Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 4


Suhani goes to Nikhil and blasts him for breaking her trust
Nikhil : Suhani listen to me
Suhani : You know what you are a jerk, I don’t want to see your face
Nikhil leaves in distraught
Suhani grabs Tanu by shoulder and ask her the reason to marry Abhi
Tanu : Suhani..(stammers)
Suhani : ANSWER ME!
Tanu : I did not wanted to hurt you with my deed thats why I was quiet and you know I love Abhi so much
Suhani : Don’t even bring that word from your mouth, I want to know everything
Tanu : After you went to London, I got the contract where Nikhil worked, but that director wanted to work with Nikhil’s fianc which is you but I insisted to do that modeling because I did not wanted to lose it, so I pretended to be his fianc, and after that whatever happened was not in our hands
Suhani sits on floor cannot believe what she heard
Pragya claps and taunts her for covering her mistakes
Abhi : After your sister you wanted to ruin my life
Tanu : I just did this for the sake of my sister, I know how much she loved Nikhil
Suhani : From last 3 years you have been fooling me, I would have forgive you that time but you chose to hide this instead of telling the truth to me, Dad you know when you sent me away from you, I felt very bad but today I want to thank you for not raising me
Shub and Kirti are in tears seeing their daughter’s broken heart. Kirti slap hardly on Tanu’s face for doing a filthy deed
Tanu : Mom
Kirti : I am so much ashamed to call you my daughter, today more than that I am embarrassed for myself with my bad upbringing
Dadi : It is better to have not a sister rather than having sister and daughter like you
Tanu : Dadi, before telling me why don’t you see how your grandchildren are
Pragya : Don’t even say anything about them
Tanu in anger reveals the truth of Abhi and Pragya’s marriage to the families which makes them very much astonished
Dadi : Abhi, what is she saying? why are you not telling her anything
Tanu : Even he knows I am telling the truth right Abhi?
Bulbul : I guess you are forgetting that Pragya di is pregnant and it the proof that there in no problem in their marriage
Tanu : Wow, Bulbul your sister and jiju fooled all of them and they became
All perplexed by the words
Tanu : The marriage which started with a misunderstanding and revenge can never turn into love, when they never became husband and wife in true sense how will your dear sister become pregnant, Abhi and me love each other even before marriage and continued our affair after marriage to torture your daughter (looks at Sarla who is distraught)
Purab : Stop your nonsense and get out of here before we kick yo out from here
Tanu ; Why Purab, you cannot hear the truth of your brother, Pragya’s pregnancy report was Abhi’s plan to stop her leave from this house
Abhi and Pragya are left wondering about Tanu knowing their plan and did not want Tanu to reveal the truth
Alia : Tanu, why are you creating this drama, when nobody is gonna believe you
Tanu : They won’t believe me but they will trust this new couple, Pragya rewind your memory to your wedding night where was your husband
Pragya is completely shocked and nervous about that fateful night while Abhi realizes what must Pragya went through when she saw him at Tanu’s house that night
Suhani : Now you are crossing your limit, lets go from here
Tanu : Wait, let them even know what is going behind their back
Dadi: what do you want to tell
Tanu : That the celebration you are doing is for something which did not even happen
Sarla and Dadi gets a big shock when it is revealed Pragya is not pregnant
Tanu : Tell them Pragya that your Abhi was with me, what worse can be for a newly wedded bride that her husband is not with her during her wedding night (smirks) not only that Abhi fixed our marriage by Pragya and made her a fool
Suhani and her parents takes Tanu finally. This news comes like a thunderstorm into Mehra house
Sarla : Pragya, what is this? is this true
Pragya’s eyes has heavy flow of tears the what Tanu said was the bitter truth of her life (sits on floor)
Sarla goes to Abhi and burst her anger out for breaking her daughter
Sarla : I considered you more than my son, I never wished for a son but was happy that I got a son in form of you but never thought you will return it like this way by torturing my daughter
Abhi looks down not be able to face the people he cheated and not deserved to be loved by anybody
Sarla : But I know I am equally fault for my daughter’s miserable state today (looks at Pragya who is sitting lifelessly on floor)
Lastly Dadi lashes out on Abhi for not seeing the goodness of Pragya, Alia tries to speak in between but is stopped by Abhi
Dadi : Today you both brought shame I could have never imagined, I cannot even face anybody specially this girl whom you both hurted at the core
Pragya not able to hear anything more against tells everybody to stop blaming Abhi
Dadi : Stop taking his side Pragya
Pragya : Dadi, who does not make mistake, he could have taken advantage of me while living under same roof but he did not, he could have let our marriage hall demolish and save himself from going into jail, or maybe forcefully made Purab marry Alia but he chose Bulbul’s happiness knowing about Alia’s love (cries soberly), he could have let me die when I was kidnapped but he instead risked his life by taking bullet for me, I might have given him new life but the truth is he gave me new life (looks at Abhi) if I stayed in this marriage for you Ma then he also stayed in this marriage for Dadi and Alia’s sakePragya : Ma, I know I might not be able to win his heart but I am not sad about that
Sarla : Stop it ! shouts
Bulbul : Ma, at least listen to her
Sarla : Not anymore word, Bulbul pack Pragya’s stuff, she will go us right now
Everybody is stunned to hear Sarla’s decision of taking Pragya back
Sarla : Mrs Mehra, I sent my daughter by trusting you that she will get all the love in this family but I cannot see her pain anymore
Pragya : Ma, what are you saying, I will not go anywhere
Sarla : Fine then today you have to choose today, if you want to see your mother alive then you will come with me
Abhi feels his whole world is destroyed about the thing he could never imagine to leave Pragya.
