Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 6


Nikhil : What? you promised Suhani
Tanu : I made promise only to make her relief or else she would have doubted me, and anyway after this I am not going to anything wrong
Nikhil : Wow, the girl for whom the right path never exist will never go on wrong
Tanu : Shut up! and lets think about or next step
Hearing somebody’s footsteps Tanu hides behind the curtain.
Armaan : I have one plan in mind (comes in the room)
Nikhil : Really? what is it

Armaan explains his plan to Nikhil which makes him very happy
Tanu : Wow, not bad Armaan, I was right this guy is only the one who will bring down Abhi (gives thumbs up to Raj from behind)
Mehra house
Abhi is passing from Dadi’s room who is reading a book. Before he leaves she calls on Abhi to come inside her room.
Dadi : Sit (says sternly)

Abhi does not have courage to face his Dadi but she insists him to look up.
Dadi : Look I don’t know what you did was intentional or not but what you did was against all the values I gave you both
Alia tries to interfere but Dadi tells her to be quiet
Dadi : You will only say when I tell you to, stand quietly
Alia puts finger on her mouth like a small child
Dadi : So where was I? yes, you know Abhi why I brought Pragya in your life, not for me but for your better future, I know how delicate and sensitive you both are when it comes to any problems, now I want both of you to rectify your mistakes, will you do that for me?
Both of are very much shocked to hear what just Dadi asked them.
Dadi : why are you both staring at me like this?
Abhi : Dadi, did you forgave us?

Dadi : Only if you bring your wife back in this house with dignity and all respect like I did, now you will have to prove to me that you are worthy of her, only then I will think of forgiving you
Abhi is very happy to finally get his Dadi back. He starts getting goosebumps remembering Pragya’s challenge and think how will he fulfill it.
Alia : Dadi, what about me? (says childishly)
Dadi twists her ears and tells her to find a suitable guy for her as soon as possible
Alia : Dadi, it hurts (rubs her ears)
Both of without wasting time hugs Dadi. Alia takes selfies of the trio together.
Abhi informs Alia about the challenge which makes her laugh .

Alia : Sorry bhai, but I could not stop laughing
Abhi : Alia, stop it now and don’t take your bhabhi’s side, because I will win this challenge
Alia : Why do I care who will win? for me both of you are my idols (hugs him happily)
Abhi is feeling very contented thinking how everything is falling on place and how his little sister is changed for good. Alia deep down is still very guilty for what she did earlier to her brother and sister-in-law who lost one of her sister due to stubbornness.
Armaan is sitting near a lake with his guitar. He sees near the lake which is very calm and feels very peace in his mind. He looks at picture with his two childhood friends Pragya and Bulbul.
Flashback (10 years ago when all of them were near the end of their school)
Armaan comes in running at Arora house holding Pragya up.
Pragya : what are you doing? put me down

Armaan : guess what happened?
Pragya : what happened now? why are you so happy
Armaan : I topped in whole school and now I am going to fulfill my dream by going to college with scholarship
Pragya : Oh my god, really?
Armaan : Yes and then just wait how I will become country’s biggest rockstar and there will be all fans surrounded around me and specially girls
Pragya gives him angry looks
Armaan : Sorry (holds his ears) hey I got this gift for you
Pragya : for me?
Bulbul : what about me?
Armaan : This are only for rankers not average ones

Bulbul : how rude, I will never talk to you
Pragya: this is so beautiful (looks at the earrings and bracelets)
Bulbul pouts thinking Armaan did not got anything for her
Armaan : Oh my god such a drama queen you are, is it possible that I will not get anything for you (gives her a fashionable small purse)
Bulbul : This is so amazing
Armaan : I don’t know how your life partner will handle your tantrums
Bulbul : you don’t worry about that
The trios hugs happily
Flashback ends

Armaan starts to sing softly
Tere Bin Sanu Sonya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labhna ,
Jo Dekhu Ruh nu Sakun Chuke Cho jo Nakhra Mera…!!!

e mein sara khum ke vekhya
America Roos Malayasia
Nai kite vi koi v pharak c,
Har kisi de koi sharat c,
Koi Mangda mere si sama,
koi hunda soorat te fida,
koi mangda meri c wafa,
na koi mangda meri bala,
Tere bin hor na kise mangni Meri ya Bala…
Tere bin hor na kise karni dhup wich shaa…

Tere Bin Sanu Sonya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labhna,
Jo Dekhu Ruh nu Sakun Chuke Cho jo Nakhra Mera…

Jiven rukya c tu zara
Nai yo bolna mein saari umar ,
Jiven ankhya c aankha chura
Roovenga sanu yaad kar
Hasya si mein ehsa ajeeb
Par tu nai c hasya,
Dil Vich tere jo raaz c,
Men tu kyu nai dasya
Tere bin sanu eh raaz Kise to naiyo dasna
Teri Bin peed da elaj Kise veid kolo lavan…

Tere Bin Sanu Sonya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labhna,
Jo Dekhu Ruh nu Sakun Chuke Cho jo Nakhra Mera…

Milya c aaj menu tera ek patra
Likhya c jiste tu sher bardasht da
Padke c usnu aanju ek dulya
Aankha ch band c eh raaz aaj khulya
Tere bin eh mere aanju kise to naiyo chunga
Tere bin eh mere aanju Mitti wich roolna…!!!

