Parvarish 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 29th January 2013 Written Update

Lucky informs Sweety that his friend’s daughter Rinku will stay in their house for few days as she will give medical entrance from Delhi. Sweety is not ready to take responsibility of a 17-18 years old girl. But Lucky convinces her, When Rocky and Ginny get to know about it they are not happy, specially Rocky, he calls her fat and blah blah. Sweety orders Rocky to vacant his room, but he is adamant to leave his room, Ginny says she will leave her own room and shift to Rocky’s room. Rocky says he needs privacy and wants no one in his room, but Sweety gets angry at him and declares Rinku will stay in Ginny’s room and Ginny will shift to Rocky’s room.
In Ahuja house, Raavi is sleeping; Pinky asks her does she want to sleep more? She replies yes. Sunny is in kitchen, Jeet asks him what is he doing in kitchen so early? Does not he have school? He replies he and Raashi will not go to school as Raavi is not going to school today.He is some special dish for Raavi and Rashi is making a Card for her beloved sister. But Raavi comes there and she declares she will go to school today. Jeet requests her not to go as he has already arranged a driver who will come from tomorrow .Even the 3rd man of the kidnappers is still free and may harm her. Pinky also does not want her to go to school .But Raavi says she will go to school as she does not want to waste her day .Today is a new day a new beginning she is not frightened anymore, that kidnapper must be scarred seeing the condition of his gang members. She orders Rashi and Sunny to get ready to go to school. One police Inspector comes to inform them that the third kidnapper has been arrested, but Raavi has to come to identify them else they will easily be discharged .But Jeet says Raavi will not go there. The police leaves, Pinky hugs her.

Raavi gets a gold medal and certificate of honor .She is happy, one girl reds the certificate and elaborates how Raavi saving her, self from those criminals is appreciated ,but It is her duty to identify those criminals and give them punishment by helping the police. Raavi gets the lesson from it .Pinky is talking about all thse to Sweety in phone, when Jeet arrives, he says Raavi asked him to come so soon.Raavi says she wants to go to the police station to identify those criminals .She and Jeet is there in the police station where those three are inside the lockup. Raavi is little tensed, but she identifies them among others the watchman gets angry and is about to hit her, Jeet and Police manages. The police Inspector says this country needs brave girls like Raashi.He says he will look after that those kidnappers get hard punishment. Pinky is tensed, as they have not arrived not have they called her. While both father and daughter arrives back home with Pizza and all are happy. Jeet says Pinky in corner that Raavi has become more strong and motivated due to this incident. She has become independent and becoming someone who can’t be dominated by anyone, she will fight back and we have to stop protecting like a kid , we just need to give her moral support. Pinky smiles and says yes, now we have to go to the table else kids will finish the pizzas.

Ginni saying brother please come outside she is not like what u said. Rocky refuses to believe ,but when he comes out he is shocked to see Rinku slim and etc etc with background score…

Update Credit to: XVIRUS

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