Parvarish 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Parvarish 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 28th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with raavi returning home; with jeet, lucky and rocky. She comes in the room and sees pinky depressed. All kids go and hug raavi. Emotional moment. Raavi hugs her mama, mami and nanu. Then finally she hugs sweety and pinky is still in shock and not talking. Raavi hold pinky’s hand and calls her mamma, says why are you sitting like this. She says your daughter is back safely by fighting with goons. Raavi says talk to me I have a lot to tell you. At first I am really hungry; make me something’ raavi says plz make me something. Raavi hugs pinky still doesn’t move’ everyone is crying’ while tightly hugging pinky. When a tear drops from pinky’s eyes. She is back to normal. She says raavi; u actually came and tells her to pinch.. they both have a mother, daughter moment. Family smiling happily. She says she is okay how she is she okay she is hurt. Sunny comes and says even her leg has hurt bad. She says call doctor has been hurt. Doctor says come to clinic; I will give anesthesia; pinky is like that is correct. Raavi cant take pain. Ravi is like no do ir without anesthesia. I am strong now. Doctor does it. Pinky and raavi again hug. Ginny and sunny having hand fight. When raavi comes out sweety says today is fav. Food. Nanu says what happen when raavi starts to say story; nanu says don’t remember bad things remember tht u faught with bravery thts why you are here with your whole family. Raavi says I am not remember bad things; I am only saying tht in fire I was remembering aloo matar ki subzi. When you use to make it everyday I threw it or gave it to sunny but when I was hungry for 8 hours thts when I understood importance of food and decided I will never waste food. Jeet says in this aloo matar time I forgot to do an announcement; that I am going to stay in India; my boss understood I cant work good if I am not with my family. My family is my strength. Pinky is happy and hugs him then becomes nervous. Sweety says nice job now lets eat.

Raavi comes in her room; rocky is holding her its such a cute bro-sis moment. Rocky asks whether she is okay? Rocky says should we go? Raavi is like u don’t have to go home and do homework. Rocky says if u haven’t noticed I have been in same clothes for past 8 hours and it smells. Ginny says chi leave it if he stays for one more hour the smell will spread and we will faint. Rocky says everyone knows about your bravery; ginny is like we wonder who did it? Rashi is like ur friendz called and wanted to talk to you so I said she is resting thts it.. sunny says Now ppl will have to take appointment to talk to u. Rocky says should I say somethi.. rocky says I thought of superheroes as rolemodels I use to think one day I will meet them. Rocky says but you are the hero; ginny nods rocky says I am proud that you are my sister. Raavi has tears. Amazing bro-sis convo.. raavi says thnks bro.. they hug.. sunny says hail raavi didi.. everyone leaves one by one.

Nanu says I am happy jeet that you have decided to stay back. Now I admit that if you earn anting without family then its useless. Jeet says I am content tht you are supporting me in this decision. Sweety calls papaju and they leave’ jeets phone rings and inspector calls; he says there were 3 kidnappers we arrested 2 but 3rd one has not been caught yet so stay alert tonight.. jeet is again worried. Police is like we are trying to catch 3rd one. Jeet and pinky get worried again. Raavi heard everything and jeet and pinky shocked.

Lucky reaches home; when someone calls lucky gets someone’s calls. He is some chadda cant get the name. he says I called u for my own purpose and lucky asks him to tell him what he needs.. he says my daughter is coming to Delhi for medical school entrance exam. He says I want her to stay with you.. lucky says sure why not? He makes his friend write address. His friend says I will meet u tommo. Sweety asks lucky to change.

Pinky comes and gives milk to raavi and they both share a moment. Raavi goes to sleep when she dreams abt the kidnapper and gets scared and wakes up. Raavi says mamma. Pinky facilitates her.
Ahluwalia family eating then kids go off and lucky tries to help sweety and she goes like what you want? Lucky says my friend wants to send his daughter to us. Sweety is like rinku? He is like yah for med school exam preparation. Sweety is like I don’t want to take responsibility of such big daughter. Lucky is like I said yes and sweety is like how? So much happened with raavi how did u say yes. Lucky is like I cant refuse he has many ahesaan on me. Lucky says she might blend well with family. Sweety is worried

Precap: her friendz read something to her abt raavi beign a responsible citizen and rolemodel. Her friend explain difference between duty and responsible citizen.

Update Credit to: cool127

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