Hello! Long time since I’d last posted, eh? Yeah, you got that right. Now, let me tell you that things have been getting really tough for me these days; school, studies, classes, birthday and now my dad’s health. Currently, my dad is admitted in the hospital since he’s just had a surgery. I’ve hardly been able to get any sleep, so I decided I’d write a bit of this. Initially, I thought of ending this FF, but giving it an abrupt and sudden ending wouldn’t be fair from my side, would it? I guess not. So, I’ve decided that I’ll continue posting, if you want me to do so, provided that the posts are short, alright? Kindly do let me know your opinions through your comments.
Coming to today’s chapter, we start from where the journey to Shimla has come to and end and now, the students have reached the hotel they shall be staying in.
Do drop in your comments after reading. I’d love to hear from all of you.


(Sonakshi’s POV starts)

“Sonakshi, aren’t you excited?”
“Yes, Dev, I am,” I replied dully.
“Like, this is going to be so fun!” he exclaimed with utmost excitement.
“Yeah, yeah,” I said. Now, I swear I was getting really bored of Dev and his over-excitement. He really could be so irritating, and so he was. I left out a soft giggle to myself as I looked at him. This was the man I loved. Like, seriously?

We walked straight up to the hotel we were going to stay in and soon, me and Elina were given the keys of the room we’d be sharing. Most people were put in twos, while some in three. However, the teachers made sure that they didn’t have a girl and boy together in the room, for it would rather be a bit too dangerous. Dev and Vicky were sharing a room as well. We four had our rooms on the same floor. In fact, our rooms were right in front of each other’s.

While both Vicky and Elina unlocked the doors to their respective rooms, Dev and I stood there, plainly doing nothing. Then, when Elina and Vicky entered the room, leaving me and Dev behind, Dev suddenly pulled me close to him, our faces inches apart. We both stared into each other’s eyes and for now, all we could feel was our unconditional love and care for each other, although neither of us were aware of the other’s feelings.

“Dev, let go of me,” I whispered softly.
“Why? Don’t tell me you’re blushing,” he remarked.
“Of course, I am not. What makes you think like that?” I ordered.
“Well, partly because I can see the girl in front of me turning crimson, and partly because…” He broke off as he looked into my eyes and smirked. Man, this man was literally killing me.
“And partly because of what?” I demanded impatiently. I was really getting impatient now.
“Dev! Hurry up now.”
“And partly because…I know,” he replied casually.

For him, it might’ve been a causal remark, but for me, it was one statement that made me go bonkers. My mind started racing as I thought of the various things Dev could’ve learnt about. Was it anything to do about my period? Or that how afraid I was of the dark? Gosh! I was dead. But worst of all, what if he got to know that? What if he got know that I liked him? What if he somehow learnt that I loved him? Shit man.

Gathering up all the courage I had, I spoke, “What do you know?”
“I know something you wouldn’t have ever told me,” he replied.
“Dev, please,” I insisted.
“You really want to know, Sona?”
“Of course, I do!” I replied.
“Well, the think I know is how desperately you want to kiss me,” he said as he moved even closer to me. By this time, I could feel the heat of his breath on my face and he too must be feeling the same. Any more closeness between us, and I swear our lips would meet.

Now, come to think of Dev had just said, what did he mean? Like, did he really mean it? I mean, yes, of course, I do want to kiss him so badly, but how in the world does he know? Elina couldn’t have possibly told him, could she? No. Not when she doesn’t have the slightest of clue about my feelings for Dev herself. Then, who else could it have been. Nobody in this universe has, so far, come across the fact that I love Dev. Once again, my mind started racing and now, I could actually feel the heat rising up my face and upon looking at our closeness, I bet Dev was currently seeing my face flush with bright colour. Man, this guy is so smart that it’s so wicked!

