Hey Guys! I’m Anshita back with the second episode of ME, YOU AMD PASSION. Honestly, I’m truly overwhelmed by your positive responses for the first episode. If at all at any point you feel that there is the slightest of scope for improvement, do let me know without any hesitation??? Let’s not waste much time now and start.
So here we go into the wondrous college world of the youngsters, especially Dev and Sonakshi…..

Recap of the previous episode: As the new academic year of the college year begins, two young sisters join in and spare in the same class as Dev Dixit. Amongst the two cousin sisters, Sonakshi Bose was the elder one. All the boys (including Dev) were awestruck by her beauty. Rahul Ahuja, another newbie takes Sonakshi and Elina for lunch with him. Dev gets envious seeing Sonakshi with Rahul.

Sonakshi quickly rushes towards the restroom and opens the tap and splashes a good lot quantity of water on her afraid, yet beautiful face.

Sonakshi to herself: Sona! Look what you’re doing! No, you can’t do this. Not at any cost unless you want to leave your dreams and maa-baba behind. You cannot get influenced by him or his talks or his looks or his behaviour or his smile or anything else! (she recalls the time when Dev passed on a sweet smile to her when she was returning to her place after her introduction and the recent eye lock the two shared a few moment back when she’d slipped and he came to her rescue. But why? Why did he run to Sonakshi’s rescue, thought Sonakshi.)

Just then Elina enters the restroom and finds Sonakshi crying out to herself. She runs to Sonakshi’s aid and tries her best to comfort her.

Elina: Sona, ki holo? Tu ro kyon rahi hai? Kahin uss Ahuja ne tujhse kuch kaha baad mein? Mein chodoongi nahin usse agar usne tujhse kuch bhi kaha hoga. Bataa na Sona kya hua? Tu lunch ke time bhi bohot uncomfortable lag rahi thi. Sab theek hai naa? Koi bhi problem ho to mujhe bataana zaroor. (Sona, what happened? Why are you crying? That Ahuja didn’t say anything to you later on right? I won’t spare him if he’s said something. Please tell me Sona what happens Sona. You seemed to look pretty uncomfortable during lunch as well. Do tell me if there’s any problem)

Sonakshi: (wiping off her tears) Kuch nahin Elina. Bas aankh mein kuch chala gaya tha aur actually lunch ke time achaanak se mera pet dard karne laga isiliye mein aa gayi aur fir mein paani pe fisli aur…..(Nothing happened Elina. It’s just that something entered my eyes and actually, during lunch, my stomach started paining. Thus, I left and came. While coming here, I slipped on water and…..)

Elina: And???

Sonakshi: (trying to compose herself) Aur kya? Mein gir gayi isiliye chot lag gayi (saying this huge water droplets drop out if Sonakshi’s eyes). Chal class chalte hai warna late ho jayenge! (What and? I slipped and therefore got hurt. Let’s go to class or else we’ll end up getting late!)

Elina: Sona, are you sure? Trust me, you can share anything with me (passes a reassuring smile).

Sonakshi: (reciprocates to the smile) I’m damn sure Elina. And if at all anything big happens, I’ll let you know for sure!

Elina: Promise???

Sonakshi: Promise!

And they both leave for their class. Elina somewhat felt unsure of Sonakshi’s reply. However, she thought that if Sonakshi says she’s fine, then she must be. On the other hand, Sonakshi kept on thinking about Dev and every time she’d do so, she’d pinch herself hard just to make her realise that what she was doing was very wrong.

It was chemistry period and all the students had already seated themselves in the chemistry lab except for Sonakshi and Elina. Dev, who’d been thinking about Sona ever since he’d held her in his arms, started getting worried and just wanted to check out if Sonakshi was fine. However, his just couldn’t do so as their chemistry teacher had a strict regard for only focusing on chemistry the moment they’d step into the lab.

Suddenly, Dev spots Sonakshi and Elina entering the room and his expression becomes much more calmer. He was happy with the fact that Sonakshi was back safe but it seemed like their teacher wasn’t very pleased by her delay after all.

Teacher: (looking towards Sonakshi and Elina) Where had you two been all this while?

Sonakshi: (putting her head down in dismay) We’re really sorry ma’am. Actually….

Elina: (interrupts Sonakshi) Actually ma’am Sonakshi hurt herself on her elbow and we had to rush to the sick bay. Thankfully, it wasn’t any major accident and the nurse just applied a bit of ice on the area that was hurt. That all.

The moment Dev heard this, he was really very shocked. Probably more of concerned.