Pragya cannot believe what just her mom said. With no other options left Pragya decides to go with her mother with a heavy heart thinking it might also make Abhi happy since he does not love her.
Purab : Aunt please re think your decision, Abhi realized his mistake and he is not like before
Abhi : No Purab, nobody will stop her, Aunt is right, her daughter will never be happy here (says sternly)
Bulbul goes into Pragya’s room to help her pack when Abhi comes inside the room. Purab signals Bulbul to let them talk for a while
Bulbul : Di, I will finish your packing, you go and talk to jiju
Abhi and Pragya go to balcony to talk last time.
Pragya : do you remember you made a wish that I would leave your life forever
Abhi’s POV : I wish I could change that
Pragya : I know you will still miss me (smiles)
Abhi ; Of course but before you leave I want to give you something
Pragya : what?
Abhi tells her to close her eyes and goes inside the room to get something. When he came back, he holds and her hand and gives a locket.
Pragya : what is this?
Abhi : That day you did not consider my friendship but I want you to keep this locket with you, the symbol of our friendship which we maintained in this relationship
Pragya breakswown emotionally and confesses her love for him which shatters him. Bulbul calls on Pragya.
Abhi : You have to go
Pragya : I cannot live without you
Abhi : But you will not be able to live happily with
Pragya : I don’t care but I don’t have courage to leave you
Abhi : If destiny brought us together then it will find its own way if we are destined to be with her each other (cups her face and wipes her tears)
After an emotional turmoil Pragya starts to leave after recalling all her sweet memories with Abhi she shared from marriage and the immense love she received from Dadi.
Pragya : Dadi, if I hurted you anytime then please forgive me, I know nobody could love me like you in this house
Dadi : Dear, I should be the one to ask for forgiveness, I brought you in this house with a hope that you would change everybody here but you were the one facing alone here
Pragya seeks blessing of the elders and starts to leave. She turn behind and recalls her marriage day when she entered the house with the so many hopes and desires but all were crushed on the same day when she found the reality of her marriage.
Outside the house Pragya looks up where Abhi is standing seeing her intensely and waves her. “Do pal” background
Sarla takes Pragya forcefully at Arora house
Pragya sits on floor after all her dreams are shattered. She finds the marriage album looking those and tears fall on the pictures
Abhi talks with Pragya’s picture that how badly he wanted to confess his feeling before she left but did not had the courage to do it.
Abhi : i am sorry Pragya for everything (Cries soberly)
Alia comes and sees her brother in a worst state she ever imagined. She goes to console her brother.
Abhi : Alia (puts his head on Alia’s lap)
Alia : Bhai, please get hold of yourself, I cannot see you like this
Abhi : what harm we did to anybody that we have to face this day, you know after mom dad left us we had nothing except to dream big and which we fulfilled
Alia : You are right bhai, but you know maybe not getting love and being cheated is a part of our destiny
Abhi : You know how much I love Dadi, and she is not even looking at me
Alia : We know that how Dadi loved Pragya bhabhi a lot and we made a big mistake for recognizing that kind hearted girl who supported us at every step
Abhi : For that one big mistake we got such a big punishment
Alia : I am sorry bhai, everything happened because of me, if I would have understood my obsession than you would have not to face this day
Abhi : Its not completely your fault, I am equally responsible for this mess

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