Passing waves (1 shot)


Hello friends. This is my 2nd 1 shot, hope u like it.

At a dinner table.

“I think I’m in love guys..” A teen aged boy concluded after playing a lot with his food on the plate.


Two individuals sitting side by side cried out in utter shock.

“Yeah, it’s like a love at first sight. She is my classmate, a transferee.” Boy….

The man beside him went back to his memories, hearing the phrase; Love at first sight…..
A jungle, near his village. A girl was there, splashing waters of a small waterfall n collecting something, there, lost in her own world like a free bird, free from all the barriers. His legs moved towards her if she is pulling him using a powerful effort, which seems impossible for him to resist.

He stood in front of her, in a next moment. She gave him a blank look n he got mesmerized seeing a beautiful angel in front of him.

“What?” She broke the weird silence between them n he came back to his sense.

“Hi, I’m Sanskar, n U?” He forwarded his hand.

She gave him a ‘so what?’ look, but she too introduced herself,

“Hello Sanskar, I’m Ragini.”

‘Oh god! how cute, my name sounded from her mouth.’ He thought.

“What r u doing, here, alone?” He, trying to initiate a talk.

“Collecting algae.” She, went back into her work again.

“Y?” He, surprised but nothing came out in return, so he again, “R u a science student?”

She smiled heartily n his heart jumped off it’s place, for once.

“Actually, I’m a journalism student. I’m collecting these for my sister, she is a botany student.”

“Oh, so u r an upcoming journalist, not bad.” He.

“What about u?” She asked him, for the first time.

“I’m an upcoming engineer.” He.

“Still studying or finished the stuffs?” She.

“Actually, I recently finished my study stuffs, so came back here for a little time but seems like I have to settle here for lifelong..” He cutely smiled looking at her.

“U know what, u r right, there is nothing in the big cities compared to this small village. I’m very lucky that despite of growing up without parents, I always got all the support n love in my life. This is my first time in the village n it’s the last day…” Her glowing face dulled with that.

He also felt a pain inside hearing about her n mostly about her departure.

“So y don’t u think about marrying someone from this village?” He, cunningly.

She smiled a glowing one, it spread over her eyes n his heart fluttered inside, love at first sight, the alien feelings filled his chest.

“Actually, I’m waiting for him to ask me first.” Her cheek bloomed pink.

He was shaken by her mentioning of ‘he’..

“He???” He, in a low voice.

“Lucky, my friend. Actually I came here with my friends on his invitation only. He arranged this all because I wanted to explore the village life n he knew about it, he is such a sweetheart, Sanskar.” She, dreamily.

A newly created world crushed down in a moment.

“Ragini.” A manly voice hit them from back.

“There he came..” She smiled looking at a tall n handsome figure, “my Lucky.” She whispered near his ears.

“Pops, where r u lost?”

His trance broke with a sweet voice of his son Sakar.

“R u alright?” His wife Swara’s concerned voice hit in next.

He smiled, a satisfied one, looking at them, his world. Though he couldn’t get his first love but his world came into existence with the love of the lady, next to him, mother of his child.

His child, whom they gave all the independence to do things but with a proper guidance n who is just on the age of 13 loved someone, that also love at first side, he smiled.

“So?” He affectionately.

“Pops, I don’t think she loves me..” Boy with a pouty face.

“Then think that she is nothing but a passing wave, which soothed ur mind for a while. Don’t worry u’ll get the one who is only made for u in ur right time.” He tapped on his son’s shoulder with a assuring smile n the boy also smiled back while the lady placed her right hand under her chin looking at the father-son, with an impossible look.


Thank u so much for reading.


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  1. Wow RSR. Its really so mich true. Always love at first sight cant be true but you always get lovr from someone in life. May not b at fiirst sight. Keep writing

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