Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 2

Purvi is about to slip when a strong hand stops her from falling. The guys pulls her up strongly when Purvi falls into his arms and has a feeling she never felt before
Guy : Wow, it is always good to do some adventure and what fun it could be more than suicide right
Purvi : what? (says loudly)
Guy : Oh sorry, can you please low your voice little bit
Purvi : Excuse me, are you trying to say I came to die
Guy : Even a blind person can think that you came here to die, or were you just standing here and trying to take a fresh air
Purvi tries to say something but the guy keeps talking
Guy ; Actually, what other you girls can do rather than dying, right (laughs), looking at you it seems you don’t have courage to face anything
Purvi : SHUT UP! says angrily, listen whoever you are I don’t care about girls but I am not from those weak people who are defeated even before game starts, I know how to win any battle and without anybody’s help (says with determination)
Guy : Wow, not bad but why do I feel you are just saying this as a dialogue or maybe life can mercy on you someday
Purvi ; Not anymore word, you don’t know what I am capable of doing, now the world will see it too (leaves)
The guys smirks seeing her going with a bang

Suhani goes to meet Abhi at Mehra house and meets Pragya in the hallway
Pragya : you?
Suhani : Teacher? you here?
Pragya : Forget me, what made you bring here after long time (says happily)
Suhani : So you are Abhi’s wife?
Pragya : yeah, why
Suhani does not reveal her identity of being Suhani’s sister
Pragya : so how have you been?
Abhi sees Suhani from upstairs and is surprised to see her
Abhi : This girl is Tanu’s sister, how does she know Pragya
Suhani : I came to meet Abhi
Pragya : okay, he is inside
Suhani meets Abhi and blast him for crossing their limit
Abhi : why do you think it only my fault
Suhani : I don’t care but I know you both are at fault for not thinking twice about your families
Abhi : Suhani, I know we should have not done this but I am not living happily here, even I have to explain everything to dadi and convince her
Suhani : Did you decided what you both will do
Abhi : I need time to think but explain your sister to have some patience and stop instigating Pragya, I don’t want to drag her in this mess we made
Suhani : what do you mean?

Abhi : I mean, because of your darling sister Pragya is hurting my dadi,
Suhani : okay fine, I will explain her
Pragya tells Suhani to wait. After talking to with her, Suhani feels bad that due to her sister, the person who helped her a lot is suffering and Pragya’s married life is at stake. Suhani does not want to reveal her identity to Pragya
Abhi sees Suhani and Pragya talking with each other and suspects if Pragya gets to know about Suhani being Tanu’s sister
Pragya : You told me about your sister, how is she
Suhani : she is fine, I just came to meet her from far
Pragya : you seem tensed, is everything okay?
Suhani : yeah, I have to go, I will come later (leaves)
Abhi comes to Tanu’s house and shouts at her for taking advantage of his friendship
Tanu : if you don’t have courage to admit your love and then you don’t deserve to love anybody
Abhi : Really? look who is talking the one who always put her career above everything and never cared for me is talking about love and relation
Tanu : Before you accuse me anything look at yourself, you first promised to marry me and then married that plain jane
Abhi : You are trying to cover your deeds, it was you who convinced me marry Pragya
Suhani comes and witnesses their argument
Abhi : that day when I came to you in drunken state you took my advantage of my helplessness
Tanu ; You are insulting me Abhi (shouts)
Suhani : STOP it both of you! Enough of your fight
Both looks at Suhani with shocked face
Suhani : Here we are in such a sensitive situation and you both are fighting like cat and dog, are you both even bothered about anything
Tanu : why don’t you tell him anything