Finally, once I could thing of something appropriate to say, I opened my mouth and stammered, “What makes you think that I’d want to kiss you, Dev Dixit?”
“What makes me think that, huh? Well, it’s probably because you keep on staring at me all the time, you know. Like, you couldn’t get your eyes off me during our journey till this place, could you?” he questioned smartly. By now, I knew that I was trapped. But poor Dev, perhaps he didn’t know how clever I really was. I was going together out of this trap. I had to.
“For once, Dev, please don’t cook up such stories, alright?” I said confidently.
“Me and cooking? Nah.”
“Dev, listen carefully, alright? Whatever you think is absolutely wrong, okay? Really.”
“Oh. Does that mean you think I am not hot?”
“No way! You’re like the hottest guy I’ve ever- no, of course, you aren’t that hot,” I said. I, for the first time, had been absolutely stupid and had invited myself some good trouble to deal with. I nearly called Dev the ‘hottest’ guy I’ve ever met; how could I do that? I better keep control of my tongue, I suppose.
“Sonakshi, look, I won’t bother you much now. I suppose all of us are very tired after the journey and I’d rather think we ‘ought to rest, fine?” he said. As he said so, I hastily nodded. I really did want to run away from him right now, for I could feel my cheeks burning as I heavily blushed. Shit, again. “And,” he continued, “don’t you end up thinking that I’m going to spare you. I know it all. Yes, I do. You calling me the hottest guy you’ve ever met is not normal, you know? I do know, at least. Anyways, good night!” he said as he left off to his room after kissing me on my forehead.

Wait. What did he just do? He kissed me, didn’t he? Like, he seriously kissed me? Yay! No, no. No! Dev Dixit, the man I die for, just kissed me! But, that was a friendly one, wasn’t it? It surely was. Or that’s what I think.

Putting a rest to my thoughts and getting rest to my own good self now, I entered the room to find Elina already asleep on the bed. I simply couldn’t imagine how the two love birds, Vicky and Elina, had just stayed away from each other for so long. I laughed to myself as I too went on the other side of the bed to have a good sleep. And, to let my mind soar through my dreams.

(Sonakshi’s POV ends)

The hearts are closer, the bodies are closer and so are the lips. But what about the fates of these two people who have such high dreams? Will Sonakshi be able to overcome her fear of losing her career while she gets Dev? Will she be able to have both of her greatest desires at once? And, what about Rahul, then? Will he even let Sonakshi get Dev? Point to ponder upon, that is. Will these two hearts and bodies be able to come together to make on soul?

To know more, continue reading ME, YOU AMD PASSION by Anshita.

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  1. Heshine

    Hey Anshita….!! First of all…!! How is ur dad…!! Hope he is fine…!!!will surely pray fa his choicest blessings…!
    And , seriously! I couldn’t imagine that despite ur busy schedule and ur sleepless nights u have posted this ff…!!????oh my god…!!
    Its such a biggest birthday gift I would ever get…!!!??????thank you so much dear…!!
    This coincidence made my day….
    Coming to ur ff,
    Wow….!! I’m awestruck even after dev’s sudden action…!! Its juz mind blowing….!!! I juz couldn’t imagine that someone can write so awesomely….!!????❤❤????????i really loved it…!!
    Post next dear…!! Hope u knw that curiosity won’t wait so longer….!!
    And do take care of ur dad…!! Do t worry…!!
    And thank you once again….!!!❤❤????
    The first ff I’ve read in my new year….!!!???❤??????❤❤??❤❤

