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With much enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming trip to Shimla over the vacations, every student in the college who’d registered for the trip had no control to his or her happiness. The thought of spending their vacation in a lovely place with all their best buddies made all the students dream of the trip all day and night. After all, who gets such chances this often? And, this indeed was very special for the students who were currently in their final years, for they wouldn’t be getting this chance again, except for if they would prefer failing to experience the old college days again!

While everyone was engrossed in the conversations regarding the trip, no later did word about Dev’s and Sonakshi’s closeness in the college start spreading. Over this period, Sonakshi’s and Dev’s bond deepened even more as they became the best of friends, an evident proof of their closeness. Now, they wouldn’t think of spending a moment without each other. They both weren’t celebrating any relationship, but were cherishing their lively and adorable friendship days to the fullest. Both of them had decided not to let out any of their feelings any time before the trip commenced. They decided that they’d stay on friendly terms and enjoy the trip the very same way. And, only when the trip would come to an end, would the two confess. None of the two had discussed regarding this but had made this as individual decision and were strictly going to stick with them.

Both Dev and Sonakshi thought of it to be better if they’d simply enjoy the trip and then come to the next topic, taking a step ahead in their relationship. Sonakshi was afraid of taking the wrong step in a hurry admist the lively souls of students wandering around during the trip. She feared the consequences that she would have to face if she would mess up a bit, which would definitely end up causing trouble in her professional-life plans. So, she decided that she’d spend the entire vacation happily and cheerfully with Dev. Meanwhile, Dev too was afraid of messing up. More or less, he wondered what would Sonakshi’s reply be. Would it be a no, he asked himself all day long. Rather not, was what he’d keeping on satisfying himself with. He assumed that a positive response had a higher level of possibility as compared to a clear ‘no’.

While every spirit in the college had been rising, there was one student, depressed, and more likely worried about something. Yes, Rahul sure was depressed, deeply indeed. He couldn’t ever bear to watch Sonakshi close to Dev, especially alone. He feared losing Sonakshi to Dev forever. What was he to do then, he wondered whenever he sat all by himself, which was quite very often. Sonakshi spoke to him in a friendly manner at times, which gave him utmost delight. Although this was quite seldom, Rahul considered being friendly to Dev as well, just for the sake of not letting anyone get suspicious about him. Most of the evening were spent by Rahul roaming around, without a destination to be reached. Many a times, during his walks, did he spot Sonakshi resting under the madar tree close to the pond, in the evenings. But, he did never walk up to her or speak a word either. He simply passed by, getting even more excited for his plan. A plan which could possibly separate Dev and Sonakshi forever, he supposed.

A night prior to the college trip, Sonakshi lay on her bed, wide awake. She had been getting mixed emotions ever since morning. First, she was excited; excited to spend time with all her friends, excited to spend time with Dev. Second, she was afraid; afraid of what might happen once she confesses at the end of the trip. And lastly, she felt weird. Yes, she felt herself feeling something different and new, which altogether made her feel uncomfortable and made her anxious. She had no idea which of her feelings was she to cherish or focus on. Infact, she didn’t even know whether all these feelings she thought she had were any real or not.

As to bring relief to her tension, Sonakshi heard her phone beep. She quickly reached out to her phone which was kept on the side table right next to her. As she unlocked the phone, Sonakshi couldn’t help but smile as she saw a message from Dev emerge on to her screen. “What had he to do with me at such an hour?,” Sonakshi muttered to herself as she tapped on the message icon to view Dev’s message.