Suhani : I think you both should be serious about this instead of arguing here
Abhi leaves in anger
Tanu : Did you see Suhani, he does not want to accept me?
Suhani : Don’t worry I will make sure you get your rights and nobody can take your place (hugs while Tanu smirks)
Tanu feels relieved after the reassuring of Suhani. Tanu gets somebody’s call and gets nervous seeing it private caller.
Tanu : Excuse me
Suhani : Sure
Tanu : I told you not to call me right now, you know Suhani is at home right now and I cannot lie to her and come to see you , okay fine, I will come to meet you when I get time (hangs up angrily)
Somebody records her conversation and sends to Suhani & Abhi
Pragya as usual does her prayer in the room.
Pragya : I don’t know what is written in my destiny but I just want all sorrows to stay away from families, why do I feel that something terrible is going to happen. please give show some miracle so I can save my married life
Purab shouts at Abhi for not doing anything
Abhi : what do you expect me to do Purab
Purab : You know you always told me I changed but I can see the change in you, where was the rockstar Abhi who achieved whatever he thinks of and nobody can break his strength
Abhi : you are right, I don’t have courage now
Purab : you have to fight, you cannot lose like this
Abhi : But (interrupted by Purab)
Purab : Listen, I trust you and if you don’t do anything I promise I will not marry Bulbul till you get yourself settle with di
Abhi : Enough! you will not do that, don’t punish yourself for my mistake
Purab : I know you did not do any mistake
Abhi : Purab, doctor confirmed she is pregnant
Purab : She is pregnant but are you sure if it is your child
Abhi : what (shocked)

Purab : I mean if that was case why did she just tell Pragya di about her pregnancy, you should be the first one to know and her denial of doing test at first time, just because of Pragya di she was convinced right
Abhi gets into thoughts hearing Purab’s voice
Purab : How can is be possible when you don’t remember anything
Abhi suspects something wrong going on
Suhani goes to a church
Suhani : God, I don’t know what is going right now, at one side my own sister has done a big mistake in which I have to help her fix the problem and then I have another sister who helped me in past because of whom I am successful today, please show me the right way, my heart says something that I am ignoring something
Mobile beeps when Suhani get a text message about Tnau’s conversation with somebody and decides to find out at the same time Abhi also receives the same video message.
Suhani : what is such emergency that she is hiding from me
Purab : what is it?
Abhi : I don’t know but somebody sent this message (shows it to Purab)
Purab : Abhi, this could possibly a clue for us
Abhi : you are right
At Tanu’s house Suhani wants to check Tanu’s phone
Suhani : Can you give me your phone?
Tanu : why?
Suhani : I need to make an important call and I cannot find my phone, do you mind searching for it till I make my call
Tanu : sure (gives her phone and leaves)
Suhani goes out in garden to check the phone and finds the private caller as the receive call suddenly Tanu comes there
Tanu : did you make your call
Suhani : yeah (give backs her phone)
Tanu ; here is your phone
Suhani : thanks (I have to find out before things blow out)
Abhi informs Suhani about the video and is shocked when she tells him that she got the same video.
Pragya sees dadi working and tells her not to work so much

Dadi : its okay dear
Pragya : how many times I told you to call me whenever you work
Dadi is happy to see old Pragya back whom she brought in the house with so much love
Pragya : what happened dadi?
Dadi ; nothing, I was just thinking that did any of my words hurt you previously
Pragya : I never mind about your words and you can never hurt anyone
Dadi : I don’t know why I was feeling guilty that if something I said that hurt you
Pragya : Dadi I am sorry I don’t know what happened to me
Dadi : look I know you can never even think of hurting me, but if the reason for that is your fight with Abhi then tell I will go right now and teach him good lesson
Pragya cannot stop herself from getting emotional for hurting the lady who gave her love more than anything (puts her head in Dadi’s lap)
Pragya : I don’t know what is happening, I feel like I am losing everything right now and cannot focus on anything
Dadi : I understand dear, but just keep trust on yourself and God, he will definetly show you the right way and fix everything (caresses her hair)
Next day Abhi and Purab meets Suhani at a cafe
Suhani : I don’t know who sent the video
Purab : but that is not important right now, we have a clue that Tanu is hiding something right now and you have to find it out
Suhani : You are right, now listen to me carefully (explain her plan)
Abhi (in the car) : I promise you Pragya, this time I will not let anybody snatch you away from me and make sure that Tanu will leave our life forever
At Tanu’s house
Suhani : where are you going?
Tanu : Actually I was going out for some important work, do you need anything?
Suhani : it is not good for you to drive in this state, go with driver
Tanu : Its okay, I will manage
Suhani : your car is broken, go take my car
Tanu : okay (leaves)
Suhani calls Abhi and informs him Tanu’s location
Abhi : Okay wait I am coming there
Suhani : No, you follow her, I will keep updating you her location
Abhi : how?

