Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 5


At Tanu’s house Suhani is not ready to listen to her
Suhani : Enough! you have done what you wanted to not anymore
Tanu : You know how much I love you and Abhi, I cannot even think of betraying you (says cryingly)
Shub : what good repay you paid to your sister who gave you love more than a real sister
Everbody is stunned to hear it including Suhani. Though Kirti warns him to not reveal the truth but Suhani insists them.
Suhani : what did you just say?
Kirti : Nothing

Suhani : You are hiding something from me
Shub after lot of hesitant reveals that Suhani is indeed their relatives’s daughter which breaks Suhani
Kirti : After my miscarriage we lost hope of having a child, then your small steps entered into our life filling our emptiness
Tanu is in tears hearing the past of her family.
Shub : we never wanted to tell this truth after we saw that you became support of Tanu in our absense , Inspite of Kirti’s dislike on you
Kirti : I might have not liked you after Tanu was born but trust me I never wanted you to get hurt
Suhani leaves the place with heavy flow of tears
Arora house

Pragya tries to make her mother understand but Sarla being adamant
Sarla : Enough! No more arguments, and I do not want to hear anything about this topic
Pragya goes to room and starts crying lying on her bed while Bulbul tries to console her but in vain. She starts to worry about Abhi.
Bulbul : Di please don’t cry
Pragya : Bulbul, you don’t understand, I don’t know how your jiju will be. nobody except Dadi cares for him and she is very angry at him
Bulbul : don’t worry. it is just a matter of few days when everything will calm down, things will get better (pats her back)
Mehra house
There is a silence after a storm came, destroyed everybody and ruined all relationships. Strong winds are blowing at the house. Everybody is unaware of another storm lurking around.
Dadi lights a lamp at the temple and prays to god
Dadi : I don’t know who caste an evil eye on my family, after Pragya went this house is nothing but a deserted place.
Suddenly the lamp blows off due to the wind which shocks Dadi.
Daasi : what happened didi
Dadi : Indu, I am getting bad feeling, this lamp blew off, something terrible is going to happen
Daasi : You are worrying without any reason, everything will be fine
At a chawl everybody is dancing for the Dahi handi when a young guy is tying a cloth on his head and start climbing up to break the handi,
Mach gayaa shor saari nagari re, saari nagari re
Aayaa biraj kaa baka sambhaal teri gagari re
O aayaa biraj kaa baka sambhaal teri gagari re
Are mach gayaa shor saari nagari re, saari nagari re
Aayaa biraj kaa baka sambhaal teri gagari re
O aayaa biraj kaa baka sambhaal teri gagari re
Dekho are dekho kahi aisaa naa ho jaae
Chori kare makhan teraa jiyaa bhi churaae
Dekho are dekho kahi aisaa naa ho jaae
Chori kare makhan teraa jiyaa bhi churaae
Are dhamakataa hai itanaa tu kisako
Darataa hai kaun aane de usako
Darataa hai kaun aane de usako
Aise na bahut bolo mat thumak thumak dolo
Chillaaogi tab gori jab ulat degaa tori
Gagari aage pichhe dagari re
Are mach gayaa shor saari nagari re, saari nagari re
Aayaa biraj kaa baka sambhaal teri gagari re
O aayaa biraj kaa baka sambhaal teri gagari re
Everybody cheers for him.

“Armaan” a voice comes from back by a chawl girl flirting with him
Girl : I knew you would done this year too
Armaan : Really? (removes her hand) there is nothing which Armaan cannot do (gets a call and leaves)
A chawl person gives money to Armaan for breaking Dahi handi.
Armaan : Distribute those to poor kids
Mehra house
Akash informs Abhi about his album release but Abhi tells him to cancel all his concerts which shocks Abhi
Akash : what are you saying bhai?
Abhi : didn’t you hear what I said?
Akash is surprised to see Abhi’s behavior first time
Daasi tells Dadi to have breakfast who is not in mood to eat anything
Dadi : I am not hungry
Alia brings food in Dadi’s room but she ignores
Dadi : Indu, tell her to leave
Alia : Dadi, I will leave but please don’t be angry on yourself. please eat and take your medicine
Daasi : Alia, you go I will make her eat
Alia nods and leaves sadly
Daasi : Till how long will you be angry with them, they don’t have anybody except you
Dadi : Do you think I am happy to be angry at them? I want them realize what they did was terribly wrong
Daasi : But don’t give them too much cruel punishment which would completely break them
Alia : Akash, where is Bhai
Akash : I don’t know he left early in the morning when i went to his room
Alia : did he not say where he is going?
Akash : No, he did not tell me anything
Arora house

