Hey there! It’s me Anshita back with the fourth chapter of ME, YOU AND PASSION! This chapter might cause you to get disappointed but due to the lack of time, this is only what I can possible manage ? Kindly try to understand my situation ????

So 3……2……1…..go!!!

Precap of the previous episode: Both Sonakshi and Dev realise their love for each other during the nighttime. Elina and Vicky start falling for each other. The next morning, Elina and Vicky leave talking while Dev and Sonakshi are left embarrassed as they were caught romancing by Vicky and Elina.

It was lunch time and Rahul came walking Sonakshi’s desk yet again which made Sonakshi feel uncomfortable. She desperately wanted Dev to rush to her rescue. However, before Rahul could come close enough for Sonakshi to hear him, Dev popped in the middle facing Sonakshi and passed a reassuring smile to her to which she reciprocated. Although Dev hadn’t stated the reason behind his smile, Sonakshi understood it very well. How? Even she wasn’t aware of it. She might be in love with him, but does that also make their minds connect? Then Dev’s definitely get to know about her feelings for him, she worried.

Dev: Mind going out for lunch with me, Sonakshi? It looks like the two new love birds have already left.

Sonaskhi: Two new love birds??

Dev: Yah! Elina and Vicky! I’m sorry to say this but those two are mad for each other.

Sonakshi: You need not apologise Dev! Besides, that’s what I thought of as well. Finally, I’ll get a reason good enough to tease Elina! (smiles)

Dev: Oh yes, of course! Vicky and Elina should rather be aware of their surroundings at all times. We’ll tease both of them now and help them confess, what say?

Sonakshi: (giggles in a sweet way which makes Dev look at her lovingly) Definitely yes! Elina deserves it all. The teasing part since she’s always been teasing me and the supporting part as she’s always been really very supportive towards me.

Dev: Same here. Despite the problems I have to face with Vicky, he’s always been with me and so have I. Vaise Sonakshi, joining me for lunch? Bohot kuch bataana hai. (Besides, joining me for lunch Sonakshi? There’s a lot I have to tell you.)

Sonakshi: Haan, zaroor! Mujhe bhi tumse zaroori baat karni thi. Chalein? (Yes, of course! I’ve gotten something to share with you as well. Shall we leave?)

Dev: Yup!

The two left towards the canteen busy talking to each other which made Rahul feel jealous. After all, which guy wouldn’t get envious seeing the girl whom they like lovingly taking to another guy, or say their rival?

Rahul’s POV: Aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Pyaar mein karoon, first lunch mein karvaaon aur pehla personal introduction bhi main doon. Lekin laad mile uss Dev ko? Kyon Sonakshi kyon? Maana ki ladkiya Dev pe fida rehti hain lekin tum to alag ho na? Mujhe kuch na kuch to karna hi hoga. (How can this happen? I’m the one who loves, I’m the one who took her out for the first lunch and I’m the one who given his first personal introduction to her. Then why is Dev the one who gets all that care and concern? Why is it so Sonakshi, why? I agree that all girls are mad after Dev but you are different, aren’t you? I’ll have to do something or the other.)

Dev and Sonakshi quickly took their food and rushed out of the canteen since they found Vicky and Elina out there, sitting together and feeding each other. Dev and Sonakshi found a bench in the garden and quickly grabbed it before anyone else could. Mostly, couples of the college sat together in this very garden and as far as Dev had known, this was believed to be the most popular place for confession in their collage. Although he didn’t believe in all this stuff, he didn’t have any other option either. The two starting eating very quickly, and in a rather unusual manner. It felt awkward for the two. Really awkward. Just then, Dev started off with a conversation in order to make things a bit more comfortable for both of them.

Dev: Vaise Sonakshi, tum mujhe kuch bataana chahti thi naa? (Besides, didn’t you want to tell me something Sonakshi?)

