Hiiiii! I’m Anshita back with the first episode upon the request of my dear readers and supporters ????
NOTE: This episode might not be up to the mark since I do not have sufficient time to think and write. I just hope that it gets a big smile on all the gorgeous faces of my dear reader????
So here we begin…..

Today is the first day of college and the campus is full with the chitchats of the students. However, all the girls seem to be looking in the same direction. Not only direction but they seem to be looking at the same person as well. Well yes, that person is none other than the ‘School Hottie’ and ‘Prince Charming’, Dev Dixit. Today, in particular, he looks dazzling. With his ripped dark blue jeans and orange sweatshirt, along with his black shades on, hesimply looks amazing. All girls seem to be eyeing him and hoping that he’d come and greet them or just even pass a smile. But no, our hero is least concerned about the girls and their wishes. He’s busy talking to his gang and planning pranks to play on the newbies of his class on the first day of school.

It was fifteen minutes to 9 and all the students had entered their class when two girls came running into the class. Both of the looked gorgeous. Especially the one in the orange top and jeans. She seemed to look elder than the other one who had short hair. Yes, the elder one was none other than our Sonakshi Bose and by her side stood her Sister, Elina. Sonakshi looked simple yet stunning. This time, all the boys, including Dev, were staring at her. However, she took no notice and ran into the class and grabbed a seat next to Dev with Elina sitting on her other side. Till now, she hadn’t taken any notice of Dev despite him staring at her since the moment she’d entered the room.

Girl 1 whispers to Girl 2: Dekho to iske jalwe! Class mein aaye do minute nahin hue aur Dev Dixit ke saath bethne chali! Aur hum kahaan do saal se iss pal ka intezaar kar rahe hain! (Look at her attitude! It hasn’t been two minutes since she’s been in the class and she’s gone to sit with Dev Dixit! And look at us who’ve been waiting for this moments since the past two years!)

Girl 2 whispers back: Wohii to! Aur Dev ne bhi mana nahin kara! Jab hum 10 feet ki kareebi mein bhi hote hai to bhaag kar chala jata hai lekin jab ye bilkul baajoo aa gayi, to kuch kahaa hi nahi! (Exactly! And even Dev didn’t refuse! If we distance ourselves 10 feet as well, he runs away but despite Sonakshi coming right next to him, he hasn’t complained!)

Girl 3 joins in the conversation and whispers: Aur usne to Dev ko abhi tak dekha hi nahin hai! Jabse aayi hai uss kitaab mein lagi hui hai. Aur Dev ko to dekho! Kaise ghoor raha hai usko! Mujhe to lagta hai ki yeh hi Mrs.Dev Dixit banegi! (And she hasn’t even looked at Dev properly till now! She’s been stuck in that book ever since she’s entered. And look at Dev, he’s been staring at her all this while! I’ve started thinking that she is the going-to-be Mrs. Dev Dixit!)

Girl 1 and 2 together: Nahiiiiiiin! Fir humare sapno ka kya hoga? (Nooooooo! What will happen to our dreams then?)

Girl 3: Ab ye to waqt ke saath-saath hi pata chalega. (It will all be revealed as time passes)

Just then an elderly woman in an ethnic saree with glasses enters to room. She was the students’ biology teacher. She passed on a smile to the students and headed towards the Teacher’s desk. From her smile, one could tell that she was a cool and composed person.

Teacher: Good Morning students! I’m Miss.Mrudula, your biology teacher for this year.

Students: Good Morning ma’am! (In their old sleepy tone which made it seem as they were singing)

Teacher: Baccho! Raat bhar soye nahin kya? Aur Dev tum? Aisa lag raha hai jaise mummy ne subah-subah uthake bohot daata ho. Kya aisa hai?

Dev: (with a cheerful smile on his face) Nahin ma’am, aise kuch nahin hai lekin mujhe to iss baat ki pareshani hai ki agar humari saari teachers aap jaisi hot hongi, to hum ladke padhayi pe dhyaan kaise lagayegen? (No ma’am, there’s nothing such as that. However, I was worried that if all our Teachers turn out to be as hot as you, then no wonder how we boys will able to focus on our studies)

Teacher: Dev! Tum bhi naa..bilkul utne badmaash ho jitne pichle saal the! (laughs)

Meanwhile, Sonakshi was surprised yet impressed by our hero. She was surprised for the fact that he could manage to say that directly to a teacher and how lightly the teacher took it. However, she was impressed by the way he could get a smile on one’s face and definitely his confidence.

Elina whispers to Sonakshi: Sona, Sona! Are Sona listen naa. Isn’t he sooo hot and charming?

