Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Intro

The FF depicts the story from the pregnancy track. and how the revelation unfolds. New characters will play vital role later in the story.

Suhani :Tanu’s one and only sister who is very smart witted and brilliant, can outwit anybody into her game, loves her sister more than anything and wants her sister to never go on wrong way, old student of Pragya who she considered like her sister. Fiance of Nikhil
Armaan :Arrogant guy who believes to make his own luck, childhood friend of Pragya. Join hands with Tanu and Nikhil to revenge on Mehra sibling but has his own plan

Rishi Gharewal : A charmer who can charm anybody with his tricks. Childhood friend of Suhani and her supporter. Falls for Purvi

The story starts with a storm wandering around Mehra family especially in Abhi and Pragya’s life. Abhi is totally broken after knowing the reason of Pragya’s behavior and does not understand what to do. He cannot believe somebody would ever love him like that a after his dadi. The only person he can share his feeling is brother and his friend Purab who can help him find the solution. Abhi musters the courage to tell truth to Purab.
Purab : what? Tanu is pregnant
Abhi : I know I should have not discussed this with because you are worried for Bulbul
Purab : dont you dare ever say, I am worried for Bulbul, but you came to my life before her, so you do not need to hide things for me
Abhi : Purab, you know me from childhood, do you really think that I would ever cross limit like this with any girl

Purab : I know you cannot do this, but how can we ignore that Tanu is with you from 3 years
Abhi : And that Pragya, she is out of her mind
Purab : why what happened?
Abhi : That girl is trying to ruin her image in front of everybody and she has become rude to Dadi. and she knew about Tanu’s pregnancy
Purab : what the hell is happening ? why didn’t she tell you the truth the earlier. she is making the situation complicated
Abhi : Its good that I convinced dadi to not take Pragya’s words seriously but for how long will I explain her
Purab : Abhi, you have to do something before situation goes out of control
Abhi : first of all I have to talk to Tanu and then I have to straighten that girl’s mind, I mean there is a limit of selflessness

Purab : I hope this news does not reach dadi
Abhi confronts Tanu for her pregnancy
Tanu : Enough Abhi, you don’t trust me
Abhi : No I don’t because you took advantage of my friendship
Tanu : I am seriously pregnant Abhi and we have to accept whatever happened
Abhi : SHUT UP! a scream roared in Tanu’s house
Tanu is shocked and terrified to see his behavior
Abhi : I know you are lying and nothing happened like that between us
Tanu : why don’t you understand? that night when you were supposed to divorce pragya, you came to my house and everything happened

Abhi grabs Tanu’s shoulder in anger is not ready to accept her pregnancy
Tanu : don’t tell me that now you started loving that middle class girl but even if you do I don’t care, you have to accept this responsibly
Abhi : by saying this, you finally made me realize that you are not worthy of my friendship
Tanu : I can’t believe you are saying this
Abhi : Now listen to me carefully, don’t you dare instigate Pragya against anything, if you try to do anything to her then you will see worst of me
Tanu grabs his collar in anger and asks him if he don’t love her
Abhi ; No Tanu, that was not love, I know the true meaning of love after Pragya came to my life who can do anything for me, i am not saying I want her to die for me but get one thing straight I love her more than anything in this world now and I will not let her do anything stupid for girl like you who don’t deserve all the good things, she is my life and you know if somebody tries to snatch I make sure that person suffers like hell

Tanu : I am giving you a week, if you don’t leave Pragya then this news will go to your family and just imagine what will happen if Dadi gets to know this
Abhi ; why my family, go tell the whole world I don’t even care, because I know if I am right, the truth will come out in any form and then you will face the consequence alone (leaves)
Tanu throws everything in anger and calls somebody
Mehra house
Abhi sees Pragya trying to organize the room and calls her but she does not reply her. He grabs her hand when she starts to leave
Pragya : leave my hand
Abhi : why did you do this to me?
Pragya : I don’t know what are you talking about
Abhi : Oh really, I know you are really sacrificial but in this cruel world one needs to think about themselves sometimes rather than people who don’t even care about their own family
Pragya : But hatred can only be overcome by love

Abhi : what are you made up of? fine you rejected me but what did my dadi harm you that you are hell bent on making her angry
Pragya : You want to know why I did all this, so that no child can suffer like me without a father
Abhi is taken aback by her words and also remembers how even he and Alia suffered without a father and mother.
Pragya : You know in my school I saw all friends with their father and realized how daughters are princess of their fathers (sits on floor)
Abhi is totally broken down and remembers how he used to miss his parents during his school time and never knew the meaning of love of parents

Pragya : I never told mom because she was already struggling after dad left us leaving us in darkness, as time went by I suppressed my feelings and then started to consider my mom everything and forgetting all my dream and desires for life I always wanted
Abhi goes and sit near her listening to the wound gotten to such a kind hearted girl
Pragya : You know my friend always said that a father and daughter shares a unique relationship from any other relation in the world

Abhi felt like killing himself for turning a wounded girl’s life upside down for no reason. He just wanted to give all the warmth and care she badly needed in her life.

PS : I know most people might have read this one too but I will make changes later on

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