Parvarish 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 7th January 2013 Written Update

It starts with rocky coming home tired when sweety brings him protein powder. She says you have to have this everyday compulsory whether you like it or not. Rocky says why wouldn’t I like it. Sweety says you look more tired than usual. Rocky calls his sir to find out what sweety is saying to his coach. He talks as a luckyji.. too funny. He says I want to know about his progress. His coach says he is good just needs to build up his stamina. But you don’t worry he will get admission in football academy as trials are in 15 days. Rocky is shocked.

Jeet and pinky are abt to sleep when kids comes in say and can we sleep with u today plz? They smile and say yes. They all sleep on one bed’. Don’t know how they fit but yah.. lolzzz..
In morning rocky comes to yudy’s house to ask abt his health. Asks abt when he is joining school yudi replies from Monday. Rocky says there is a problem and explains situation. Yudi compliments sweety abt how she cares abt his likes and dislikes.. rocky says I wanna do something for my mom. Gives him a situation with ice cream and halwa and to chooam and halwa and to choose.. yudi says to do both. Rocky is like okay thnks yaar’.

Pinky’s says jaan did u forget something? Gives him his hankie. He says even you are forgetting; he something; he hands over his cheek for a kiss. He calls jashoda so she looks away and pinky gives him a kiss. He leaves kissing pinky on her cheeks. Jashoda comes to give water to jeet. Jashoda says don’t worry. She says its same thing in every home in village. Pinky says make aloo sabji. Pinky is sad.

Rocky at practice; sweety calls to ask abt how rocky is doing; coach says he is working hard. Sweety says he doesn’t work on his own but needs motivation. She says prepare him properly.
Kids fight about packing. Jeet tries to figure out what they are doing. He asks where shaving kit goes in T or S. they make directory abt which things go where. Jeet says how will u manage home? She says I have 3 soliders. Kids make a plan. Jeet and pinky have emotional talk abt how girls grown up. She says don’t worry abt us.

Raavi comes does a presentation. Gives instruction like air hostess. Sunny and rashi comes and act as pinky and jeet. They do a little cute and funny skit. Rashi says stuff thts not in skit. Both rashi and sunny fight and raavi becomes upset. All upset remembering old days and flashbacks. Emotional time. Sweety calls and makes pinky understand.

Pinky calls jashoda as she doesn’t come. Pinky says to take care of kid thts sick and she is taking care of. All kids wake up and have a family hug. All kids ask whether they can skip school. Jeet says he needs to go to office too. Pinky is like how will I manage everything and episode ends with worried face.

Precap: when pinky comes home she sees raavi cooking she is shocked?

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