Tere Bin Sanu Sonya
Koi Hor Naiyo Labhna,
Jo Dekhu Ruh nu Sakun Chuke Cho jo Nakhra Mera…!!!
He notices a young girl standing in cross to him hearing his tune very lovingly. Nobody in all these years ever tried to see the talent behind him. The girl is none other than Purvi.
Purvi : Wow, so finally you made me your fan, not bad
Armaan : Thanks but it is of no use
Purvi : Why? there are very few people in this world who has this talent and you cannot ignore this nature’s gift
Armaan : In all this years I forgot myself that I have any capability to do anything
Purvi : You know, I always believed that when you are going through a bad phase no matter how hard you try to run away but it will not stop chasing you until it wants, so it is better to face it
Mehra house
Abhi is moving around here and there around his room. He tries hard not to remember her but cannot forget her cute childish nature. Abhi search around her books and finds her diary. He initially declines to read it but then musters courage to read it.

I don’t know what is love but I know when you fall in love it changes everything in your life including yourself. It is neither a compromise nor a forced feeling. Love just happens when two hearts connect together. I don’t wish too big for myself but only want somebody who will be only be mine. I want somebody who will love me as i am not try to change my thinking. For me marriage it is not only love but it is bond of repeat and valuing this sacred relationship. I only want to lead a simple and small family with my husband for whom I can commit my whole life to him and help him in every phase of life. I do not want any prince charming for me but only somebody who will understand me.

While reading Abhi could not stop tears flowing from his eyes on the page of her diary.
Arora house
Sarla scolds Pragya after she saw her with Abhi last night on terrace.
Pragya : Mom, please listen to me once, I know he did wrong but he could have hide everything from me but he told me clearly truth the next day
Sarla : don’t try to cover his mistakes
Pragya : I am not covering his mistakes but please at least listen to me, okay you don’t trust him but do you trust your daughter

Sarla : But pragya
Pragya : I assure you he will keep me happy forever and then he did all out of misunderstanding, now he is changed trust me
Sarla after lot of thinking decides to give Abhi a last chance to prove his love
Pragya : what are you thinking
Sarla : Fine, i will give him last chance, and if I found out that he hurt you again then remember, that will be last time he will see you
Mehra house
Abhi is moving around his bed trying to sleep. He curses Pragya for snatching his sleep and disturbing him when Alia tries to wake him but Abhi is in sleep thinking its Pragya.
Alia : Bhai, wake up
Abhi : Fuggy, go from here, shoo
Alia : Bhai, I am Alia not Fuggy
Abhi : Aye fuggy don’t act smart by changing your voice
Alia : Seems like Bhai will not wake up easily (gives naughty smile thinking way to wake up her brother) Armaan : so what brings you here again?
Purvi : definitely your voice, who knows maybe tomorrow your fans will surround around you
Armaan : I don’t have habit to day dream
Purvi encourages Armaan to give himself a chance to recognize his talent.
Armaan : really? are you a counselor
Purvi sits next to him
Armaan : wow you are sitting with a young boy late night, are you not ashamed (says teasingly)
Purvi : shut up! (hits him), look at those stars, don’t you want hey wish,
Armaan : what?
Purvi gives him the wish from his eyes and tells him ask for something
Armaan : you cannot be serious about this, I don’t believe all this
Purvi : Trust me, ask for something and then see how it fulfills
Armaan closes his eyes and wishes to meet both of his friends Pragya and Bulbul soon while Purvi is about leave but Armaan holds her hand back.
Armaan : by the way I am Armaan Malhotra
Purvi : I am Purvi, and don’t worry whatever you wished I am sure it will fulfilled, good night
Armaan is fascinated by Purvi’s motivation but suppresses his feeling after remembering his goal to destroy Abhi.
Purab : whats wrong Alia

Alia : look at him, he is not waking up by my voice
Purab whispers something in Alia’s ear which hesitates her first but go after few minutes.
Alia : Suniye (signals Purab who gives her a thumbs up)
Abhi who is in deep sleep thinks its Pragya and asks what is it.
Alia : look what I got for you, your favorite coffee
Abhi : thank you fuggy, you are so sweet (puts shoulder around her neck)
Purab records the scene funnily and Abhi suddenly wakes up from his sleep when he realizes it was Alia. Both Purab and Alia laughs to the core and Abhi runs after them.
Alia : dadi, save me (hiding behind dadi)

Dadi : what is going on
Abhi : today you both will have pay for this
Purab : why are you shouting at me when it is all your sister’s fault, you have pampered her
Alia : you are so mean friend Purab, I did not expect this from you
Purab : really? plan yours, execution of yours and my name
Alia : its bhai fault, he was recalling his fuggy’s name
Abhi collides with Pragya and fall on her. She overhears what Alia just said that he was missing him.