Suhani : I have the locating device in my car, I will tell you the location
Abhi follows Tanu but his car breaks down in the middle of the road
Abhi : Damn (irritated)
Suhani : what happened?
Abhi : My car broke down, and there is so much traffic here
Tanu goes to meet a stalker and requests him to not reveal everything to Suhani
Stalker : You should have thought before doing the deed
Tanu : that is none of your business
Stalker : Now if you don’t give you full money then I will reveal everything to your sister and then you know all information will reach Abhi
Tanu : Please don’t tell her anything, give me three days I will give you all money
Stalker : Fine, if you don’t meet me after 3 days then I will meet your sister and when she will know whose mistake you are carrying you can think what consequence you will have to face
Tanu gets nervous thinking if Suhani gets to know the truth she will lose her sister
Somebody unknowingly captures the video of the whole conversation
Suhani : Today because of you we lost her track
Abhi : My fault? why couldn’t you go behind her, who told you to sit at home
Suhani : Stop using your useless brain and now think how will we find the truth
Abhi : Is it my fault that my car broke down in middle
Suhani : Shut up! your car is punctured like you
Abhi : do you know I am Abhi the rockstar who can do every impossible things possible
Suhani : you don’t need to remind me, the whole world knows you and your useless songs
Purab : Can you both stop arguing and blame each other, think what should be do next
Pragya overhears the conversation and leaves calmly
Purab : Abhi, now what we will do
Abhi : One was less that this other problem came to make me bang head, I always get caught with sisters problem here
Suhani : Excuse me, are you talking about me?
Abhi : No I am talking about Priyanka chopra (teases)
Suhani : I can’t take it anymore, I am leaving bye
Abhi : Bye (says happily)

Suhani leaves in irritation
Suhani : In the whole world, did Tanu only got this rockstar to be with
Somebody calls Suhani and informs something really shocking
Suhani : Tanu withdrew 1 million from the bank and that too without informing me, where did I got stuck in between these crazy people
Tanu : Excuse me, can I meet Nikhil
Receptionist : Sorry, ma’am he is very busy this week
Tanu : Please, its very urgent
Receptionist : Sorry, but I can’t do anything
Pragya goes to Arora house to meet Bulbul and shares everything with her
Bulbul : Di, why am I feeling jiju is not wrong
Pragya : we cannot deny that he had relation with Tanu
Bulbul : But di, you know that girl is not loyal to anybody, she might be hiding something
Pragya tells something to Bulbul. Tanu shouts at Pragya for not doing anything
Tanu : Now i had enough, if you don’t do anything till the end of this week then I will go to hospital
Pragya : I promise you I will find the solution to this problem by this week and give you your rightful place (looks mysteriously)
Tanu feels relieved after hearing her
Tanu : Once I get married to Abhi and this child get his name then I am sure even if Suhani find everything she will forgive me
At Mehra house a good news comes which makes everybody very joyous
Dasi : what happened?
Abhi : It’s Pragya’s medical report which says she is pregnant
Everybody shocked as well as happy except Abhi and Pragya who does not show any reaction
Rachna : Congratulation Di, finally you will get this happiness
Pragya remembers her wedding night and is broken from inside thinking she might never get this happiness.
Dadi : So you finally full filed my wish, you cannot think how happy I am, indu bring sweets and feed everything
Sarla at the same time comes to congratulate her daughter while Bulbul is confused what is going on
Abhi and Pragya later in the room are tensed about the situation. Pragya starts to weep after seeing everybody celebrating for something fake.
Abhi : Pragya (sits down and wipes her tears)