The message was short and quickly-written, thought Sonakshi. It said: ‘Call me…no balance in phone….’
Sonakshi quickly ringed Dev. All her tension was no longer to be seen as her excitement filled it’s space. Perhaps having a conversation with Dev would possibly help her feel much more comfortable and free.
“Hello, Dev,” said Sonakshi as Dev picked up the call.
“Hey Sona!” replied Dev.
“Erm…Dev, don’t you sound a bit too cheerful?” questioned Sonakshi as she sensed the unusual cheerfulness in Dev’s voice.
“Oh, do I? Well, is there anything bad in that?” Dev childishly questioned Sonakshi back.
“No Dev, not at all. I was just- well, nothing.” Sonakshi lied. She, unwillingly, could not help but notice that cheerfulness present in Dev’s voice, which was quite seldom without no reason at all.
“Are you sure that’s what you wanted to say, Sona?” Dev questioned Sonakshi sharply.
“Ye- yes, of course. That’s just what I’d meant to say,” stammered Sonakshi. To avoid further questions from Dev, Sonakshi quickly changed the topic, owing herself one for this great escape. “So Dev, what is it that makes you so delighted and cheerful?” she asked.
“Actually, the thing is that- no. Never mind.” he replied.
“Dev, please do tell me. Please Dev, tell na!”
“Okay, fine. Now, as you must be knowing that we’re having our trip tomorrow, right?”
“Yeah, first thing tomorrow it is.”
“Yup. So then, it’ll be all of us together. And, that includes both me and you,” he added as he emphasized on ‘me and you’, which made Sonakshi blush.
“D- Dev-”
“No Sona, let me complete first.”
“Oka-” Sonakshi was amazed to see Dev’s eagerness to speak to her as he interrupted her, yet again. She smiled to herself upon knowing that yes, there was someone in the world who was dying to speak to her, after all.
“Yeah. So, as I was saying, this trip will also have two of us together as well. Now, what great friends we are must you know already,” he spoke coolly. “Then I think you wouldn’t mind entering an isolated room with me alone and,” as each word escaped from his mouth, Sonakshi began shivering. She was getting afraid if what Dev might just say next. Moreover, she was frightened plus excited. Frightened of what wrong Dev might speak, though she was next to sure that never would he do so; and she was excited to hear from him. She wanted to know what in the world did he want to do with her in an isolated bedroom. Did he mean to say…no. He just couldn’t mean that. Not so soon, atleast. Her worries cleared off as Dev continued to speak and she put herself deeply into the conversation, “locking the door behind the two of us and holding my hand with a firm grip with both of our eyes looking and melting in each other’s. Also, let me not forget to let you know, that this is one isolated room with just one bed. By the way, coming back to my speech, I don’t think you would mind removing your jacket too. Okay, I know it’s gonna be freezing cold out there in Shimla, but trust me, it’s gonna be smoking hot in that one bedroom where the two of us will be. Actually, you can remove whatever you want. Nothing or EVERYTHING.”
“Dev! First of all, why are you being so cheesy and flirty and s-”
“Se*y?” he demanded.
“No way! I meant to say ‘stupid’! What is wrong with you, Dev?”
“What’s wrong with me, eh? Well, me just lost in beauty if yours,” he added cheekily.
“Hahaha. Very funny,” I added sarcastically.
“I know right!”
“Ughhh! Dev, listen to me closely and-”
“I so baldy wish I could come closer to you somehow, but you know, I just can’t at such an hour,” he added in a fake miserable voice.
“Now please, Sona. Let me continue with my speech. So, where were we? Ummm…yeah, you were taking off your clothes and blablabla. Now, after all that lot, you wouldn’t mind walking up to the bed with me either.”
“Of course, I would!”
“And then, we’d both get onto the bed and there, we’ll do something two lovers do,” he ended his speech as smoothly and calmly as ever and pretended as though Sonakshi hadn’t interrupted at all a second back. Sonakshi, however, went still. She simply couldn’t digest what she’d just heard Dev saying. Did he really mean that, she thought. Now, Sonakshi felt as puzzled as ever. She couldn’t believe anything at all. She pinched herself hard, in order to make sure whether any of this was real or not. Partly, Sonakshi was on cloud nine. Like, Dev had just openly expressed his desire towards her. He’d just confessed. He’d just said that he wanted to come into her world. He’d just said that he wished to enter a room all alone with just Sonakshi. He’d just revealed that he wanted to enter inside her.