    1. Hey Heshine di!
      Firstly, wishing you a very happy birthday! I know I am a day late, and honestly, I’d even remembered it was your birthday before Monday. However, with my dad admitted in the hospital on Monday and his sudden operation, I completely forgot about your special day. I am really very sorry for that! I don’t expect you to be pleased at me for this, but I really was helpless. Please do forgive me…
      My dad, currently, is doing much better than previously. However, the major drawback of his operation is that he cannot sit at all, which is rather quite a problem for him since laying down all day makes his back ache a lot. He’d been discharged yesterday itself, but has been told to visit the doctor everyday and has to stay on bed-rest for 7-10 days. Yet, with all your wishes, he’s been doing quite a good recovery, as of now.
      Coming to this episode, thank you so much for this lovely comment! I’m glad to learn that you were quite pleased upon reading this; I really couldn’t have asked for more. Dev’s behaviour, I have to say, took me by surprise as well. Like, none of my episodes are ever planned; it’s just me writing whatever comes in my mind blindly and then editing it. Once I’d read this chapter myself, I was left smiling to myself, I swear.
      And di, please don’t thank me. I am more than grateful to you for accepting this small little present from me to you, I really am.
      I’ll try posting soon, if possible.
      Loads and tons of love,

      1. Heshine

        Thank you so much dear….!! ????❤❤??sorry fa the late response…! Actually was been in a family func…!
        Thank you so much once again…!
        And yeah…! Its really gud that ur dad is recovering…! But don’t worry he would recover completely and would be able to sit…!!
        And its completely okay fa wishing late…!! actually I’m overwhelmed by ur wish despite everything…! Thank you so much….dear….❤❤?pls don’t ask fa forgiveness dear…!!
        Thank you once again..!!??

  2. Anshita…!!! Marvellous. Loved it ?????????????????????????????
    Best wishes for your dad….??
    Love ❤❤❤

    1. Hey Maleeha di!
      Thank you sooo much for your sweet words and emojis! I’m delighted to hear that you loved the chapter.
      Also, thank you for your warm wishes for my dad. I suppose all your wishes are what that are helping him do better.

  3. Dessertqueen

    Lovely!!! Hope your dad gets well soo… 🙂 love❤

    1. Hey!
      Thank you sooo much! I’m glad to see that you liked this chapter.
      Also, thank you for the warm wishes for my dad. They really do mean a lot to me, I swear.
      Loads of love,

  4. Awesome. Hope your dad well soon.

    1. Hey Princess!
      Thank you sooo much! I’m delighted upon learning that you liked the chapter.
      Also, thank you for the warm wishes.

  5. Rj12

    Amazing!!!! Hope ur dad gets well soon

    1. Hey Rithu!
      Thank you sooo much sweetie! I’m glad to know that you liked the chapter.
      Also, thank you so much for the warm wishes for my dad. He’s doing much better now.
      Loads of love,

  6. Priya12

    Ansh, after seeing the name of ur ff…my face ended with smile…and I m glad ur not gonna end it…short epis r k….and omg…u posted it after so much difficulties…thx yaar…and hw is ur dad now?I hope he is fine and do take care of him…..and cmg 2 the epi it was awesomeee yaar…I luved it….post aap yaar

    1. Hey Priya di!
      First of all, I am so thrilled as well as blessed to know that even the title of my FF can help bring a smile on your beautiful face.I really couldn’t have asked for more.
      Honestly, I too am partly glad that I haven’t ended my FF yet. This way, I get to keep in touch with all of you, at least.
      My dad is doing much better now, all thanks to your warm and lovely wishes. Thank you so much!
      Coming to the episode, I am delighted to hear that you loved it. Thank you sooo much for your sweet words!
      Also, I’ll try posting as soon as I can.
      Loads of love,

  7. Rekhadhir

    anshita, hows ur dad ?i hope he is fine….and take care of him…..and this episode is too gud …..jaldi se agla episode dalo yaar….