Sonakshi replies back in a whisper: Chup kar Elina! Padhayi pe dhyaan de (Shut up Elina! Focus on your studies!)

Elina: Yaar mujhe to lagta hai I’ve fallen for him! (Dude, I think I’ve fallen for him)

Sonakshi: Kyaaa? (What?)

Elina: Yes, I have. Just leave your books for once and look at him. His smile, so natural, his big black eyes which make him look so stunning, his voice is just ‘wow’ and his body….

Sonakshi: Elina! I said focus on your studies!

Sonakshi’s POV- Well, his smile sure is natural and makes him look handsome and his eyes, I just love ’em and his voice flattens me..(smiles to herself) But no Sona, you can’t do this. There’s no space for love in your life. Just career, dreams, ambitions, success and of course, maa and baba (thinking of this makes her face blank)

Just then the teacher asks for all the newbies of the year to come forward and provide the students with a brief introduction about themselves. First, a boy named Rahul Ahuja came forward and introduced himself. He’d been staying in London since the past 10 years and really looked forward for having a wonderful experience in this college. He himself wasn’t that bad looking. Although not as good as Dev, thought Sonakshi but then she immediately removed herself out of his thoughts. She just couldn’t go on thinking about him, could she? Definitely not.
After 3-4 more students, it was Elina’s chance and then Sonakshi’s at the end. She introduced herself in a smooth and convenient manner which made Dev admire her. Everyone applauded her for her speaking skills which made her glad. When she went back to her, Dev passes on a sweet smile to her which she found hard to ignore, thus smiled back. Elina saw this and thoughts of Dev and Sonakshi already started entering her mind. More or less, one could say that all the girls of the class (except Sonakshi) had fallen for Dev and all the boys of the class (except Dev) had fallen for Sonakshi. Dev and Sonakshi just admired each other, secretly.

It was lunch when Rahul came to Sonakshi’s desk.

Rahul: Hi! I’m Rahul Ahuja. Mind going down for lunch with me? (forwards his hand for a handshake)

Sonakshi: Hey Rahul! I’m Sonakshi Bose. Nice to meet you. And I’d love to join you for lunch. (reciprocates his handshake) C’mon Elina!

Elina joined the two and the trio left for the canteen. They took their lunch from the counters and sat on a table in the far corner of the room, isolated from the crowd.

Rahul: So Sonakshi, any boyfriend?

Sonakshi: Kya??? I…wo..(What??? I mean..that..actually..)

Elina: She means to say that she is going to go ever solo. (smirks) She doesn’t really believe much in love and stuff so…

Rahul: Oh! I get it. Seems like you’re only into studies. That’s all right?

Sonakshi: Well, more than studies, I value my dreams and ambitions more. And of course, my maa-baba.

Rahul: Well, that’s the reason why I love you…uhh.uh..I mean why I love your thoughts..sorry..

Sonakshi : (feeling uncomfortable) Yeah, no problem at all. Besides, thanks for the compliment, if it is one. (Looks at her watch) I guess I better get going now. See you later! Elina, I’ll catch up with you later. Bye! (and walks off)

Meanwhile, Dev had been seeing Rahul admiring Sonakshi and staring at her lovingly. He just couldn’t help getting furious, or jealous. But why, he thought. He knew that Sonakshi felt uncomfortable but why did he care? Was it because she was a girl? No, it was some reason unknown by Dev himself.
Just then, Sonakshi slips on the water on the ground. She closed her eyes tight in fear but soon realised that she wasn’t on the ground. Instead, two strong muscular hands were holding her and those big black eyes were looking into hers lovingly. For some reason, Sonakshi felt wonderful in his embrace. She didn’t want to leave him but just had to. Thus, she came out of Dev’s hands, thanked him and left.
For the first time, Dev felt amazing having someone in his embrace. But he didn’t know why.

Sonakshi has started admiring Dev while Dev has started falling for her. But will it be simple for the two bodies to come together and joint he two hearts? Their bodies might come close, but it’ll take a long journey before the two hearts can become one.

To know more, continue reading ME, YOU AND PASSION by Anshita.

Hhhhhhhh…my hands are paining since I’ve been writing all morning. First for exams and then this episode. However, if this episode manages to get a smile on your face, I’ll consider myself to be successful. Quite a long episode it was. Hope you liked it and it didn’t disappoint you ???
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      4. Yashfeen

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      5. Seems like you truly are a die-hard fan of Gautam!!
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      11. Ohhhhh…looking at your choices and active participation in online activities, nobody would be able to believe that you’re nearly 22!!!!????????
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