But, what if he’s just joking, Sonakshi asked herself. She just wanted to be sure of it. She just wanted to be sure whether Dev really meant that. To get things a bit clearer from their current blurry form, Sonakshi hastily interrogated Dev. “Nice joke, Dev. Must say that the sense of humour you’ve gotten is worth appreciation.”
“Joke? C’mon Sona! You can’t call all this lot a joke, can you?”
“And as if you really meant going to that isolated bedroom with me alone and then, as if you really meant to say that I take off all my clothes and then we walk hand-in-hand, looking into each other’s eyes across the room to that bed and then have s-” Sonakshi stopped midway. She’d always been comfortable in using that word, but there was something stopping her today. She just couldn’t extract that word out of her mouth today.
“What do you mean by ‘s’?” Dev asked naughtily.
“I mean, like, as if you really meant we’d do what two lovers do. Yeah, that’s what I’d meant to say,” she cleverly finished off with her sentence, leaving Dev awestruck at his lady’s cleverness and wittiness.
“Sonakshi, let me tell you that I meant each and every word. Each and every word, not a single is to be left. I meant all of them and yes, the last one too.”
“Dev, I’m really sleepy now and I don’t want to end up getting late for tomorrow. So, I think I better get sleeping. Well, good night. See you tomorrow, then,” Sonakshi quickly bid off.
“True, it’s pretty late and I too must better get a good sleep. Good night, Sona. See you tomorrow,” Dev too bid off as Sonakshi quickly cut the phone.

Sonakshi quickly got off her bed and went rushing into the terrace. Her chest heaved as she breathed heavily. She was literally on the verge of breaking down into tears. And she very well knew that it’d be extremely hard for her to stop once she’d start. Life isn’t fair at all, she thought. She really loved Dev, but how does it happen that he is the only one who manages to speak to her this way, she thought. Why, why, why did Dev have to make things so damn confusing, she demanded. Sonakshi rested herself on the chair kept closely and shut her eyes. Now, she thought, if there was one way to comfort her, then it was to let our her problems. She knew this was next to being stupid, but the only person she could confide into was herself.
“I know, I know. I know it. I could sense the seriousness in Dev’s voice when he’d mentioned that he had meant all of that. It was real, wasn’t it? Does he like me? Does he love me? Why did he have to say all this lot just today? Why just a night prior to the trip? Should I distance him from myself, then? Or should I act like his girlfriend? No Sona, no. You just can’t. Just let things be the way they were before. Let yourself be free and calm in front of Dev. And, just try to forget today’s conversation for time being, atleast. Yup. This is absolutely the best thing you can do currently. It just has to.”
Sonakshi sat under the blanket of stars for the next fifteen minutes before she returned to her bed, all ready to sleep for a few good hours. Deep beneath her heart, Sonakshi was very excited. Tomorrow would she get to see Dev, probably a bit different. Given a choice, she’d have loved to see him being so flirty, personally.

While Sonakshi was deep asleep within a while, there lived another man whose nights had been getting sleepless ever since. Yes, Rahul sure had been getting sleepless nights. Tonight, however, was probably the last night he’d have to stay sleepless, according to him. Soon after this, he would get his plan into action and personally, he felt it to be a wonderful plan to separate the two lovers. Since the past one month, he’s been keenly observing Dev and Sonakshi and their nature. He had very well planned his trap upon looking at the nature and characteristics of the two. He was really very excited for the trip.

Another man in the same town felt a bit restless. True, Dev felt utterly restless post his conversation with Sonakshi. He wondered whether his words had really hit Sonakshi’s mind or not, and if they had, what did she think about him now? He was afraid to see her mad at him. He questioned himself whether he’d gone a bit too far, but this question remained unanswered till then end of his sleep. He knew he’d have to face tomorrow, be it bad or good.

