Parvarish 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 9th May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Lucky seeing Ginny with the Ipad. He asks her how she has an Ipad. Ginny gets scared. Lucky shouts at her calling for an answer. Ginny says Rocky and Daadu had it. Lucky asks Rocky how he got it. Rocky says Daadu gave it. Lucky says Rocky must have persuaded Daadu. Daadu comes to Rocky’s rescue. Daadu says he got it for his grandson and what is Lucky’s problem. He asks whether Lucky does not want Rocky to have an Ipad or no one should give him one. Lucky says he does not want anyone to give him one especially after him denying it. Lucky gets angry and tells Daadu that it is his house. Daadu tells but he is his father and he will do anything for his grandchildren’s happiness. Lucky tells he is spoiling them. Daadu tells he is insulting his Parvarish by showing stingyness. Lucky

tells there is no use arguing with him, takes the Ipad and leaves. Sweety watches all this. Daadu tells he will manage Lucky to children.

Lucky is very angry. Sweety comes to their room. Sweety tells Daadu did it for Rocky. Lucky says he is not Rocky’s enemy and he too does not want his son to be insulted in front of his friends but Daadu is spoiling him. Sweety says but Lucky shouting at Daadu is not right. Lucky tells what else he can do. Daadu taunts him and tells anything about him in front of anyone. But he ignores it as he respects his father. But now his kids are grown up and Daadu has to realise that Lucky’s respect as father has to be intact. Sweety tells he will speak with Daadu next day.

Jeet gets call from lawyer telling he will get a compensation of atleast 5-6 crores from his bank. Family is happy. Raashi wants to tell everyone. Pinky stops her. (Light scene.)

Daadu is angry that Lucky shouted in front of kids and promises himself that he will get the Ipad from Lucky. Rocky sees this and comes and adds that Lucky will give only when he understand’s a son’s duty. Daadu tells I will get it and calls for Sweety. He tells Sweety that until Lucky apologises and gives the Ipad he will also fast. Sweety is confused.

Raashi’s friends come home and they are planning for a party. Raashi tells whatever name Raavi has got as brave is because of her as she was the one who always gave ideas complaining about watchman and all. Her friends are in awe. Raavi listens to it.

Lucky says he will not apologise and will not give Ipad back. Sweety tells she cannot handle this anymore and she is leaving to Nanu’s house and when fights are over call her back. Lucky is confused.

Raavi and Pinky comes and sits with friends. Raavi continues that Raashi was the one who helped her all the time…and mentions lots of instances. Raashi feels guilty and accepts that she lied and she is not as brave as Raavi. Pinky tells telling the truth is the biggest brave thing and she has done that. Happy moment.

Lucky stops Sweety and tells he will speak with Daadu. Downstairs Daadu-kids are excited that Lucky has accepted defeat and is coming to give Ipad. Lucky comes and apologises for shouting at Daadu. Daadu accepts and asks for Ipad. Lucky tells he has apologised, but his decision on Ipad does not change. Rocky will not get it whatever might happen. All are shocked.

Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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