Parvarish 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 6th May 2013 Written Update

Jeet-Pinky continue their conversation. Pinky tries to convince Jeet but Jeet is not ready to listen.

Lucky is angrily punching papers. Sweety comes and tells Dadaji comes once in a while and he gets angry on him. Lucky tells he does not mind if Dadaji shouts at him or tells him anything, but he cannot keep quiet if he shouts at his son. Sweety says Rocky is also his son and now Dadaji has not eaten anything and has gone to sleep. Lucky tells he too did not eat anything and is going to sleep.

Rocky-Ginny hears this and says Lucky-Dadaji always fights for small things like this.

Dadaji in the middle of the night comes down to the kitchen and starts eating pizza.Ginny comes. Dadaji says he simply played as if he got angry for pizza. He asks Ginny if Sweety scolded Lucky. Ginny says somewhat.

Dadaji is very happy.

Jeet is giving all investments and files to Pinky. He is speaking as if he is not going to come back home. Pinky is worried.

Pinky calls Sweety. Sweety says he and Nanu will come to court. Lucky will take the kids from their house and leave them with Daddu and come to court. Dadaji also speaks with Pinky and gives her courage. Lucky comes and sits. He is still angry. He says he is not hungry and gets up. Sweety forces him to eat.

Jeet is about to leave. Raavi hugs him. Jeet leaves. Pinky and Raavi have a moment.

Lucky reaches Pinky’s house. Raavi shows him the video and tells they can ask police for help. They both leave to police station. Lucky asks Rocky to pick up Raashi.

Jeet and Pinky are waiting. Sweety and Nanu come. Sweety consoles Pinky. Nanu tells he will definitely win the case. Jeet is confident he has lost it. Thadani and Sid come and all stare.

Raashi is sad. Ginny consoles her saying all are out there and nothing will happen.

Raavi asks police to find if there are any records about the mystery man. Police is confused where to start. Raavi helps them saying as this man has done account haking they should start with cyber crime. The police says ok and starts finding records

Lawyer calls Jeet and goes to court. Session begins. Opposition lawyer says its a direct case, financial counsellor is called as witness who says Jeet’s login was used, etc etc. Jeet says its not proof. Judge as Jeet’s lawyer whether they have proof. Lawyer says no…but Jeet is a good man. Judge says that cannot be taken into account. Judge starts to give verdict…When…

That’s right RAAVI enters with Lucky.


Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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