the biggest storm she faced in her life.
Abhi : I am feeling so good to see your silence (Says teasingly)
Pragya glares at him with anger
Abhi : why do I think you are still not tired by fighting, do you want to do some boxing
Pragya : Stop it (shouts little bit)
Abhi : from when did you started taking my jokes seriously? what happened
Pragya : I am hungry (pouts like a child)
Abhi : what?
Pragya : I want to eat something spicy
Abhi : Aye fuggy, have this soup quietly (forcefully puts in her mouth)
Pragya : you will have to pay for this soon
Abhi wants to ask Pragya about how everything happened but thinks to wait for sometime, it was not the right time to ask anything to Pragya. While making her eat, Pragya notices a scar on Abhi’s hand and asks him. He remembers how he was fell down while he was walking on charcoal.
Pragya : what is this? you get burned ?
Abhi ; No its fine
Pragya : you are hiding something? please tell me the truth
Abhi : I will be right back
When he starts to leave Pragya sees the burn marks on his feet when is wearing his shoes.
Pragya : did you walk on those hot charcoals?

Abhi does not want Pragya to know about his visit at dargah but has no choice when Pragya keeps asking him. She is shocked to the core and feels the pains he went through.
Pragya : But why? you are crazy
Abhi : Because you are an important part of my life, you always pray for me, why I can’t do something like this for your (cups her face)
Pragya is still in shock wondering if he is the same Abhi who never believed in god went to dargah just to pray for her safety.
Abhi ; I will be back (leaves smilingly)
Suhani coincidently is also friend of Purvi from their college days.
Purvi ; Suhani?
Suhani : I have a surprise for you
Purvi : really? what is it?
Suhani : Soon there will be india’s got talent competition, for skate dance
Purvi ; I guess you are forgetting that I don’t have partner right now
Suhani : what is the big deal in finding partner
Purvi : As if somebody comes from up and tells me i will be your partner
Suhani : don’t worry everything will work out (leaves)
Next day Pragya is discharged from hospital so is Rachna. Pragya is taken to Arora house which does not go well with both Abhi and Pragya.
Bulbul : dadi, look at her face, I am sure she is feeling bad we brought here
Pragya ; Ma, tell her to stop (tries to run behind Bulbul but stops when she gets pain at her belly)
Sarla : quiet both of you
Pragya is sitting in her room worrying for Abhi same goes with him at Mehra house.
Abhi : should I call Fuggy? i hope she is fine (calls Pragya)
Pragya gets in excitement when she receives his call. Both of them are very relieved just by hearing their voices.
Abhi : Fuggy, look this room is angry at me without you, I am not finding anything properly at its place
Pragya : you will have to wait for me
Abhi : how long?
Pragya : For how long you can wait for me?

Abhi : I am ready to wait for you till you don’t come because at the end of the day I will bring you back no matter where you are
Pragya : is this rockstar Abhi’s confidence or should i consider the Abhi who is my friend
Abhi : You can consider this from someone for whom you are very important
Pragya : Well lets see if you keep this confidence
Alia calls up Armaan to remind him about his coming to Mehra house. Pragya looks around her cupboard and finds Armaan and their childhood picture,

Precap : Web of love, anger, emotion, jealously

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