Dev’s POV: Why? Why did this have to happen with my Sona? Oh god, why? Wait. What did I just say now? My Sona!!! Oh god what’s happening to me? Why is it that I feel a strong connection with her ever since I’ve met her. She seems to be different, like out of the crowd. She doesn’t value pedicures and spas much either. She’s just like my dream girl! Wait a second. Sonakshi and that too my dream girl? Nah. Impossible! But what is impossible about it? What if it’s possible? Oh Dev! What have you gotten yourself into?

Meanwhile, Sonakshi and Elina were still busy providing their chemistry teacher with the reason due to which they were late.

Sonakshi: We’re really really very sorry ma’am. It’s all my fault and not Elina’s. If I had been a bit more careful while walking, I wouldn’t have hurt myself and we wouldn’t have been late for class. Elina just came to my aid. That’s it. If you wish to punish us, please punish me on Elina’s behalf as well since it wasn’t her fault at all. Besides, she just wanted to help…..

Teacher: Calm down Sonakshi, calm down! I’d just asked you the reasons why you were late. I wasn’t going to do any judgement between whom to punish and whom to forgive. Of course, I wasn’t going to punish you both; for it your first day and your reason is undeniable as well. Sonakshi dear, hope your hand is better now.

Sonakshi: Yes, ma’am. My hand is absolutely fine now. And kindly forgive me for misunderstanding you.

Teacher: No, no dead. There is no need to apologise. You weren’t at fault at anytime. However, since the class is nearly full now, it seems like you two sisters won’t be able to sit together for the class. Elina, you go and sit beside the girl in the corner of the third row while you, Sonakshi, can go and sit beside Dev or Rahul.

Both Dev and Rahul wanted Sonakshi to sit beside them. However, Sonakshi stood still and looked at the ground. She was unable to choose between the two. She felt she should sit with Dev as she always felt comfortable with him nearby and for that he was also way better than Rahul, who’d given an impression of himself to Sonakshi of being a big flirt. Yet, she couldn’t simply choose. Distancing herself from Dev would be good enough but choosing Rahul over him would definitely be regretted by her at the end. Thus, she quickly walked to Dev and grabbed the seat right beside him. Dev was overjoyed and felt wonderful while Rahul felt jealousy rising in him along with rage. How could Sonakshi choose Dev over him? Wasn’t he handsome as well? Or was it just because of what he’d said down in the canteen, thought Rahul.

The lecture soon began and both Dev and Sonakshi had been concentrating when suddenly Dev tapped Sonakshi on her shoulder, which gave her a majestic feeling.

Dev whispers to Sonakshi: Sona! Are you alright? Is your hand hurt? Tell na? And how did you get hurt? Is everything fine? Is there something you want to tell me? And….

Sonakshi whispers back: Dev!!! Tummi ki korcho? Agar jawaab itni behsabhari se chahiye to bolne ka mauka to do! (Dev!!! What are you doing? If you’re so desperate to hear my answer then atleast give me a chance to speak!)

Dev whispers back: Oops! Sorry! Actually main itna overexcited..
nahin…ummm…tension mein aa gaya tha ki kahin tumhe kahin kuch ho to nahin gaya. I mean tum nayi ho isilye…(Oops! Sorry! Actually I was very…ummm…I became quite tensed thinking that if you were safe and secure. I mean since you’re new…)

Sonakshi: (becomes happy from the inside knowing that Dev cares for her but again, tries to get rid of his thoughts) I understand Dev. It happens. Besides, I’m glad that you were concerned for me. You know, like, ummm..umm…since I’m new and don’t really know much of people, it feels great to know that there’s someone who cares about you. So thanks a lot for your care and concern. Besides, I’m doing great now (passes a sweet smile).

Dev: (smiles back) I’m happy that you’re absolutely fine varna…

Sonakshi: Varna kuch nahin, Dev. Jab tak there are people like you and Elina with me, I consider myself to be bilkul safe. (or else nothing Dev. As Long as there’re people like you and Elina with me, I consider myself to be completely safe)

Dev: Definitely! And don’t worry, I’ll always be there for you (smiles and holds her wrist while looking straight into her eyes).

The two were so engrossed in speaking to each other that they didn’t realise they had been missing out on their lecture at all until suddenly, their teacher interrupted their romance.

Teacher: Dev! Sonakshi beta he wasn’t disturbing you right?

The two of them quickly broke their eye lock and let of each other’s hand as stood on their places.