The birds chirped all around as dawn broke next day. In their respective houses, both Dev and Sonakshi were the first ones to stand off bed. Sonakshi freshened up first while Dev continuously kept on checking whether he had everything required. Soon, their entire families were up and loud calls for each other were to be heard. Naturally, Vicky and Elina too were indeed very excited for the trip. Luckily, they didn’t have to hide their closeness for they were now officially dating unlike Dev and Sonakshi.

At half past seven, both pairs of siblings, namely Sonakshi and Elina and Dev and Vicky, departed from their houses after bidding off to their families. Indeed, they were going to miss their families, but they had a lot to look forward to, too. The pair f brothers arrived at the college before the two sisters did. Obviously, both the Dixit brothers were eagerly waiting for their own Miss.Boss.

Twenty minutes after the Dixit brothers’ arrival at college, which seemed as twenty hours to the boys, the Bose sisters stepped into the campus elegantly. Sonakshi had put on a simple maroon top along with black denims while Elina looked rather too fancy. Both Dev and Vicky were mesmerized looking at the girls from distance. While Vicky rushed to Elina and carried her bags for her, Dev silently stood on his spot, gazing at his very own lady. Pretty very badly, Dev wished he could grab Sonakshi and provide her with a tight hug, but just for now, he considered being interest safer side. Much more than this, he wanted to DO something. Like, he would’ve loved to hit her on her lips with his own, or he’d loved to ‘do what two lovers do’. His seductive thoughts were all brought to an end as he saw Sonakshi standing in front of him.

“Sona- Hi,” Dev greeted her.
“Hey Dev!”
“Good morning,” he said as he continued gazing at her with utmost delight.
“Good morning to you too, Dev! Well, I’m pretty excited for the trip, aren’t you?” she asked cheerfully. It seemed as though Sonakshi had decided to sound as cheerful as dev had last night. And not to forget, dev was only too surprised to hear her this way.
“Yup, I sure am excited,” he replied.
“Erm…Dev, don’t you sound pretty dull? What’s wrong? Anything I can help you with? I mean, like, you were so cheerful yesterday and now, you’re as dull as ever,” Sonakshi questioned Dev. Yes, he sure was dull as ever, but he sure wasn’t going to be the same any longer. Now that Sonakshi herself had brought up last night’s topic, he did want to miss having some fun teasing her.
“So Sona, are you ready for it?” he questioned childishly.
“Ready for what, Dev?”
“Like, you seriously don’t know?”
“I don’t think so.”
“Okay then, I’ll tell you. Like, are you ready for tonight?”
“Dev!” she exclaimed as she tried her best not to blush in front of Dev.
“You know I meant it all, right?” he asked teasingly.
“Yah, yah, I know,” she said in a sarcastic tone.
“Good then,” he said appreciatively. “Come on, my lady,” he said as he forwarded his hand towards Sonakshi as they proceeded towards the bus.
“Coming, my dear man,” she replied lovingly. Deep beneath her heart, she knew this journey would be different from all those she’s had in the past years. This one, she was sure, would be memorable and unique. ‘He truly the man. He is that man. He just is,’ she thought to herself as they made their way inside the bus.

The hearts have began to get ever-closer and so shall the bodies, but for how long? With a villain in the middle, no love story is ever perfect. The trees in Shimla shall hide the lovers from the crowd, but not from the one who’s just eyeing them all about. Will things stay this way any longer? And if yes, how long is long? Will two bodies be able to join together to make one soul?

