Parvarish 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 7th February 2013 Written Update

Rinku Jiya wakes up early in the morning and is all ready to meet her piya . sweety is sitting the drawing room. Rinku tells her that she wants to go for morning walk. sweety firsts tells her to go with rocky and his dad however on rinku’s persistence allows her to go and come back in an hour.

Rinku jiya meets her piya at the main gate of the house. she tells him to go to nearby park. he says how will he be able to hug or kiss her in public they leave for the park.

sweety is ready…gets a call from a horrified pinky. pinky tells her about the threats they are getting from the kidnapper and their so called godfather who is the “vidhayak” of the area. she wants ravi to take her case back. sweety tells her to be strong and courageous like her daughter. she also says that somewhere somebody has to take first step.

however pinky is scared as hell. sweety consoles her by saying she tell lucky to talk to jeet.

there at jeet’s office as he enters his cabin he sees a man waiting for him. the guy introduces himself as “mahesh babu” and threatens jeet in an indirect manner to take the case back or else it will be problem for his entire family. jeet tells him to leave his cabin n office.

jeet and lucky go to the police station regarding the threats and that man who is the vidhayk too. policeman advices him to file PIL wherein his appeal will reach the higher authorities and may get police protection.

as they come out of the police station jeet sees a paper on his car which has the entire day’s schedule of each n every member of the family including nanu and lovely…

the kidnapper comes and again threatens jeet infront of the police station.

jeet n lucky go to nanu’s place where nanu advices him to stick on to his fight with full courage and fearlessly.

Update Credit to: neha

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