Pragya : Alia (Says sarcastically) what were you saying
Alia : nothing bhabhi, what makes you bring here
Sarla comes at Mehra house astounding everyone. She informs Dadi she agrees for Pragya to comeback but with a condition of doing remarriage of Abhi and Pragya with all rituals which did not happened due to the rush.
Sarla : But remember Abhi, this time if I see my daughter in pain again then I will take her with me forever
Abhi : don’t worry this time I will not give you chance to complaint
Alia : bhai, this time I will do all rituals of this marriage so grandly that whole world will see (hugs her brother)
Abhi in his room is very excited for his marriage and plays his guitar looking at Pragya’s picture.

Abhi : So fuggy, this time I will propose you in my rockstar style
Coincidentally Armaan and Purvi stay in a same chawl and can see each other from opposite side.
Armaan watches Purvi dancing passionately dancing with full of energy he ever saw somebody before dance like that.
Purvi : at least clap if you liked it
Armaan : I rarely saw any girl who is simply telling to praise herself
Purvi : remember what I told you in first meeting that I am not from those girls
Armaan sees the flyers of the dance auditions on the walls which impresses him.
Purvi : what are you looking?
Armaan : So you are a dancer
Purvi : I can play guitar too, and dance well
Armaan : how do you know playing guitar
Purvi remembers how she and Bulbul learned were fond of playing guitar during their college
Armaan : hello, where are you lost
Purvi : nothing, I wish I had a perfect dance partner for this
Armaan : why searching for someone when this talented dancer is in front of you
Purvi : You and dancer?
Armaan : wanna check it out?
Both of practices dance with full of passion which causes Armaan to forget his goal for a while.
At the same time Alia calls Armaan and invites him to go shopping with her to which he agrees and leaves.

Alia : Tommorow is bhai’s concert and then his marriage
Armaan : Marriage again?
Alia : i want you to come so you can resolve difference between you and him
Armaan : I will try
Mehra house
Alia : bhai, guess what all your concert tickets went house full this time, I am sure it will very hit this time
Abhi : this will be memorable for everyone
Pragya calls Abhi and asks him to meet her.
Abhi : what happened? why did you call me here
Pragya : you lost the bet I guess
Abhi : what are you talking about?

Pragya shows him the video Purab recorded which does not goes well with Abhi initially.
Abhi : that Purab
Pragya : why don’t you confess you missed me
Abhi : Fine, now tell me what do you want from me
Pragya : close your eyes
Abhi ; now what you are doing
Pragya : can you please do what I say?
Abhi : Fine (closes his eyes)
Pragya goes to grabs a mike and sings a song for him around the crowd in very emotional tone
Din chadhe, mujhse pooche nazar,
Kaun tha sapno mein raat bhar,
Aap ka hi tha asar,

Ab aap hi ho humsafar,
[Mohabbat aapse, aapse aapse aapse,
Aqeedat aapse, aapse aapse aapse]-2 times
Hoo hoo..haa haa…ho ho ho..
Haii yeahh..ho ho ho…
Sharbati nazron mein aap hain,
Makhmali palkon ke paas hain,
Aap to ehsaas hain,
Ab khoob hai aur khaas hai,
[Mohabbat aapse, aapse aapse aapse,
Aqeedat aapse, wohoo whohoo] Kahin naa kahin yeh dil jab aata hai, ahan
Ghadi do ghadi ko tab samjhata hai, oho
Dil o ka dilo se bhi kuch naata hai,
Yeh dil duhraata hai,
Mohabbat aapse, aqeedat aap se,
Mohabbat aapse, aqeedat aap se,

Mohabbat aapse…
Dilruba kehta hai aapko,
Dil khuda kehta hai aapko,
Har dafa yeh aapko,
Kehta wafa hai aapko,
[Mohabbat aapse, aapse aapse aapse,
Aqeedat aapse, aapse aapse aapse]-2 times
Ho ho..haa…ho ho ho..

Abhi is extremely overwhelmed seeing Pragya surprise for him. He never felt so happy even when he is surrounded by his fans earlier. The crowd applauds for Pragya for her singing.
Pragya : what happened?

Abhi (wipes his tears) : I never thought you are so good at singing
Pragya : I told you na, that songs that are sung from heart are always full of emotion
Armaan bribes a person who is working at the venue to mess up the wires just on the start of Abhi’s concert and cut the strings of Abhi’s guitar.
Goon : don’t worry work will be done
Armaan : good
Nikhil : Now I am just waiting to see Abhi suffering, hie biggest strength music is going to backfire

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