Sonakshi: (fumbling with her words) A…a…haan..main…bataana…tumhe..chahti…(A…a…yes…I…tell…you…wanted…)

Dev: (shocked at her weird behaviour) Sonaskhi, tum theek ho naa? I mean looking at the way you’re speaking, lagta hai ki koi cheez tumhe bohot pareshaan kar rahi hai.(Sonakshi, are you Alright? I mean looking at the way you’re speaking, it seems there’s something that really troubling you a lot.)

Sonakshi: (under her breathe) Pareshaan to karegi hi naa jab itni badi baat bolni hai. (Of course, I’ll be trouble if there’s such a big thing I’ve gotta tell.)

Dev: Sonaskhi, tumne kuch kahaa? (Did you say something Sonaskhi?)

Sonakshi: Nahin, nothing at all. Vaise Dev, tum bhi to mujhse kuch kehna chahte the. (No, nothing at all. Besides, didn’t you want to tell me something as well Dev?)

Dev: Haan, bohot kuch bataana chahta hoon. Lekin pehle tum batao. (Yes, I’ve gotten a lot to tell you. However, you tell me first.)

Sonaskhi: Nahin Dev, you tell me first. (No Dev, you tell me first.)

Dev: (trying to sound stubborn) Sonakshi, it’s ladies first.

Sonakshi: Lekin….(But….)

Dev: (interrupts her) Lekin vekin kuch nahin. Agar tum pehle nahin bataogi to main bhi nahin bataoonga! (No buts. If you don’t speak first, I worn either!) (crosses his arms in order to look cross)

Sonakshi: Achcha baba fine, mein pehle bolti hoon. (Okay fine, I’ll speak first)

Dev: (a bright smile appears on his face) Sachchi? (Really?)

Sonaskhi: Haan, muchchi. (Yes, really.)

Dev: To phir batao naa! (Then tell me!)

Sonakshi: Achcha fine! I wanted to say that…I…I….I…

Every ‘I’ of hers made Dev excited. Part of him had been expecting Sonakshi to tell him that she loves him while part of him said that that stood next to impossible.

Dev: Sonakshi, you what?

Sonakshi: I….I….I….lo….lo…I wanted to say that I lo…love..I love….rollercoasters! Don’t you?

Sonakshi’s POV : Uhhhhh Sona! You’re mad. Extremely mad! You should’ve said it! Come on, one more chance! But how are you gonna manage to say it to him right on the face? If you look at him, you always get taken away by his big black eyes. Idea! Look at the ground dear Sona, look at the ground. Wow, you yourself aren’t any less than Elina in love tips! Great going, huh?

Meanwhile, Dev’s smile disappeared and all one could possibly see on his face was great shock. Terrible shock indeed. ‘I guess I was thinking out of limits. But they she spoke, it sounded like there’s something else she has has gotten to share,’ he thought.

Sonakshi: (trying to look cool and calm) Joking Dev, just joking. Well actually, there’s something else I have to share. Besides, it really very important and it’s no joke. Seriously.

Dev’s POV: Thank god she was joking! Varna tera kya hota Dev? Ab kya? Ab vo bolegi ki I hate cockroaches. Fir I love ice cream. Fir I hate zombies aur fir I love Zayn Malik! Hey bhagwaan, kaash mein hi pehle bol leta! (Thank god she was joking! Or else what would’ve happened to you Dev? Now what? Now she’ll say she hates cockroaches. Then she’ll say she loves ice cream. Then she’ll say she hates zombies and then she’ll say she loves Zayn Malik! Oh god, I wish I was the one who’d spoken first!)

Dev: (with a relieved yet weird look on his face) Haan bolo na Sonakshi. Kya baat hai? Lagta hai bohot hi zyaada badi baat hai. (Please do speak Sonaskhi. What is the matter? It seems it’s quite serious)

Sonaskhi: Haan to as I was saying, I….I….I…

With every ‘I’ of Sonakshi’s, Dev’s expectations began to rise, once again. What if she really was serious this time? He thought to himself. Meanwhile, Sonakshi fumbled with her words while looking at the ground for she didn’t want to get taken away by looking at his big, black, intense eyes. Well, she did want to go with them, but not just now.