Sonakshi: (looks at Dev first and then faces the teacher) No ma’am, Dev wasn’t disturbing me at all. He was just checking if my hand was fine. Really.

Teacher: Oh! You two can sit down dear.

From then till the end of chemistry period, the two didn’t speak a word to each other. However, they held each other’s hand and didn’t realise what they were doing. When the period got over, Sonakshi waved bye to Dev and went towards Elina who’d been waiting for her.

Elina: So Sona, love is in the air, huh? (smirks)

Sonakshi: Elinaaaaaaa!!!

Elina runs away giggling to herself leaving both Sonakshi and Dev looking into each other’s eyes lovingly.

It’s clear now that the two have fallen for each other. But, have they realised it yet? Doesn’t seem so. And will Sonakshi ever be able to admit the fact that she’s fallen for Dev? Will the two bodies be able to get close to help the two souls join together?We’ll only get to know as time passes.

So how was it??? I hope it’s up to the the mark and it bringsa bright smile on your faces?????
Do comment and drop your suggestions ??

With love,

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  1. Raya

    It’s too awesome… Loved it.. Will be waiting for the next one. Post soon.. ??

    1. Thanks a loooottt Raya di!
      Will try my best to post soon! ??
      Love ya!?????

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  3. Amazingly awesome

    1. Thanks a lot Ali!!!
      Glad you liked it!???

  4. It was just mind blowing… Awesome….. Pls post the next episode soon….love ur ff a lot…???

    1. Thank youuuuu Prathusha di!!
      I’m happy you enjoyed reading it!??
      Will try my best to post soon 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love you?????

  5. Yashfeen

    It ws really cool…romance in chemistry class…great chemistry between dem..u choose d perfect period huh…I like imagining dev who is tooooo concerned..n d teacher ws really sweet..I guess d college holds d best natured teachers…bt bechara rahul…koi ni.coz dev k 7 sona hi honi chahiye n rahul k 7 hamesha anjali..wat say anshita??

    1. Thank you sooooo much Yashfeen!!!??????
      Honestly, I hadn’t even realised that combo between the sizzling chemistry between the two and the period chemistry! It was the first subject that entered my mind, although I myself don’t have it this year!
      Well, if you like imagining the characters and can continue to do so, my mission would be successful! Since there aren’t any telecasts of these ffs, imagination is the only thing which we can use???????
      I would like to thank you for your suggestion, however, my question is who is Anjali? I don’t think I seem to be knowing or remembering her???
      Love you?????

      1. Yashfeen

        No one is anjali bt wid rahul anjali matches..wither kuch kuch hota hai kabhi khushi kabhi gham..nw got d connection??

      2. Ohhhh…got the connection now???
        Will defnly add her as Rahul’s partner if ever required in future ????
        Love you?

  6. Angel20

    You are amazing! it brought a broad smile on my face! all the moments were amazing, superb, splendid!! you just nailed it darling! i dont have words to describe, they have fallen in love! when will they realise? i will have to wait 🙁 please post the next part soon, soon, very soon, amd all the best for your exams! love you loads! 🙂

    1. Thank you soooooooo much Maria di!!?????
      I’m glad that this episode was the reason behind your beautiful smile????
      I suppose you will have to wait????
      I’ll try my best to post soon di:-) 🙂 🙂
      Btw, I’ve started this four shot on EDKV. I’ve posted 2 shots so far. Do have a look at them and I hope you like them☺️
      Once again, thank you soooo much for your lovely wishes??
      Love you loads and loads!???????

  7. Bhoomi

    Superb … loved it ?…

    1. Thanks a looootttt Bhoomi di!
      I’m so happy you like it!?????
      Love you!??????

  8. Superb…….awesome….???????❤️☺️☺️????☺️???……it was really great…..?????❤️?????????

    1. Thank you sooo much Maleeha di!
      Love you!????

  9. Awesome…. it was so superb?????

    1. Thanks a loootttt Niki di!!
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  10. Superb and simply awesome loved it

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  11. Pooja26

    awwwww cute devakshi 😉 😉 😉

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    tc dear …… 😉 😉

    1. Aaaawwww????
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  12. Azzuu

    omg… its osm dude
    basically ur 12 and u write so well
    why dont u go for a book …you can do that and one of my friend published it ..
    go for it girl …i mean just from 2 epi i can understnd ur an osm young writter ….and i really love it …… hope next one asap

    1. lly like to thank you for your suggestion and offer for writing a book. However, it seems that this is just not the right time to start a book. If at all in the coming time in future I ever plan to write a book, I believe I can ask for your help???
      I truly apologise for not accepting your wodmerful offer but seems like studies are waaaaay more important for me currently ?☺️☺️☺️
      I’m glad that you consider me to be an awesome writer. However, I think I aren’t really one???
      Once again, thnks for your comment☺️☺️☺️
      Will try my best to post soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love you loads and loads!?????

