{Their passion brought them to a unexpected relation.} Archi os by Meher.

Aryan sethiya had a dream of becoming a famous dancer since he was 6. Dancing was his only passion. But his parents didn’t like it. They never supported his dream. They always thought dancing was such a waste of time.
Sushant is aryan’s brother who left the house 2 years ago because he loved a girl Priyanka but his family didn’t accept them so, he left the house and married Priyanka. Now,Sushant is a successful businessman in Mumbai. Aryan used to share everything to him. Aryan told Sushant that his family would never support his passion of dancing. Sushant advised him to leave his house and come to Mumbai. Aryan had no other option so he decided to leave for Mumbai.
Two days after, Aryan went Mumbai. There he stayed with Sushant. Priyanka had a friend, Sanchi. Sanchi was a fabulous choreographer. Priyanka introduced Aryan to her thinking she could help him in dancing. Sanchi agreed.
Next day, Sanchi told Aryan that a dancing competition was to be held after ten days. The competition required a partner. So, Sanchi asked Aryan if he wanted, she could be his partner. Aryan saw it as a golden opportunity for his dream so he agreed.
Sanchi and Aryan started rehearsing day and night. They started spending much of their times together practising. Gradually dance brought them closer and they became good friends. Sushant and Priyanka had no problem about this.
As the competition came closer, Aryan had developed a feeling more than that of just friendship. He couldn’t help thinking about Sanchi when he was not with her. He wanted to spend whole day with her. He remembered all the memories they shared together. He was just lost in Sanchi. He was in love with Sanchi. He realized it soon. He wanted to tell this to her but very thought of Sanchi being his sister-in-law’s friend , stepped him aback. He didn’t want to break his sister-in-law’s trust. He made up his mind to leave Mumbai after this competition was over.
The big day was today. Karan was behaving unusual. He was not focused on dancing. He was just thinking that he would lose Sanchi. Forever.
“Are you alright?” asked Sanchi.
“Hmm. Just a bit nervous,” Aryan replied.
“I understand. But don’t worry. You’ll rock.”
“Sanchi, I want to say something.”
“I..I…I love you.”

Sanchi remained silent. She was very shocked as well as surprised by this sudden proposal.
The competition had begun. Contestants were being called. “Now the next participants are Aryan and Sanchi.”, Anchor announced. Aryan was waiting for Riya. Though his mind was buzzing she wouldn’t come but something kept him waiting. Five minutes passed. Their names were again announced but none came on the stage. When the third time their names were announced, Karan stepped up on the stage alone. No sooner he was going to announce that he was going to give up than Sanchi headed towards the stage. Claps were only one could hear at that epoch.
Their performance started. They danced as if they were two bodies and just one soul. The sync was perfect. Everything was perfect. Music stopped and their dancing too. People cried in unison, “Once more! Once more!” Thanking everyone, Aryan and Sanchi left the stage.
“The winners are… Sanchi and Aryan,” announced the jury. But there was only Sanchi standing on the stage and receiving the trophy. She was looking for Aryan but he wasn’t there.
Aryan was in his room and crying bitterly looking at the picture of Sanchi he had in his mobile. Suddenly someone knocked the door. Wiping off his tears quickly, he opened the door. He found Priyanka standing there . She was looking at him with a complaining eyes. “What are you doing here? You should be with Sanchi.,” said Priyanka, “I want to tell you something bhabisa. I am sorry . I broke your trust. But bhabisa I don’t know how, when I fell in love with Sanchi. It was a unexpected love. I am sorry.”said Aryan.”will you now allow me to say something? You didn’t break my trust devarsa. Love is something which just happens even you don’trealise when you fell in love with someone. So, you need not feel guilty. And one more thing sanchi loves you too. When you proposed her she came to me. And she told me she loves you too but at that moment she was so shocked and surprised that she couldn’t react properly. Now, what are you waiting for go to her.”Said Priyanka. After hearing this Aryan was in cloud nine without thinking or saying anything he just rushed to sanchi.
He went to the stage . Seeing him sanchi was very happy. “where are you? We were waiting for you since so long. I was so worried.” Said sanchi. Aryan without saying anything hold her hand and received the trophy.”Well Aryan and sanchi the stage is yours.” Said the anchor. After saying this she handed the Mike to Aryan. Aryan took the Mike. “ Dancing is my passion. I always thought that dancing is my life,it means everything to me but after meeting sanchi my thoughts changed now, Sanchi is my life, she means everything to me.said.” said Aryan. After saying this he came to his knees. “So, Ms, Sanchi Mittal, today Infront of the whole world I am confessing this to u. I love you, I love you Sanchi Mittal. Are you ready to be mine? Will you marry me?”said Aryan. Sanchi was very happy , her happiness had no bounds.”Yes, yes. I love you too. And I am ready to be yours by marrying you.”said sanchi.
The hug each other. Bhabisa comes there and hand over each Ring to both of them they both exchange rings. Aryan gives a kiss in Sanchi’s cheeks.



  1. Fenil


    |Registered Member

    Fantabulous OS Meheku !!:*:*

    I loved it to the core , i can’t believe that i read something unique dancingwali love story .
    Thanks to u that u writes it n served it me.

    But in-between i read name Karan and Riya.?

    U know u just steal my heart by this story . As always Priyanka Bhabhisa and Sushant Bhaisa supports Aryan.love them.

    I want to more write but phir kabhi

    I love u sissy i love Archi.

  2. Jhalak

    I Liked it very much…and i hope soon their eould be an connect with family too…..uhcan bring an emotional twist to connect them back with the families… as i have swen this serial…i think uh can make the connection with their father as they had a good bond with him…rest the story is so passionate.. i look fowrd for more of it….please give a faster updates we love ur os

  3. Vishakha


    |Registered Member

    hola people!! 😁 remember me??hi meher how r u??long time na..well as usual ur writing is awesome😍😍 I still have to read all the previous ones.. I’ll leave a comment there too once I finish reading..love u loads.. 😘

    • Christie123



      diiii after so long”!!! kaha chalejate hein ap bhi. I missed you a lot. amd pls tum dab itni compliment mat do meri writings itni bhi acchi nahi hei. and ya I love you…

      • Vishakha


        |Registered Member

        aww I’m sorry sis..actually main na India k bahar gyi thi Apne bhaiya k paas so I couldn’t catch up with u all.. and I missed u too yaar 😘😘 no worries now I’m back na.. we’ll have fun.. and hello main jhuti tareef nai karti..I know my sis is the best 😊😊

  4. Muskan

    Meher baby u r going super awesome….i m really enjoying ur each and every ff and this os…just amazing… hats off to uh👏

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