To know more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

Hey guys! Now, I know you all might just be in the mood of throwing stones and tomatoes on me, but I really am sorry. I know I was supposed to post earlier, but I didn’t make it on time, unfortunately. Actually, I’d been having my basketball matches lined up this December, so I could hardly gather up enough time to write the episode with all my practices and matches. Then, when I’d finally managed to submit the article, it got rejected by TU. So, I had no other option but to rewrite the whole thing all over again. I know this might seem utter nonsense to most of you, therefore I’ve started considering quitting this FF. My posts might be getting delayed from now on, thus I think most of you would want me to rather quit the story than keeping you all waiting for what seems like ages. So, along with your words on the episode, kindly also do let me know whether you would want me to continue with the story provided that the posts get pretty irregular or whether I should simply put an end to this idea.
After all this, let me ask the main question: How was the episode? Hope you liked it and it was up to the mark. Do drop in your comments since I’d be eagerly waiting to hear your reviews. The Shimla part shall begin from the next update, if there is any.
Also, a note to all FF authors: From tomorrow onwards, that is from the 25th of December, I shall be traveling and visiting my hometown, Agra. I shall return on the night of 3rd January, then. So, I shall not be able to follow any of your FF(s) during this time. I hope you all do understand.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a very blissful and fruitful 2017 filled with happiness and wellness!⭐️⭐️⭐️?????????????????
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  1. Super marvellous……Superb indeed….. DevAkshi convo was ????…. Dev was so bold….OMG…. I Loved it to the full….

    1. Thank you so much Maleeha di! I’m so delighted to see that you liked the chapter!
      I’m thrilled upon learning that you loved DevAkshi’s conversation as well as Dev’s bold side!
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    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Ayushi! They really mean a lot to me!
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    This episode was really amazing. I loved it. The way Dev asked her to come into his life directly was so flirty, but surely it was fun. Haha.. I fear what’s Rahul upto, but surely DevAkshi will make it together at the end. Isn’t it? I’m waiting for the next chapter Anshita. Hope you can post soon or else, we’ll wait. Don’t worry.


    1. Hey Ria di!
      Well, it seems that you’ll be speaking to me, yet once again, officially. Yes, the FF sure is on and I’ll try to post at the soonest!
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  6. Niki645

    Anshi, first of all the episode was superb, and although there was a lot of delay, it was amazingly well written…

    Dev was damn flirty, and I loved that side of his. DevAkshi’s conversation was superb! I am really afraid that Rahul might do something terrible, but after all, DevAkshi have to come together at the end, don’t they? I can just go on and on about how marvellous I found this episode, and how much I enjoyed it.

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    1. Hey Niki di!
      Firstly, I’m really glad to know that you loved the episode and found it quite well written despite the delay that had been caused in the meantime.
      Personally speaking, I too adore this flirty side of Dev’s. I’m delighted to see that you thoroughly enjoyed DevAkshi’s midnight conversation! Well, every villain does do terrible stuff, but don’t our hero and heroine always meet at the end? So, I expect DevAkshi too should just be able to make it together at the end. I really do hope so.
      Your words and comments always make me feel wonderful, but this time, your comment has made me feel so special! I mean, like, who wouldn’t get that feeling when they get to know that there’s someone out there who loves your work so much! After reading your comment, I literally felt very blessed indeed, I swear. So, after a lot of reconsideration on my decision to quit the FF, I’ve finally made up my mind to not end it just yet. Because if ending my FF ends up hurting you, then that’s probably the last thing I might do. So yes, DevAkshi’s trip is on!
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    1. Aaru di, please don’t take it to your heart na! I’m really sorry for my previous decision. I really am. And now, I’m making up for it in the best way I can: I’m continuing my FF.
      I don’t know whether various authors care about you and your feelings or not, but let me tell you that I do. A lot indeed.
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    1. Hey Pooja di!
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      Hahaha…honestly, I too think I’ve left it all of a sudden, but I’ll work harder to make the upcoming chapters interesting, now?
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      Take care!<3

  13. Heshine

    Hey Anshita…. !!!??Hw r u…!??yeah….!!!WISHING U A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017…..!!TO U AND TO UR FAMILY…..!!!!??Let this year bring u a lots of happiness …..and joy…in ur lyf…..!!!??……!!