Pragya could not sleep whole night while her eyes are full of tears. She does not show her plight and comes out normally.
Sarla : Pragya, did you think anything about joining your job?
Pragya : Yes, I had a talk with the Principal, they said I can join from tomorrow
Bulbul : Thats great di
Pragya tries to talk about Bulbul and Purab’s wedding but Bulbul interrupts by telling to postpone the wedding.
Sarla : But Bulbul
Bulbul : Ma please, we should have to let everything settle down first and then take any decision
Abhi goes to an kids orphanage to visit somebody. He asks the person about the boy named Arjun who is handicapped. Abhi adores after the death of Arjun’s parent.
Arjun : Abhi bhai, you?
Abhi : how is my champ?
Arjun : I am fine, how are you, when is your next concert I am waiting for so long
Abhi feels tense as he is not anymore motivated to his music which was his life once.
Arjun : what happened?
Abhi : Nothing, tell me how is your school, I hope this time you stand first in class, what say?
Arjun : you know I hate those boring lectures
Abhi : Actually you know I had that same problem when I was in school (talks while feeding him the food)
Arjun starts to weep
Abhi : Hey champ what happened?

Arjun tells him how children in his school makes fun of his handicap.
Abhi : why do you I named you champ? not just for the sake but because for you are really a champion right
Arjun : But I feel bad when people laugh at me
Abhi : Listen champ, never ever let yourself down because of other’s taunt, you will have to keep yourself strong if you want to become big right? (rubs his hair)
Arjun : Thank you bhai, you just wait how I will make you proud
Abhi : Look what I got for you, (gives him chocolates and toys)
Arjun : Wow, can you play ludo with me
Abhi : Okay
Both share very light moments. While Abhi feels delighted forgetting his pain being with Arjun.
Pragya is sitting on a beach looking at the locket Abhi gave her.
Pragya : why did you separate me from yourself? living every moment without you is lifeless for me
Alia goes out to look for Abhi who has not returned till noon. While she feels dizzy and her car crashes on a tree. She fells unconscious with a little bit bleeding on her head. While Armaan comes to her rescue and takes her to hospital.
Nurse : Are you her relative?
Armaan : I am her friend
Nurse: Okay she is regains conscious right now
Armaan visits Alia in the room who is surprised to see him
Alia ; Thank you for helping me
Armaan : Its okay, you are fine now, let me drop you home
Alia : I will manage
Armaan : don’t be stubborn, I will fill out the formalities
Alia : okay

Armaan drives Alia to home while there is a silent in the car
Alia : how are you Armaan?
Armaan : what do you think?
Alia : Well I hope you are fine
They reach Mehra house while Armaan looks outside
Alia : Won’t you come in?
Armaan : Next time, take care bye
Alia watches Armaan leaving and stands till he goes out of gate
Pragya coincidently sees Abhi near the beach. Both looks into each other’s eyes for a while not realizing people around them. Pragya senses pain in Abhi’s eyes.
Abhi : How are you
Pragya : I am fine, how is dadi
Abhi : She is fine, I cannot even go in front of her, she hates the sight of me
Pragya : But I know she loves you a lot, she will not be able to stay angry till long time with you and Alia, I heard about your next concert coming
Abhi : I haven’t fixed the date yet
Pragya : Will you call me?
Abhi : Why? you won’t come if I don’t call you
Pragya hits him on his shoulder
Abhi : why are you getting angry?
Pragya : You don’t miss a chance to irritate me
Abhi : Oh Ms Professor is irritated by my small prank, how do you handle 100 students in class
Pragya : they are at least better than your stupid antics
Abhi ; look who is talking who is always ready to annoy me
Pragya : Really? just let me come back I will annoy to the core
Pragya realizes what she just said
Abhi : What happened?

