Parvarish 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with sunny giving the boys the five hundred rupees. They then call him a good boy n leave laughing saying the fatty is finally listening and will do whatever they say. Then one of sunny friends come n asks him what is wrong vs makes them promise that they won’t tell anyone. His friend agrees n sunny proceeds to tell him that two days ago he wanted to miss the bus so that sweety would send him a car. He says that then he went to the corner where they older boys were sitting n were having trouble with their tab n he proceeded to help them out. They get mad that he is helping them as they r older. They then force him to do one hundred sit ups but he is unable to do them n manages to do only fifty. They then tell him that for the remainder fifty he has to give them five hundred rupees. (End flashback)

Sunny friend tells him that he should tell an adult as now the boys know he will do as they say n they might start to bother him more. Sunny Is very scared and says no.

Jeet is at the office with merra showing her his work but she is not happy as she says he is not paying attention n tells him his duties all over again. N says this Is what we need u for.

They boys tell sunny that if he wants them to not bother him he needs to give them a thousand rupees. To which he is shocked. At home he Kylie’s saying he needs a thousand rupees. N pinky agrees sunny finally feels safe again. Jeet then says the money is in his wallet n sunny tries to steal it but cannot manage to do it. Then he goes to sleep and has a very scary dream about the Boys.

Precap. Sunny says he was unable to bring the money so they make him smell their feet and tell him to polish their shoes.

Update Credit to: Sanaaya

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