Parvarish 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 27th May 2013 Written Update

Lucky is having a bad dream. He is shouting in the dream “Rocky, Dont leave Me” and gets up shocked. Sweety also gets up and asks what happened. Lucky tells Rocky is leaving. Sweety is confused. Lucky tells Rocky is leaving his old parents and leaving the house. Sweety tells he may be old but she is still young. Lucky tells he scolded Rocky’s wife Sweety confused again Lucky tells he scolded her as she did not make good tea. So Rocky got angry and left the house. Sweety tells he is just fearing the future. She asks him to live the present. She asks him to go for jogging as it is 5am.


Jeet is giving an interview. He says how he got compensation and he is in a great position now. He says everything is because of his family. Sunny calls him thru video call asking him to ask

the maid to send breakfast to his room.


Lucky without doing jogging is eating pakoras and drinking tea with his friends. Sweety sees this and sits on a bench. Lucky suddenly sees her and gives all pakoras to his friends and acts as if jogging. He comes and sits near Sweety. Sweety asks him not to act. She tells she was thinking what he was telling this morning. She says they always live with fear but yet has learned how to live life. She asks him to bring a plate of pakoras for her and they both will eat. Lucky is unable to believe but later goes and gets it.


Maid comes and wakes Pinky who is sleeping. Jeet comes and tells he is leaving to office. Jeet tells there is a party in the evening. Pinky says she has not forgotten.


Sweety and Lucky are talking. Sweety tells today is Rocky’s entrance exam result. Lucky is shocked that Sweety is not worried. Lucky asks her to tell the truth. Sweety tells she is scared but she does not want to tell. Lucky understands

Ahluwalias House

Rocky is checking result. Ginny is doing some work in kitchen. She is confused seeing Sweety not tensed. Lucky comes and asks what happened to result. Sweety tells Rocky will tell it himself. Rocky comes. All are waiting. Rocky tells he has passed and is in top 100 ranks in India. Everyone are happy and hugs each other.

Nanu House

Raavi and Rocky come and gets his blessings. Raavi tells Rocky’s result and Rocky tells Raavi has been selected as Gen Secretary of Delhi University. Nanu is very happy.

Ahluwalias and Ahujas

Sweety calls Pinky. Pinky talks about her meetings. Sweety tells she does not have time at all. Pinky feels bad and tells it is not like that. Sweety tells about Rocky’s result. Pinky is about to say about Raavi when Sweety tells she knows as Raavi called and told her. Sweety tells Pinky that she has changed a lot. Pinky feels bad.

Sweety is complaining to Lucky abt Pinky. At Ahujas, Pinky is complaining and crying to Jeet. Lucky tells they need to be happy that their children are growing up. Jeet tells Pinky about Raavi going to turn 18 when Sunny comes and tells he will surf in the internet and find out what they are speaking about. Ginny comes. Lucky tells that when a person turns 18 they become free. Rocky hears this from room and is happy. Sweety tells and is holidays for parents. Ginny is confused. Sweety tells she is not 18 and so she wont understand. Lucky-Sweety smile. Jeet-Pinky smile.

Precap Lucky opens the door and is shocked. A family is standing. Father-Mother and two little cute kids. Lucky is confused. They say they are their new neighbours.

Update Credit to: Shwets1502

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