Pragya : Nothing, I was thinking when will this all get over
Abhi : Till then lets start our relation with a new friendship, what say (forwards his hand)
Pragya : If I am not wrong you gave me this locket for our friendship
Abhi : I don’t know what is stored for us but I do not want to lose this opportunity
Alia looks at the bracelet which she remembers it was given by Armaan earlier in college. She realizes what she lost earlier due to her stubborn nature and a big misunderstanding.
Tanu is breaking things at her home when Nikhil comes to meet her.
Nikhil : what do you thing? venting out the anger will solve our problem
Tanu : Abhi left me for that middle class ugly looking girl, I stood with him through his whole career
Nikhil : Don’t worry we will not let him go easily, he will have to pay a heavy price for hurting you
Tanu : You know he is not only my love, he is my obsession now and I will get him at any cost, by hook or crook be it by ruining him
Nikhil ; I have a plan, but we will not execute it
Tanu : Then who
Nikhil : we will have to find such a person who will not only bring him down but will replace Abhi in everybody’s heart and will humiliate him forever
Tanu : But where will we find such a guy who can compete with Abhi the Rockstar
Armaan looks at the poster of Abhi holding his guitar. He sits at the cafe trying to make hit tune when he watches the same girl whom he saved the other day. Armaan is stunned to see her in bright day while he could not see her properly the other day none other than Purvi.
Purvi : Excuse me, what are you staring?
Armaan : Nothing, is there any problem if I am staring at those flowers? not you don’t worry
Purvi : Better not stare at me (says irritatedly) because then I will take that eyes off
Armaan : Woah, what a great way of saying thanks to me for saving your precious life
Purvi : Don’t waste your precious time in saving my life and better focus on your tune, because I feel you are not able to take a single tune since long time
Armaan : How dare you? Now I will show you what I am
Purvi : I am really not interested in seeing what you are (leaves)
Abhi : Then lets go for lunch
Pragya : Actually I have to go at college to meet Principal
Abhi : Okay I will come with you
Pragya : Its okay I will manage
Abhi : Now won’t you give your friend chance to serve you
Pragya laughs at its antics while Abhi is very much excited to spend time with his fuggy
Pragya : Hello? where are you lost?
Abhi : Nothing lets go

Kirti visits Suhani at her house to console her
Suhani : Mom you?
Kirti : Dear, I am really sorry for what happened, I know I lacked on upbringing but trust me i never wanted this to happen
Suhani : Its okay mom, you know that I never intended Tanu to become like me but not also become selfish to an extend
Kirti : I will not tell you to forgive her but I do not want my daughter to spent her life like this, I know only you can bring her to right path
Suhani : Mom, you don’t worry I will not let my sister do anything wrong, one day she will definitely mend her ways
Kirti : I hope that things does not go out of situation
Abhi and Pragya goes to the college when Pragya sees Suhani. She decides to take her with them for lunch which irks Abhi. He tries to pretend fight with Suhani to drive with away.
Pragya : Suhani (puts hands softly on her shoulder)
Suhani : teacher how are you?
Pragya : forget about me, how are you?
Abhi : what are you talking Pragya, she is never angry on her dear sister, she looks normal
Suhani fumes on Abhi with anger
Pragya : why are you irritating her?
Suhani : forget it teacher, flirting is his hobby, he will not leave it easily even though he is married to a woman like you
Abhi : what are you trying to say hun? that I am a filthy flirt
Suhani : thank god at least you have some brains left over your ego
Abhi : listen, do you know you are talking to, Abhi the rockstar
Suhani : why are you reminding me? the whole world knows you but I know your nature alright, bye teacher I will see you some other day
Pragya : what was this?
Abhi ; Was it necessary to take her with us for lunch?
Pragya : Your day does not pass without fighting anybody
Abhi : Sorry (holds his ears)
Pragya does not seem to give on easily while Abhi makes several attempts to pacify her. He decides to make her meet Yash to cheer her up.
Abhi : Okay, I will take you to a place which will take no time to cheer you up
Pragya : really? then I would really would like to see that place
Abhi : Come with me
Abhi takes Pragya to the orphanage where Yash lives. He calls on Yash.
Yash : Bhai