Sonakshi: Dev, this might sound weird but I…I…I…okay, I admit this sure is stupid but I..Iwantedtoaskifwecouldpossiblybefriends.

Sonakshi’s POV: Oh Sona! What have you done? Tumi ekdom impossible! Kitna achcha mauka mila tha aur voh bhi jaane diya! Gayi teri love story! Pataa nahin tera kya hoga!! (Oh Sona! What have you done? You are completely impossible! You had such a good chance and you let go of it so easily? Your love story is gone! God knows what’ll happen to you!)

Dev, on the other hand, was terribly shocked to hear Sonakshi’s words. He’d heard her words but wished he hadn’t. How he wished if that word ‘friends’ could change into ‘lovers’!

Dev’s POV: Are Dev! Tu bhi kya soch raha tha? Yeh Sonakshi tujhe badaa propose karne aayegi! Lekin tujhe to khush hona chahiye. Aakhirkaar usne tera kaam kam kar diya. Ab to tujhe usse kuch kehne ki zaroorat hi nahin padegi! Lekin kaash….(Oh Dev! What were you even thinking? As if this Sonakshi will ever come to propose you! But shouldn’t you be happy? After all, she’s made your work so easier. You won’t even have to say anything now! But how I wish….)

Dev: (pretends as if he didn’t get a word spoken by Sonakshi) Kya? Sona tumne jo kahaa mujhe kuch samajh nahin aaya. Kya tum voh firse kahogi? (What? I didn’t get a word of what you just said Sona. Can you repeat that again?)

Sonakshi: Nahin Dev, abhi nahin. Pehle tum bolo. Maine to bol diya jo mujhe bolna tha! (No Dev, not now. First you speak. I’ve said what I’d wanted to!)

Dev: Magar Sona…(But Sona…)

Sonakshi: (trying to sound stern) Dev!!!

Dev: (accepting his defeat over his lady love) Okay fine, I’ll speak. But then you’ll have to repeat what you’d just said earlier, okay?

Sonakshi: (in a lovable tone) Okay Dev! Done! I’ll speak after you for sure!

Dev: (gets of the bench and sits in his knees) Miss Sonakshi Bose, you’re name is as beautiful as you. Or maybe, you’re a bit more (smiles). One universe, 8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 oceans and I had the privilege of meeting you! (NOTE: KINDLY EXCUSE FOR INACCURATE DESCRIPTION) Sona, I’ve never done this and had never thought of doing this either. After all, who would have? People either propose for their marriage or getting into a relationship, however, I’m going to be proposing you for something different today, and probably for the first time. Miss Sonakshi Bose, would you like to be Dev’s first ever girl-friend? I don’t mean the one in relationships, but a friend who’s a girl. Would you like to learn all about my life? Will you want the two of us to share every possible secret? And of course, will you agree to accept this man in front of you as a friend?

Sonakshi was taken aback by Dev’s lovable yet disappointing words. She had really been looking forward to a love confession from Dev’s side. But, it seems as if he doesn’t have the courage to confess it, alike her, or he simply doesn’t feel for her, she thought.

Sonaskhi: (mutters under her breathe) Waah Sona! Jis insaan ke saath tu poori zindagi bitaane ki baat karti hai, vo to dosti pe hi aa gaya hai! You have been friendzoned by a guy for the first time ever in your life Sona! (Wow Sona! The person you plan to spend the rest of your life with has come to friendship!)

Dev: Sonakshi, kya tumne kuch kaha? (Sonakshi, did you just say something?)

Sonakshi: Nahin nahin Dev! Main to sirf tumne jo abhi kaha uske baare mein soch rahi thi. (No, no Dev! I was just thinking of what you’d just said to me)

Dev: Achcha! To fir tumne kya socha hai? Manzoor hai ye dosti? (Oh! Then what’ve you thought of? Do you approve this friendship?)

