Parvarish 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 4th July 2013 Written Update

Sunny is trying to get the shoe polish from a shelf and fells and hurts himself, just then the maid comes there and takes it away from Sunny.
Sunny is trying hard not to sleep because he does not want to wet his bed again. Pinky comes and asks him whether he has gone to the bathroom to which Sunny replies in affirmation. She tells him that today she will sleep with Sunny. Sunny excuses himself to go to the bathroom once again and Pinky then goes from there. Raashi and Ginni are playing srabble and Sunny comes and asks Ginni if he could be her partner and help her in the game. They both make fun of him saying he does not know english and is of no use, Sunny with tears goes from there. He then goes to Raavi and Pinky as they are talking and asks them if he could just stand there and listen but

they also wave him off! He then goes to the kitchen to make something for himself as he does not want to sleep but Pinky comes there and tells him to go and sleep. Sunny goes from there crying and the song Maa from TZP plays in the background. He goes to every room and see everyone enjoying and talking oblivious to Sunny, he cries feeling all alone and remebers the things that had happened with him in the past few days.
At night when everyone is in their rooms, Sunny comes out of his room quietly. In Pinky Jeet’s room, pinky tells jeet to sleep but jeet has to work and sensing her uncomfortableness due to the light he goes out in the living room to finish his work. Sunny hides himself as Jeet comes out and runs to his room with the brush and polish in his hand at the chance. Jeet notices the lights still on in sunny’s room and asks sunny whether he is still awake but sunny does not answer so Jeet dismisses it thinking that he must have fallen asleep.
Whereas, Sunny is in his room polishing the shoes of the boys while Jeet is working outside. Both are in the kind of similar state, working and stifling yawns!
In morning, Pinky asks Sunny to open his door and Sunny sees that he has again wet his bed.

Sunny hurriedly takes off the soiled sheet and hids it in the cupboard and puts a new one and changes his pants too. He opens the door and Pinky scolds him for closing the door in the night and checks whether he has wet his bed again but sees nothing.
Rocky goes to Sid’s house with a plate of flour in his hands and asks Sid if he can teach him to make paranthas. Sid tells him that he himself will make them and asks him to come inside and Lucky also comes and they both go inside with Lucky dragging Rocky as he does not want to bother Sid to make paranthas for them!
The boys blames Sunny for not polishing their shoes good enough and asks him to wipe them with his shirt. Sunny is frightened and does as he is told.

The maid finds the wet blankets which Sunny had hidden in the cupboard and shows them to Pinky. She also finds the shoe brush and polish under the bed and tells Pinky that she told Sunny she will polish the shoes but he didnt listen. Pinky tells her that she will handle this and says to herself that now she has to keep an eye on Sunny as something is not right.

The teacher scolds Sunny for coming in a dirty shirt and Sunny in a timid voice tells her that some senior boys are harassing him but the teacher dismisses it as his excuse saying that such thing doesnt happen in the school and if so he should tell the names of those boys. Sunny remembering those boys warning does not say anything. The teacher then asks for Pinky’s no. from sunny but Sunny tells her that his mother is not well and her treatment is going on as she is suffering from cancer to exempt himself from scolding!

PRECAP: Sunny is running in the school with the senior boys chasing him.
Raashi tells Pinky that sunny is nowhere to be found in the school.
Everyone is finding him in the school.

Update Credit to: nisaluvrk

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