      1. *Hey Azzuu di!!????
        I’d really like to thank you for ur lovely comment???
        Yeah, I’m 12 but I just consider my writing to be an average writer whose writings are just worth one read????
        I’d really like to thank you for your suggestion…

        (the entire comment couldn’t get uploaded the last time…that why I wrote the start of the comment again)

      2. Azzuu

        ik studies are proirities …….and plz dont call me di …. im not that elder than u to be called as di ….thrs no need for sorry and all specially not in friends
        so friends anshita i can call u by ur name rite or should i call u choti behan
        but i can say that ur an
        student and keen writter by ur way of commenting .
        dude i am actually surrounded by
        authors so i have that sixth sense of writting skills .
        and ur and osm guy i wanna met you

      3. K then, if,you want it to go this way, I’ll call you Azzuu if that’s fine with you??
        Besides, I’d loved to be called Anshita?
        Thank you so much for understanding my point dear☺️☺️
        Well, as a matter of fact, I sure am a disciplined student in school. However, I’m also very very naughty and definitely the most naughtiest girl in my class??? I even beat a few boys when it comes to naughtiness, playing pranks and of course, having fun???????
        Seems like you’re sixth sense is really very helpful to you!????
        I’d love to meet us as well!
        If not meeting, I guess we could communicate over something like gmail or hangouts?? What say?? If yes, kindly share your email id so that I can message/mail you?
        Loads of Love?????

  13. awesome yaar

    1. Thank you sooo much Sami!!!???
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  14. Love ur thoughts …….u killed it dear

    1. Thnx a lot Aashu di!!???
      Just wanted to know: are you the same Aashu who’s commented about me and my ff on Love, Betray and Devakshi (2$)???? If yes, then I’d like to thank you for your remarkable comment. I’ll remember it for a Long time 🙂
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  15. Lovely♥♥

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  16. DevSona

    Did u see that? THIS —-> 🙂 ?<—–this is my face right now. It's so cute…loved ur ff. Keep posting Anshita….

    1. Thank you soooo much di!
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      Will try to be back as soon as possible 🙂
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  17. Nice one dear. Post next one soon. ?????

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  19. Esme

    Ahem..ahem…romance in d class…ahem…ahem
    ut was aweesome….while reading….I was like waaaooow tooo tooooo good.

    1. Hehehehe?????
      Seems like the class was the only place the two could find????
      Thank you soooo much for your valuable comment????
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  20. Aaru

    Oh wow!! I luv it when Dev cares for Sonakshi..luvly episode

    1. Thank you soooo much Aaru diL
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      Loads of love??????

  21. Erina

    Awesomeeeee epi anshita dear. I loved d way dev was concerned for sona nd good dear u r showing their chemistry ki chemistry classes not bad good going ???????nd sorry for late comment dear i was busy in navratra u know na naumi nd vijaydashmi of navratra so thats why i’m late.. By d way considered me as late one as i’m always become late to rply ?????nd post soon i’m dying to read ur next part dear nd what to say about u dear u r awesome writter nd i love u ?????

    1. Than you sooooo much Erina di!!!☺️☺️?? Muaaaah????????
      Guess this Dev is really concerned about his Sona ?????
      Hadn’t even realised the chemistry period vaala connection until you guys told me about it!?????
      I understand your situation pretty well and don’t worry, even we had a lot of things going on at our house during Navrati 🙂
      Besides, I’m glad you liked the episode and commented???
      If I continue to get the support of loyal friends like you, I bet my confidence will get boosted???
      So it doesn’t really matter to me whether you’re the last of first one to comment as long as I’m getting your support☺️☺️☺️
      I’ve submitted the third episode and hopefully, it’ll be uploaded soon by TU????
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      1. Erina

        Nd i’m with ur lovely rply my swtheart nd i’m happy that i’m blessed by good to have frnds nd family like u ????????

      2. Same here di!!!!!!!?????????????

  22. A biiiiiiggggggggggg thank you to all my dear readers and supporters ????????
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    I simply can’t believe it??????
    Your comments have made my day and I’m definitely looking forward for the same (or even more) support in the coming time☺️☺️☺️
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