Sonakshi: (helping Dev off the ground) Dev, maine kabhi nahin socha tha ki tum jaisa bhi koi ladka mujhse dosti karna chahega. Haan, tumhari baat sunkar mujhe jhatka zaroor laga, lekin mein to itni khush hoon ki tum soch bhi nahin sakte! (Dev, I’d never expected a boy like you would offer to be my friend. Yes, I definitely was taken aback after hearing your words, but you won’t be able to believe how happy I am!)

Dev: (forwarding his hand) So friends then?

Sonakshi: (reciprocating to his handshake) Ya, friends for sure!

Dev: (glances at his watch) Sonakshi, lunch is nearly over now. I’ll catch up with you later in class. See ya at biology!

Sonaskhi: Oh yes, we must leave before we get late. See you at biology Dev!

And the two went in opposite directions. Deposits their disappointment regarding their unsuccessful confession, they both were extremely delighted to learn that they were atleast friends now. Finally.

Dev’s POV: Chaahe shuruvat itni achchi nahin hooyi ho, magar ending to happy ending hi hogi! (Our start might not seem perfect, however, the ending sure will be a happy one!)

Sonakshi’s POV: Pyaar nahin to dosti hi sahi. But don’t worry Sona, dheere dheere kuch rang pyaar ke nikhar hi jayenge! (If not love, then be it friendship. But don’t worry Sona, soon colours of love will start emerging in your life!)

Soon after biology, passed by other periods which didn’t matter to either Sonakshi or Dev. They were busy looking into each other’s eyes while Elina and Vicky seemed to be least considerate about the classes as well. All they wanted was enough of time to smile at each other.

It was the last period of the day, literature. This time, not only the two new couples but the entire class seemed to be wanting to run away from class. Their teacher, well aware of what they all felt at the moment, decided to add some humour to their boredom.

Teacher: Dev, it’s seems that neither you nor your classmates are interested in the lesson. How about we change today’s topic from ‘Anne Frank’ to the recent love stories we’ve heard about, including the ones in our class?

Dev: (delighted by the teacher’s suggestion) Oh yes ma’am, of course! (glanced at Sonakshi) Besides, it’d be better if every openly confesses about the people whom they have a crush on!

Teacher: Dev!!! Shaitaan bachche! Ab samjhi tum sabhi bachcho ka dimaak kaha rehta hai! (laughs)

Dev: (embarrassed of himself) Vo..vo…Sorry ma’am. I thought…that..that..

Teacher: That’d we’d go on learning about people’s crushes instead of completing our lesson? Oh Dev, you are so innocent! (laughs)

Sonaskhi whispers to Dev: Dekh liya! Kya karna chahte ho? Aur vaise bhi, tum kisse pasand karte ho? (Saw that! What do you think you’re up to? Besides, whom do you like?)

Dev whispers back to Sonakshi: Dekhne ka to mauka hi nahin mila aur vaise bhi, mujhe choddo aur batao tum kisse pasand karti ho? (I didn’t really get a chance to it. Besides, forget about me, whom do you like?)

Both of them knew the answers deep inside themselves. Right at the bottom of their hearts, which they wished could join and become one forever.

Teacher: Okay class! Let’s get back to our lesson!

The period soon got over and finally, it was the end of the day today. Although both Dev and Sonakshi didn’t want today’s day to ever end, they thought that a break for a few hours would be helpful for both of them to recall all that’d happened today. All of it was special for them. Very special indeed.

So along with the bodies, the hearts seem to be getting close as well. They’ve already taken the first step as well! Yet, fate isn’t kind to one at all times, but what if it is to the two of them? You never know! Will fate allow the two bodies to come close and help make two souls on forever?

To learn more, stay tuned to ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

So how was it? I’m afraid this one was a bit boring but I didn’t have much time either?? I’ve gotten loads of studies to complete and thus, could manage only this much in half an hour.
Do drop in your suggestions and comments!??
With love,

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    1. Hey Yashfeen di!
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      2. Yes, I do like Zayn Malik a lot. However, he definitely isn’t the one whom I’d want to marry. Being frank, I don’t believe in love, marriages and relationship??
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