Abhi : look who is here to meet you
Pragya is overwhelmed to see Abhi’s too much concern on Yash who is handicapped.
Yash : So you are my Pragya didi whom I wanted to see from so long time but bhai never got time to bring you here
Abhi : Wow beta, now you became her right hand
Pragya : Did you see how jealous your dear brother got?
Abhi : Tell her Yash that she would be jealous when she will see million of girls around me
Pragya looks at him emotionally while Abhi realizes what he just said, Yash tells him to give the beautiful flowers to her.
Abhi gives her favorite flowers which overwhelms her
Pragya : This are so beautiful, wait I am sure this must be not your idea
Abhi ; Oh come on, don’t be stubborn (sits on his knees and gives her the flowers)
Bunch of flowers and roses are showered on Pragya which makes her very happy.
Armaan is rejected again by the music director as he did not liked his earlier recording. Nikhil calls Armaan to meet him at his office after he saw Armaan getting rejected repeatedly due to Abhi’s image on all music directors . He offers Armaan a deal to ruin Abhi’s career and bring down his popularity in return of making him a big star and winning million of heart.
Nikhil : Enemy’s enemy is friend
Armaan : What if I don’t do this work?
Nikhil : I know you will after what Abhi and Alia did to you
Armaan : Fine whats the plan
Nikhil : Always remember to target first to enemy’s weakness (shows Alia’s picture)
Armaan : And I know Rockstar’s weakness is his dear sister
Nikhil : But after all that happened will she come back to you
Armaan : there is nothing in this world that can escape from Armaan’s charm, leave that to me
Nikhil : Then I guess, your dream will come true to be another rockstar
Armaan : Abhishek Mehra, wait and watch, game starts now (looks at Abhi’s picture in a magazine)
Nikhil : This is gonna be very interesting
Unknown to Armaan, Tanu joined hands with Nikhil earlier to bring Abhi down’s career.
Tanu : Are you sure Nikhil he will be able to do this task ?
Nikhil : You are still not familiar with him Tanu, nothing can break his confidence and distract him, he is very stubborn when he has to do some work
Tanu ; I hope so
Later at night Abhi and Pragya walks at the road which is very silent with chilly cold.
Abhi : what are you thinking?
Pragya : Nothing, I don’t even remember when I was happy this much, thank you so much for bringing me at that beautiful place
Abhi : Actually that was my hometown where we lived earlier
Pragya looks at him emotionally sensing his pain while telling
Abhi : That is where I started my life and reached this position, you won’t even imagine how dadi raised us never letting us miss our parents
Pragya gets more teary hearing his painful childhood
Abhi : You know I am always happy for one thing, no matter how much the world deceive me but my Alia would never cheat me and Dadi, she might have done some mistake but I am so glad now she have realized that Purab might be not be hers
Pragya : Then why don’t you find a really great guy who can value Alia and love her more than anything, I am sure she will be very happy if she gets married
Abhi : Will you help me with this task (extends his hand)
Pragya : I am always with you (puts her hand on his)
Bulbul calls Pragya telling her to comeback
Pragya : I think I should leave, its too late (starts to leave)
Abhi not wanting her to leave holds her hand.
Pragya : what happened?
Abhi ; Nothing, I will drop you
Pragya : Its okay, I will go by myself
Abhi : Don’t worry I will drop at the back of your house
Suddenly it starts to rain when both starts going inside the car. Pragya starts to overwhelmed in the rain for the first time ever in her life. Forgetting their pain both of them start enjoying the lovely moments in the beautiful rain dancing on Zindagi do pal ki.
Pragya : This is so beautiful
Abhi : But not more than this smiling face (caresses herhair)
They end up in an intimate moment but Pragya moves away with in the time. She starts feeling restlessness after sharing a very romantic moment with the person who never wanted to see her face few months ago.While Abhi drops off Pragya at the back of her house. However he starts feeling restless seeing the love of his life going away again from him and there is nothing much he can do other than waiting the happiness to come back to him. He watches Pragya from far going towards her home. Bulbul notices Abhi’s car going realizing everything.
Bulbul : Di, were you with jiju
Pragya : Yeah why? please don’t tell anybody, you know everybody is still angry at him
Bulbul : Except you who should be the one angry with him right?
Pragya : You know Iforgave him long time ago, he was at not any fault, it was just a misunderstanding and now he is repenting it
Bulbul : But di, did you ever thought how will you spend your whole life with this one relation, you both will have to take your marriage to next level if you both want your marriage to work happily
Pragya gets worried hearing Bulbul’s word to which she agrees to an extent that she might not be able to win Abhi’s love even though he wishes to spend his entire life with her.
Bulbul : what happened di?
Pragya : Nothing, I know but I don’t know I want to trust my luck this time
Abhi remembers the beautiful moments he spent with his Fuggy the whole day. He texts to Pragya that he is already missing her.
Bulbul : Jiju’s message