Pragya : we have to tell them that this is wrong, we cannot hurt them like this
Abhi : you saw that how everybody is happy, dadi and your mom are heart patients
Pragya : then what do you want? let them do all the rituals for something which is not even true, if everybody gets to know then we will lose Dadi and Mom
Abhi : just give me one last chance, I will set everything right this time, please don’t cry
Bulbul asks Pragya about the report
Pragya : I don’t know what is happening Bulbul
Bulbul : Di, how could somebody make an error like this when you did not even did any test, tell me something honestly
Pragya : what?
Bulbul : Does jiju love you?
Pragya does not know what to answer remembering Abhi rejecting her love
Bulbul : I am asking you something
Pragya : What difference does it make? I am not worthy of his love anyway
At Tanu’s house Suhani asks her about the money when their parents (Kirti and Shub) the same time
Tanu : Mom (goes to her )
Kirti : how are you my princess
Tanu : I am fine Mom, look who is here (point to Suhani)
Shub : Suhani my darling (goes to hug her but Suhani feels sad as her mother does not say hi to her properly) and ask her about the money. Tanu is about to tell the truth but Suhani save her sister by taking the blame on her
Kirti : Can I ask you Suhani why do you need so much money for, you had spent our enough money for yourself
Suhani : Sorry mom (says softly)
Shub : I am sure she would have needed thats why she withdrew it
Kirti : So how have you been Tanu
Tanu : I am fine Mom
Suhani : Dad, I will leave now, its too late
Shub : Eat dinner and go
Suhani : Its okay dad, bye Tanu
Tanu goes to out to meet Suhani and asks her for taking blame of her mistake
Suhani : Its okay, you know if mom get to know you took so much money she would be mad at you
Tanu : But by doing it you know mom’s hatred for you will be increased
Suhani : what difference would it make, I am anyway not in her good books, but I am sure you would have used those money for something beneficial for you
Tanu feels guilty for hiding the truth from Suhani and cries emotionally from inside
Suhani : Good night, take care (puts her hand on her cheek) and don’t stress out we will figure out something to convince mom, I am sure she might be angry on you for sometime but will forgive you (leaves)

Mehra house
Dadi goes to Pragya’s room and shares her feeling of becoming the great grandmother and gifts her a Amulet
Abhi : Dadi, why did you bring this
Dadi : You will remain the same, Pragya this will protect you and your baby from all evil things
Dadi makes Abhi wear the same Amulet
Abhi : Dadi, why do I need it? I am Rockstar
Dadi : I know you are, but you are still my small Abhi and nothing can harm you with this (leaves)
Dadi decides throw party to announce Pragya’s pregnancy.
Next day Tanu gives money to the stalker
Tanu : Now I gave you the money, please leave my way
Stalker : Even I don’t want to see this face again (hands her the proof)
Enters new character Nikhil who is Suhani’s fiance
Pragya overhears the conversation and realizes Tanu has been lying all along. She follows Tanu to a cafe where she meets the guy named Nikhil and sit across the table.
Nikhil : how many times should I tell you, I am not interested in meeting you
Tanu : Even I am not fond of seeing you, I called you here to inform you that I finally got rid that guy who knew about our secret
Nikhil: Thank God, I just hope another problem does not crop up and specially Suhani should not even get a single hint
Tanu : Don’t worry after I marry Abhi which I am sure not far and give his name though it is not his child and nobody will know it is your child
Pragya is completely shocked to hear it that Tanu had lied to everybody and created havoc in her married life. Unaware Abhi also came to the same cafe and sees Pragya there who calms him down him when he is angry at Tanu
Tanu leaves the cafe making Pragya wondering Suhani’s connection with the whole thing
Abhi : Pragya?
Mehra house
Abhi breaks everything in anger when he got to see the real the face of the girl whom he used to love betrayed him so badly
Pragya : Please calm down, by getting angry won’t do anything
Abhi : You know I deserve this pain, it is nothing in front the sorrow i gave to you (Says emotionally)
Pragya : I said before, you gave me the world’s best happiness, and nobody can take that place
Both of them talk about everything
Abhi : So you sent us the video

Pragya : I followed Tanu when you were supposed follow Tanu that day and before I recorded that video outside her house
Abhi : I did not know you are this intelligent
Pragya : I said I am from million
Abhi : Of course you are
Pragya : Then lets teach the person the lesson who tried to ruin the reputation for which you worked so hard
Abhi nods silently
Pragya : I could not understand one thing, what did these things to do with Suhani
Abhi : Actually, that guy is Suhani’s fiance
Pragya : What (astonished) but what about that pregnancy report, how can Tanu do this to her sister
Abhi : I planned it to stop you from leaving (says with heavy heart)

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