    First of all …..u shud forgive me fa such a late cmnt…..!!!I’m really sorry dear…..actually I juz don’t have time to cmnt to any ff’s…….!!!!it was seriously a very tiring end of 2016..??…so sorry dear……!!!!?????hope u r not disappointed……!!!!
    Okkk….!!!I knw I’m talking too much…..lemme not waste even ur valuable time……and lemme ……surrender….that this epi is juz a feast to me…….!!!really dear……????????it was really amazing…….wonderful…….awesome….tremendous………fantabulous…..fabulous……its really….a very gud……epi. …!!!u write such awesomely…..!!!I knw I’m repeating…..!!!but repeatation is not considered… front of such amazing epi….ryt…!!!??????
    I loved each and every scene of the epi….it was juz awesome….!!!I’m really…fallen fa ur ff…..!!!a WORTH WAITING EPISODE……???????Actually it took time to read the ff though it was posted on time…..but after…..reading it….I thought juz to give u tight hug fa the wonderful epi…… I really mean each and everything dear……!!!!…
    And yeah…hope ur basketball matches went well……!!!!!!!!!ur xams. . studies……!!!etc……??????and yeah..Don’t u dare try to quit the ff….as I will really miss it badly…and I don’t want u to do that….pls …dear….!!will u accept this di’s request…..!!!?????hope u will do accept….
    No prob…….u can post at any time….and there r many followers fa ur ff….and I will be the first amongst them…..!!!??
    And yeah ….I forgot to say…..that…DEVAKSHI’S convoy was jus tremendous….aweful….and romantic……!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    I really enjoyed their convo….seriously……!!!I was even laughing simultaneously…??bcas it was really of mixed talent…..!!!
    I think I’m wasting ur time……so at last….pls do update the next epi as soon as possible…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!I juz want my wait to over again so soon…….!!!?????hope u understand……
    Happy new year…2017 once again….!!!????and yeah….dare u again…. try to quit ur ff…..!!!

    1. Hey Heshine di!
      Aahhh….your long comments make my mouth water!??? Like, I always look forward to them??
      I’m doing great, and I hope you too are doing the same.?
      Wishing a very Happy Mew Year to you and your family as well, di!!!????? I too hope this year brings you loads of happiness and joy!?
      Now, please don’t apologise for late comments, di. I seriously never mind, I swear. Like, despite the fact that you all are so busy and you yet comment on my posts, I can ask for no more than this.? A comment early or a comment late doesn’t really matter much to me, you know; all that matters is the love I receive from your blissful words.? So basically, yes indeed, I am not the least disappointed.?
      And di, you openly expressing yourself is no wastage of time for me but a very valuable prize!?
      Di, all these flattering words have actually succeeded in flattering me!? So many words just to describe this piece of writing. Like, really? I can’t believe it at all.
      And, of course, it doesn’t matter whether your words are repeated or not, for they all always convey the amount of love from you to me.??
      Just as you said you’ve fallen for my FF, di, I’ve fallen for you and your lovable words!?
      If you think that waiting for this FF is truly worth it (although I think not), then I am left with no choice but to continue?
      I too, truly, wish to give you a tight hug. Although that wouldn’t express even quarter of my love to you, atleast I’d get the privilege to meet such a kind and loving person such as you!??
      Well, part of my basketball matches went splendid indeed while part weren’t just how we’d have liked them to be, but never mind? Anyways, thank you for asking?
      Studies sure are nerve-eating, I must say!???
      You might be the first in line of the followers of my FF, but I’ll be the first amongst the people who love you the most?
      And yes, I’m glad to see that you enjoyed DevAkshi’s conversation!? Your laughter must be as beautiful as your words, I can tell.?
      I’ll try updating the next one soon!?
      Loads and loads of love,

  14. Erica

    Hey anshi di!!
    It’s amazing as always!as much as You find talent in me,I can say the same about you!update soon big Sister!lots of love!!

    1. Heya Nishi!
      Awww…thank you so much for those heart touching words sweetie!
      I’ll try updating soon, little sister!
      Love you loads,

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