Pragya : Bulbul, give my phone back or else
Bulbul : Or else
Pragya : Then I will send message to Purab that you are missing her and that too from your phone
Bulbul : Di, you will not do that (basically threatens her)
Pragya : Of course I will (shows her the phone teasingly)
While enjoying the light moment Pragya misses Purvi how even she used to tease her
Bulbul : what happened di?
Pragya : Bulbul, I am worried for Purvi, we don’t even know in what state she will be, none of her friends know about her
Bulbul : Di, don’t worry I am sure she would be fine wherever she would be
Late at night Abhi sneaks into Pragya’s room who is reading while her sister is sleeping peacefully. He tries to call her but she does notrespond due to her constant focus into the book. Now he gets irritated and throws the paper but it goes on Bulbul’s face.
Abhi : Oh god, I hope this radio channel does not wake up
Thankfully Bulbul did not wake up but this time Pragya looks for the person who threw the paper ball. She sees the shadow behind thecurtain and is about scream when Abhi puts hands in her mouth. She signals him to remove his hand but when he does not understand, Pragya forcefully removes his hand.
Abhi : why do you shout so much? this house is full of loud volume I thought at least you are soft
Pragya : shut up, anybody would be scared if you come like this at late night
Abhi : Seems like your mind is still in that book, you forgot that I don’t have entrance pass from front thats why I had to come like this
Pragya : Could not text me once before coming?
Abhi : Why god made you so boring
Bulbul is moving in her sleep.
Pragya : first lets go from here before Bulbul wakes up
Both of them goes outside silently from front.
Pragya : now tell me what you are doing here
Abhi : I was missing you yaar
Pragya : I can’t believe that famous rockstar is missing me, now that should be headlines
Abhi : Don’t praise yourself that much, I did not mean that
Pragya : Okay, then prove me wrong that you don’t miss me
Abhi : Don’t try to challenge me (snaps his finger)
Pragya : why ? are you scared of losing (laughs at him)
Abhi : Fine, then I challenge you that I will not see you for next two days and not text you
Pragya : Think again
Abhi : Now if I win then you will have to do what i say
Pragya : Done, now good night
Abhi : good night (leaves)
Pragya laughs at his antics

Next day Alia goes for some shopping at her mall while Armaan is at same mall. Both of them collides them Alia is about slip on floor and Armaan holds her from falling down. He carefully make her stand up.
Armaan : Hi
Alia : Hi, you here?
Armaan : I guess we are at mall then obviously came for shopping
Alia : Oh sorry but I cannot see anything in your hands
Armaan : Well, I was just going to bookstore nearby, you wanna join me
Alia : Sure
Both of them starts to walk near the bookstore
Alia : Actually I wanted to apologize to you for what happened earlier
Armaan tries to control his anger hearing her words
Alia : I know that was my big mistake
Amraan : Don’t worry, only humans make mistakes
Alia : thats so sweet, but I won’t forgive myself till I do something for you
Armaan : Its okay, I will ask for it maybe in future
Alia : Then lets go for coffee?
Armaan : Wow, first time I saw a girl asking for coffee to a guy
Alia : don’t praise yourself so much
Suhani goes to meet Tanu at her house
Tanu : Suhani ?
Suhani : look I haven’t come here for to argue but to talk something important
Tanu : What is it?
Suhani : I want to be angry at you but I don’t know why I cannot be angry at you for too long
Tanu ; that means you forgave me?
Suhani : I haven’t completed yet (says sternly)
Tanu : Sorry

Suhani : I don’t want my sister to go at a wrong path, so if you want to get forgiveness from me you will have to make one promise to me
Tanu :Promise?
Suhani : That you will never do this deed again, you will not harm anybody or go wrong way
Tanu is speechless to make the promise
Suhani : Swear on me (puts Tanu’s hand on her head) come on
Tanu swears on Suhani and makes her promise which relieves Suhani that her sister would change for good.

Precap : Sarla gives another chance to Abhi and agrees to their remarriage.

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