Parvarish 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 8th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with jeet coming home n pinky tells him that he needs to talk to sunny but jeet is tired n they start arguing. Ravi comes n calms them down n tells pinky to keep n eye on sunny. Sunny comes to jeet n says goodnight. Then he goes to his room n locks the door. Sunny is in his room n thinking about him peeing in his pants at night. Jeet comes to the room n pinky is thinking that she had to get up as she was going to keep an eye on sunny. When she comes in she sees sunny sleeping on the ground. When she gets him up he is shocked. Sunny then says I slept on the bed but fell. But pinky doesn’t buy it n keeps bothering him. Jeet ten comes n tells pinky to come to their room n then to talk to sunny in the morning. When they leave sunny thinks of ways to stay up n even plays games on the

tablet. When sunny wakes up it turns out he peed in his pants again he gets worried and starts to wash his cloths. Then pinky asks him a question but sunny lies and pinky doesn’t understand y he is lying.

Sunny comes to school n the boys bother him again n make fun of him in front of the entire school. Sunny tries to leave but they keep bothering him. They keep saying so much that sunny picks up a brick and throws it. The boys follow sunny as he is running through the school trying to hide. Sunny goes into. Storage room trying to his but is too scared to get out n go home. It turns out that the door is actually liked.

Pinky is at the doctor trying to figure out what’s going on. The doctor says dont yell at him but try to help him. The doctor says we have to help the child but we an bit yell at him. Pinky then gets a call from rashi and rashi says that sunny is lost and they can’t find him any. Pinky gets worried and leaves. Pinky n Ravi come to the school n r shocked when they can not find sunny n they even ask te watchman who says he hasn’t seen anything. Ginny tells Ravi that rashi said she would tell everyone today that he pees in his pants at night. Pinky says r u out of ur mind how could u do that to ur own little brother. She says she will never forgive her if something happens to sunny. They then hear his voice n go to save him. They hear his voice from the closet n then he tells her the entire story of the boys. He is crying along the way n pinky is crying because she can’t believe what happened.

They r at home n pinky says sorry that she never hugged sunny n didn’t even know that kids were bullying him but she didn’t know anything. Jeet says we have to make sunny strong as everyone gets bullied. Ravi says she will tell his teaches but jeet says no as they will make him strong so he can fight his own battles.

Precap: the principal thinks sunny is lying jut then his traces asks her how Is she as she has been Very sick. Pinky is shocked to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sanaaya

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