    1. Hey!
      Seeing that this is your first comment on my FF, I’d like to pass on my special thanks to you for commenting on my article and motivating me.
      My dad is doing far much better than he had been doing lately, all thanks to your wishes and support.
      Coming to the episode, I’m glad to hear that you liked it. Thank you sooo much!
      Loads of love,

  8. Erina

    Hllo lil princess ????☺hope ur dad is fine now n don’t worry we all will pray for him ???????
    Coming to epi it was awsum ????????❤?…..
    Post asap n take care of urself too ??????
    With lots of love ,hugs n wishes

    1. Eri di! Hi!!!
      How are you? It’s been so long, yet again, since we’d last spoken, hasn’t it? But it seems that we both are keeping quite busy…
      Anyways, my dad is doing better now, although there are a few drawbacks he shall have to face after the operation for 10-15 days. Moreover, he’s been doing better than he had been doing previously. Also, your wishes and prayers do really mean a lot to me, I swear. Thank you so much! I really can’t express my gratitude for this.
      Coming to the episode, I am delighted to see that you liked it.
      I’ll try to post as soon as I can possibly manage to.
      Loads and tons of hugs and kisses,

  9. Ria

    Hey Anshita,
    Looks like someone changed their mind, isn’t it? I was so sad upon learning that you’re thinking of ending your FF, but glad you reconsidered your decision.

    Anyway, talking about the chapter, it was extremely romantic, I say? They way Dev has been flirting around Sonakshi, makes me gasp in awe. It’s really nice to see the two hearts drawing closer, but surely your questions still keep a confusion in mind. So looking forward to the next one which I know you won’t be able to post soon so I’m waiting. ?

    All love,

    1. Hey Riya di!
      Hmmm…well, perhaps it is true; somebody has changed their mind: me! I’m gad that a small decision of mine such as this could help make you smile!
      Anyways, I’m delighted to hear that you liked the chapter and found it quite romantic. Well, frankly speaking, I too have been loving the way these two have been getting ever-close. However, even I myself don;t know how long will they remain the same…
      Haha…seems like you know I won’t be that quick in posting already, huh? I’ll try my best to post at the soonest, though.
      Loads of love,

  10. Niki645

    Hey Anshi, I am so happy u posted!!! We will all pray for ur dad, I am sure he will recover really soon!!

    The episode was amazing!!! I am just loving this side of Dev!! Pls do post the next episode soon!!

    Take care!

    1. Hey Niki di!
      I’m happy to know that you liked it that I’ve posted, finally.
      Thank you so much for your warm wishes for my dad! They really do mean a lot to me, I swear.
      Anyways, I’m glad to see that you liked the chapter as well as Dev’s naughty side.
      I’ll try to post as soon as I can manage to, I promise.
      Loads of love,

  11. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey anshita…firstly thanks for the reamimder…as I am busy these days,ibwas not able to read ur chapter and I am late so sorry for that!
    by the way how is ur fine now???pls take care of him…hope he gets well soon?
    the episode was amazing ..i don’t mind short updates and really hard off to u that u posted the next chapter in such circumstances…
    take care

    1. Hey Pari di!
      Firstly, di, please don’t thank me for anything at all. After all, its my duty to let my readers know when I’ve posted an article, isn’t it? Anyways, please don’t apologize to me as well. I know that you’re currently having exams, so it must’ve been really hard for you to read this and comment. Yet, you did manage to do that and I simply can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you so much!
      My father is currently doing better. The doctor himself said that he’s been doing quite a fine recovery, today. Thank you so much for the warm wishes!
      Coming to the chapter, I’m glad to know that you liked it. Also, thank you for all the appreciation. I’ll soon behaving high sugar levels, this way!
      Loads of love,

  12. Rockzzzzzz

    Sorry for the spelling errors…hats off to u*,

    1. No problem?

  13. Angel20

    Amazing episode! Loved it?? Can’t comment long, sorry for that! Post the next one soon!!

    With Love ?

    1. Hey Maria di!
      Glad to know that you liked the chapter. Thank you sooo much!
      I’ll try to post the next one at the soonest.

  14. HarSHaN

    Sissy..Hw is Dad now???Take care of himself n U too..The 2 ways of Talks-Of DevShi …!!!Superb Sissy..Make the next Soon Sissy!!!

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